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Published on December 25, 2008

Author: unclealexryan2008



The Rhonda Rambler, Christmas 2008 edition

The Rhonda Rambler IN THIS EDITION EDITION: • Catching Up .................................. pg 1 • Baby Addison! ............................... pg 2 • Coaches’ Convention .................... pg 3 • Christmas Greetings ..................... pg 4 Keeping in touch is just a PDF away! Vol. 3 Issue 3 FAVORITE QUOTE Hello Family and Friends! “Life is too short to wake up in the I thought it only appropriate that the last edition of the Rambler is sent out to conclude a wonderful year. 2008 was a great year for me as I en- morning with regrets; joyed the track season with my athletes and seeing them improve. So love the people who treat The summer was extremely eventful as I had one of the best weeks you right; of my life at the Olympic Trials followed by working in Texas and then Forget about the one’s who don’t; speaking at a running camp in North Carolina. And believe that everything Fall time was amazing in Nashville with all the leaves and nice weather happens for a reason. we had. It was also cross country season and I’m happy to say my ath- letes had the best finish that Vanderbilt has had. I am extremely proud If you get a chance, take it. of how hard they work and to see them improve physically as well as in If it changes your life, let it. the classroom. Nobody said it would be easy; So, now that we are in the midst of winter, I am adapting to the cold. I They just promised it would be have actually been stuck in Arizona for the past few days and have been worth it.” making the most of my situation. I am one of the lucky ones who has ~ unknown friends in Arizona and I’ve been able to stay here and enjoy the warm sunshine a little bit longer. In this time, I have been fortunate to put in some long runs on my STAYING IN TOUCH old trails, hang out with my best friends, go to my favorite restaurant in Just in case, here is my contact informa- tion so you can send me some cool stuff! :) Tempe, went to a rodeo bar and experienced riding a bull (not me…the Rhonda Riley cowboys!), I went bowling and scored a high score of 119 and finally I 3135 Long Blvd. Apt. #1 was able to work at my old coffee shop for the day and that always puts Nashville, TN 37203 Cell: (615) 339-4101 a huge smile on my face. During this time I have realized how important Email: my family is and how much I want to be with them during the holidays… especially my beautiful niece Addison. I am looking forward to spending a week in Portland, relaxing and enjoying the snow! I hope this is a time where everyone is taking a break from work and appreciating some downtime before the new year approaches. Enjoy the Rambler and please keep in touch as time goes by because I truly am happy when I hear from all my friends! Until next time, take care! And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! Coach Riley The Rambler would like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to this edition’s sponsor: Portland Airport Snow Removal Thank you for pushing the snow out of the way so that I can land in Portland and spend time with my family this Christmas!

LIL’ ADDISON What would a Rambler be without some oh-so-cute pictures of my little niece, Addison!? She is so ador- able and I can’t wait to spend some time with her over the Christmas break. Until then, I have these pictures to look at and share with all of you! Christmas Addi- son is so adorable, especially with her Vanderbilt shirt! My sister and I have discussed the dresses and even though she might look happy in the first picture, the second one says it all! I know, Addie, Aunt Rhonda is bringing some running gear for you! But, until then, she will get to have some fun dressing like ‘Randy Parker’ from ‘A Christmas Story’ and not be able to put her arms down in her snow suit! Her face says it all: “I am tired of these dresses, mom! I want a running outfit like Aunt Rhonda!” Looking at Aunt Rhonda!

CONVENTION TIME For the second year in a row, the Coaches’ Association held their annual convention in Phoenix, so I got to go back to Arizona and help out and also spend some time not only with my coaching friends, but also some other close friends in Arizona. At the con- vention, I met many, many people while helping out with registra- tion. We stayed at a beautiful resort and were well taken care of, including spending time in the Presidential Suite! We had many delicious meals, including desserts, as all of us ‘relaxed’ a little following the cross country season and prepare for the up-com- ing indoor track & field season. Mandi and I ‘visited’ the Presidential Suite and, yes, we were ‘allowed’ to go in there! ;) The beautiful resort I stayed in at the convention The greatest group of co-workers at the convention: Mandi, Sylvia, Mike and me Sylvia, me and Mandi

LET IT SNOW! ... well, at least not as much so I can get home! For those of you that haven’t heard, Portland has been buried in snow lately. In fact, Portland got 13 inches of snow, the larg- est storm since 16 inches fell in 1980! As you can imagine, that has caused lots of prob- lems for flights to the area, including my flight on Sunday. But, despite the cancellations of flights, I made the most of it while staying in Arizona, including spending time with my friends, having some fun at my favorite coffee shop, Gold Bar, and even winning one of two bets in bowling! As I write this, the weather is looking better in Portland, so my flight should get me home tonight. It was fun putting to- gether this Rambler from Arizona once again, but now its time to fly, fly, fly!! My snowy home in Portland... that’s a lot of snow!! ‘TIS THE SEASON At this time of the year, Christmas, I am reminded what the true meaning of the season with every family and friend I am blessed to talk to. It’s not about the gifts... or the parties... or anything material. It is about the love that is shared between everyone I know and that is what I love the most. I have so many people in my life that I enjoy spending time with and each moment is more precious than the next. So, I pray that every one of you reading this, as well as all your friends and loved ones, have the merriest of Christmas’ and the happiest of New Years, no matter where you are... in the sun, in the snow or delayed from leaving to the destination you want to spend the holidays in. SMILES FROM PHOENIX, THEN PORTLAND, AND THEN NASHVILLE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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