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Published on February 16, 2008

Author: Nellwyn


出离心 The Renunciation Mind:  出离心 The Renunciation Mind Richard Chen 312-799-1316 出离心 The Renunciation Mind:  出离心 The Renunciation Mind The Renunciation Mind is the aspiration to leave the sufferings of the Six Realms and achieve Buddhahood. It is an Unlimited Mind. As one of the chief Buddhist virtues, renunciation leads to a state of equanimity without pleasure or pain. It is also a mind which makes no distinction between self and others. 出离心就是从内心升起的出离六道轮回世界,解脱烦恼痛苦生活, 往生佛国净土的心态。 这是种解脱的观念。作为佛教品德之一,出离心就是苦与乐无二的状况,自与他无别的平等观念。 Contemplate the Precious Human Body:  Contemplate the Precious Human Body It is extremely difficult to find the freedom and opportunity to practice dharma that we find in a precious human birth. There are eight kinds of obstacles that obstruct one from practicing dharma these include: birth in the hell realms, as hungry ghosts, or animals or being born blind, deaf, or unable to speak; being mislead by worldly wisdom and sophisticated debate; being born when the dharma is extinct or being born in the Northern Continent and No-Thought Heaven where the dharma does not exist. To be born without these obstacles is a previous human birth. With the difficulty of earning a precious human birth in mind, may I turn my mind to Renunciation and free myself from suffering. 惜人身 地狱鬼畜生,盲聋喑哑等,世智邪辩才,正法灭尽时,北洲无想天,是名为八难。佛法难闻故,无此称有暇。 善护人身闻佛法,生起脱苦出离心。 Contemplate The Negative Rebirth :  Contemplate The Negative Rebirth The uninterrupted suffering of cold and heat in the hells realms, the hunger and thirst of the ghosts realm, and the sufferings of being eaten or being struck, or killed in the animal realm. All are dragged by karma, one cannot control which one is reincarnate into.. With the Negative Rebirth in my mind, may I turn my mind to Renunciation to free myself from suffering. 观恶趣 地狱寒热苦无间,恶鬼腹饥头火燃,畜生互食打杀苦,自无主宰随业牵。依此难控恶趣观,生起脱苦出离心。 Contemplate The Karmic Effects:  Contemplate The Karmic Effects A man performs good or evil actions; retribution will be in the heaven or in the hell. The karma of his speech may result in retribution falling on the body. If the action is done by hands and feet, the retribution may fall on the other parts of the body. Don’t fill that the reward is misleading, the host of such retribution does not change. With the Karmic effects in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 明业果 人作善恶业,天狱等受报。或因口作业,受报在身等;又手足作业,而余处受报。勿谓报有差,报主不变易。 依此难控业果观,生起脱苦出离心。 Contemplate The Impermanence:  Contemplate The Impermanence All sentient beings will die. Death comes at unpredictable times. The advent of death cannot be rejected. Where will we go after we have died? With the impermanence in mind, may all I turn my mind to Renunciation to free myself from suffering. 念无常 有情决定死,死来无定期;死至不可拒,死后何所归? 依此难控无常观,生起脱苦出离心。 Eradicate Attachment 破我持:  Eradicate Attachment 破我持 People of the world attached to the unreal, and cause their own suffering through arguments, killing, taking drug, and lying, as well as stealing, robbing, and sexual misconduct. All of this problems are caused by holding onto the concept of the ego. However, the mind is actually loaded with distress, bonded by various conditions of self-cherishing. If this self-cherishing is not eradicated, how can a person be distinguished from an ox or a horse. By the eradication of self-cherishing, the wisdom-eyes is free to inspect everything. There’s neither sin nor freedom from sin, and self-cherishing has no ground to stand on. With attachment in mind, may I renounce the self-cherishing mind to free myself from suffering. 世人持虚妄,而兴斗争苦。 杀生贪饮酒,妄语言自证。乃至偷盗淫,皆从我持生。 心实生愁城,我持诸缘困。若我持未坏,此何异牛马。 由我持灭坏,慧眼观一切。无罪无非罪,我持立无基。 破除我持弃诸恼,生起脱苦出离心。 Eradicate Ignorance:  Eradicate Ignorance Being self-confident, feeling calm and happy, the ignorant person seems to have everything according to his desire. Wearing beautiful clothing and eating delicious food, he can act at will learning on his powerful supporters. Not being afraid of his gradually diminishing fortune and not having any pity on others he will slander the three precious ones and the discipline of meditation and laugh at those whom he feels are silly. As his fortune is exhausted and he begin to decline, various adversities and insults occur. His property is confiscated by the king or higher officials and he is deeply grieved without anyone to rely on. Things no longer follow his will and he feels even more despair when he recalls his glorious past. So his condition is even more painful than the condition of those who have not known wealth. When he looks towards the future, he is does not know what to do, and his difficulty in finding pleasure brings even more With ignorance in mind, may I renounce the Self-cherishing mind and free myself from suffering. 破愚痴 自安稳快乐,现前皆如意。游玩衣食美,任情依强势。 不畏福渐尽,亦不愍他人。谤三宝戒定,大笑悯人愚。 福尽而衰现,种种横逆生。人死财消散,惨痛无所依。 王臣被抄没,苦境过常人,万缘不随己,思往倍伤心。 前途茫无计,行乐更增悲。 破除愚痴弃诸恼,生起脱苦出离心。 四圣谛 Four Noble Truths:  四圣谛 Four Noble Truths 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering 集谛 The Truth of the Arising of Suffering 灭谛 The Truth of the Cessation of Suffering 道谛 The Truth of the Path to the Cessation of Suffering. 生苦观 生为死之因,从苦所依聚。老病诸愁忧,无常等住地。 烦恼复随生,逼迫身心等。生为死之因,无生何有死。 依此苦谛生苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 :  生苦观 生为死之因,从苦所依聚。老病诸愁忧,无常等住地。 烦恼复随生,逼迫身心等。生为死之因,无生何有死。 依此苦谛生苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 Insight into the Suffering of Birth in the Six Realm: Birth is the cause of suffering. It is the foundation of aging, sickness, worry and all other types of suffering. Moral afflictions follow birth and oppress the body and mind. Finally, birth is the cause of death. Without birth how can death occur? With the Suffering of Birth in mind, may I turn my mind to Renunciation to free myself from suffering. 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .1. 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .2.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .2. Insight into the Suffering of Ageing: The suffering of aging is also pitiful as the body declines day after day. The back becomes bent , the hair becomes silver colored, and the face becomes wrinkled. All of which are ugly. As the mind is begins to forget things, the root of life is breaking down. The aged have much to worry about, especially With the suffering of aging in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 老苦观 老苦复可怜,盛色日衰灭。腰弓头似银,面绉不乐看。 念力多忘失,命根快欲断。寿者复多忧,久忧长不死。 依此苦谛老苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .3.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .3. Insight into the Suffering of Sickness: Imbalances in the four elements cause the sufferings of body and mind. With thin flesh and withered skin, it is difficult to control one’s movement and stand up in a dignified manner. The sick also suffered from medical treatments. They long for comfort which never comes and they must also worry about death. With the suffering of sickness in mind, may I turn my mind to Renunciation to free myself from suffering. 病苦观 四大不均平,逼恼身心苦。肉瘦皮干枯,动止不自由。 威仪难振作,受手术等痛。乐境欲不与,时时断命忧。 依此苦谛老苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .4.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .4. Insight into the Suffering of Death: The suffering of death is the pain of departure, nothing can be taken with us when we die. Even our most beloved, relatives and intimate friends; fields, apartments, properties, articles, power, position, wit, art; parents, spouses and children cannot be taken with us. With the suffering of death in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 死苦观 死苦痛舍离,一切携不去。 极可爱自身,眷属良朋翼。 田宅诸财物,势位巧文意。 父母妻子众,不能相偕去。 依此苦谛死苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .5.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .5. Suffering of Encountering Enemy and Hatred: If an enemy is encountered, we fear vengeance and punishment. We also fear receiving a negative reputation or being killed so we try to avoid enemies, but even this gives rise to new sufferings. With the suffering of encountering enemy and hatred, in mind may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 怨憎会苦观 若仇怨相逢,怖报怨治罚。恶名声逼命,避免苦复生。 依此怨憎会苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .6.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .6. Suffering of the Separation from Beloved Friends and Relatives: Compelled by social conditions, we can be separated from beloved friends and relatives. This giving rise to the heartaches of distress and worry. With the suffering of the separation from beloved friends and relatives in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 爱别离苦观 由世境所迫,亲爱眷属离。发起仇忧恼,悲哭等痛心。 依此爱别离苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .7.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .7. Suffering from Not Gaining What One Seeks: This includes farming without harvest, engaging in business without profits; or gaining a promotion, but without an improvement in rank. One seeks fame, but is unfulfilled and so one feels downcast, disappointed and vexed. Or even after difficult planning and hard work, one still suffers from not gaining what one seeks. All of these are intolerable. With the suffering from not gaining what one seeks in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 求不得苦观 农种布获实,商贾而失利。欲告位无阶,求闻事反违。 或心灰意冷,恼丧等难堪。或苦思计较,欲求不得苦。 依此求不得苦观,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .8.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .8. Suffering from the Gradual Intensified Grasping of the Five Aggregates: Due to our attachment to the five aggregates, the suffering of samsara becomes heavier and heavier. Although one may temporarily satisfy oneself, one eventually becomes dissatisfied which gives rise to further suffering and craving. This gives rise to further reincarnations without end as we are still connected to things through the ties which we have created in previous lives. We will continue transmigrating through the six realms of existence for so many lives that the bones we have left behind could be collected into a pile that is taller than Mount Sumeru and deeper than all of the oceans. Karma is not fixes so where we are reborn has nothing solid to depend on. Although we are coming and going for kalpas, we still do not think about renunciation which could free us from this never ending round of suffering. With the Suffering from the five aggregates in mind, may I turn my mind to renunciation to free myself from suffering. 五蕴取著转盛苦观 贪著于五蕴,流转苦增盛。引后有无穷,成现在苦器。 亦盛苦苦器,虽暂时随己。与乐境共生,舍离苦复起。 引起死中后,犹连锁无尽。果缚未脱离,子缚已早生。 流转尽六道,数数取舍身。积骨过须弥,乳泪胜海深。 损益业不定,胜劣趣无凭。五蕴取著转盛苦,生起脱苦出离心。 苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .9.:  苦谛 The Truth of Suffering .9. The Suffering of the Six Realm: During the wars between the Devas, they can suffer broken limbs or death. The inferior deities being driven out, and their lives and deaths are not under their own control. Asuras are full of jealousy, so they are easily to be upset and often burst into fights which end in killing or maiming. Although they are clever they can’t see the Noble Truths. Human’s pains include sufferings of birth and death which can cause us to be reborn in hell or as a ghost or as an asura or as an animal. Although heaven is enjoyable, its delights will eventually be gone. Animals suffer as the stronger animals prey upon the weak. They also suffer from hunger, thirst, or being hunted. Pack animals suffer from the rigors of ploughing and carrying burdens and they fear being smashed or killed. They known nothing but water, grass, and sex. The karma of hungry ghost is due to lust which has been obstructed. If a human month were counted as a day, the life of a hungry or a hell being would be as long as 500 human years. The lightest pain in the hell realms is more bitter than being stabbed 300 times a day. Or one can experience being extremely cold or hot without any break during a life-span which is as long as a life span in heaven. Why should such pains be examined? To examine our own pains leads to liberation. If we do not examine the pains of others we will not feel sympathy for them. Our parents might be in the hell, or in the ghost or animal realms. They expect us to save them and how can we enjoy ourselves alone? With the Suffering of the Six Realm, may I turn my mind to Renunciation to free from suffering. 六道苦楚观 诸天战争时,断支殒命等。劣天被驱摈,死住不自在。 修罗多嫉妒,热恼而兴斗。截支或断命,虽智不见谛。 人苦谓生等,苦迫如狱鬼。或修罗畜生,似天而速坏。 弱肉强食畜, 困饥渴猎等。耕负任打杀,但念水草淫。 恶鬼业由贪,内外自体障。人间月为日,寿命五百年。 地狱中轻苦,胜刺三百戮。寒热等无间,寿命通天量。 依此六道苦楚观,生起脱苦出离心。 集谛 The Truth of the Arising of Suffering:  集谛 The Truth of the Arising of Suffering Ignorance and wondering thoughts arise in the beginning, then karmas compiled and this increases suffering. Death and rebirth, continuing through intermediate body which is the cause of transmigration. Rebirth is caused by delusion and karma. But delusion is the main cause. Without the nourishment of water and earth (delusion), the spores of karma will not sprout. There’s no difficulty to getting rid of the pain of existence. Since without previous karma, new delusions will not arise through the skandas. The delusions of lust, hatred and ignorance are all very terrible. Lust is like flour spread into oil, like bee or a poisonous fish. It is like poisoned food, honey on the knife, or a temptress disguised as a thief. Hatred, is a fierce heat, such as an uncontrollable fire. It hurts oneself and others, and it burns down the forest of merit. Ignorance, lust and hatred all destroy the self, others and discipline. They cause the loss of fame and profit. They increase evil, and lead people to death. In their lives we will fall into the eight obstacles which cause great grief and pain. They dwell firmly in our hearts, make us their slaves, drive us through thousands of dangers, drags us into the deep ocean of suffering. Although they can sometimes cheer us they can also hurt us. Thus we are our own worst enemies since the suffering of moral affliction is a hundred times worse than suffering caused by an ordinary enemy. A world enemy is limited, but this enemy lasts life after life. Examine oneself wisely and do not let the mind linger in the things one desires any more. Taking Three Refuges:  Taking Three Refuges 三法印 Three Dharma Seals:  三法印 Three Dharma Seals 诸行无常,Impermanent Seal 诸法无我,No-self Seal 涅磐寂灭,Nivana Seal Slide22:  The Tathagata preached the doctrine of emptiness, in order to release us from this kind of suffering. If in turn one becomes attached to emptiness again than one cannot be saved by the Buddha. If one has a wrong understanding of doctrine of emptiness, there would seem no cause and effect, or fortune and misfortune. 菩提心 The Bodhi Mind:  菩提心 The Bodhi Mind Richard Chen 菩提心 The Bodhi Mind:  菩提心 The Bodhi Mind The Bodhi Mind is the Enlightenment Mind. In the Root Stage, the Bodhi Mind is the understanding of the truth of the relationship between an individual and the universe combined with true nature of wisdom, and compassion. In Practice Stage, it involves bringing the self and all sentient beings toward the Enlightenment. It involves two parallel aspects: the determination to achieve Buddhahood, and the aspiration to rescue all beings. In Fruit Stage, it is the practical perfection of the self and all sentient beings once one has achieved enlightenment. 菩提心就是觉悟之心。 在因地,就是以空性,智慧,和慈悲之心,来明了宇宙与人生的真相。 在实践,就是自觉与度众并行之举。 在果地,就是自他觉悟与行持圆满的状况。

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