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Published on September 19, 2007

Author: Mrsorneville



GCSE Revison

The Red Ball By Ismith Khan

Poverty & Hardship Feeling left out Adjusting to new situations Family relationships (parents & Children) Love & Conflict Violence & Discipline Main Themes Revision notes! Where in the story does Khan strongly bring out these themes? By Ismith Khan Escapism

Key Literary Terms By Ismith Khan One persons way of considering something. Point of View To repeat a word or phrase again, again and again. Repetition Use of the same sound at the beginning of neighbouring words. Alliteration An opposite, placing together contrasting Ideas. Antithesis Compare in order to show differences. Contrast Describing attributes and qualities from a characters action, speech or appearance . Characterisation To give an object human traits or characteristic. Personification When a writers description creates a mental image in your mind. Imagery Representation of something - a word, phrase, object or colour which carries more than one meaning. Symbolism

Point of View









The story focuses upon the way that parental authority is established and it is told from mainly Bolan’s point of view. His natural parents are, questionably, ineffective in their roles as his father drinks and his mother, although undoubtedly totally compassionate for her son, is not able to make the choices and decisions that her husband is at liberty to make. Therefore there is a void (emptiness) in Bolan’s life, a gap that needs to be filled. Bolan looks to the 'green man' as a surrogate figure, and finds solace and escapism in nature. The choice of statue is interesting as the green man cannot answer back or shout at Bolan so he is a safe 'figure' for him to see. The way that he is a protector figure, powerful and strong is the antithesis of his father - again the statue fulfils the need he has for a father figure. Yet this is not the only object that represents a parental role for him. Additionally, the red ball itself can be seen as that father figure as it is something that gives him the encouragement to go on and achieve something, the feeling that he is worth something and it gives him something to believe in. All these things are fitting of that which a parent would do for their son. The ball represents too, new opportunities. The ball helps him to be someone - not just "you boney" but a respected and admired bowler. It gave him status and the ball gave him power. His mother recognises that "can you still bowl“. All children learn from the behaviour of others around them. The behaviour of others symbolises the way we learn. If Bolan learns form his father then one could argue that he doesn't see it as wrong to steal - after all Bolan’s father steals from the family daily to pay for his drink. Vocabulary is key, and in the dialogue there is a regular non-standard English dialect, which emphasises cultural differences and reflects poverty. Also the way in which the puerile (silly and childish) comments that the boys make when they first see Bolan. ‘Aye thinny boney’ are ignored by Bolan. A brief Overview Year 11 group Analysis

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