The reasons why After-hours Call service Benefits your Business

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Information about The reasons why After-hours Call service Benefits your Business

Published on January 22, 2018

Author: onecontactnz


Slide1: 7 advantages of using an after-hours call service 7 advantages of using an after-hours call service: 7 advantages of using an after-hours call service Who is providing support for your business after you leave the office ? Phone contact is the first impression your customers and clients receive from your business and you want that impression to count. An after -hours call service helps businesses to stay connected with their customers and potential customers around the clock and promotes customer satisfaction . Listed are benefits of utilizing an after-hours call service for your business High client satisfaction Helps to build a good reputation Expedites Customer Support Decreases call abandonment Reduces cost Increase in revenue generation Open and clear communication High client satisfaction : High client satisfaction Client satisfaction directly impacts the profitability of a business It provides solutions to customers ’ queries and problems at any time. Shorter wait times and better customer service converts into more satisfied customers After hours calls can be very effective in handling peak call volume and focuses more on the customers’ needs : Helps to build reputation When your customers are satisfied with your service they are more likely to promote your business A higher rate of customer satisfaction is related directly to increasing the reputation of your business Expedited Customer Support : Expedited Customer Support An after-hours call service ensures fast and convenient customer support Decreases call abandonment : Decreases call abandonment Every call is answered in time and customers benefit from the expedited service After- hours call service significantly reduces the abandonment rates Even after selling products or services during the normal business hours Sometimes customers or clients may need urgent information. Therefore, providing an after-hours call service enables you to provide an optimal experience for your customers Reduces cost : Reduces cost After -hours call service can be a cost-effective solution to reduce infrastructure and overhead costs of a business It turns a significant fixed cost into a variable cost: skilled labor is there when you need it Increase in revenue generation : Increase in revenue generation By using an after-hours call service undeniably helps to increase the revenue of your business It provides support , receive orders or set the next appointment at any time Open and clear communication : Open and clear communication To understand and communicate with your customer , it is essential to be minded An after-hours call service ensures that your processes match with the expectations of your customers An after -hours call service takes information which is then integrated into their system for training purposes Conclusion : Conclusion The One Contact story began in 2002. Back then, we were a small call centre with a big vision, and we were known as Contact Centres Australia. 14 years on and plenty has changed . We’ve grown a lot. We’re more globally connected than ever before. We even have a new name. But we’ve remained true to the core values that drive our business and deliver outstanding results for our clients Today , we’re entrusted to provide more services for more brands than any other time in out history. Now you know a little bit about us, we’d really love to talk about you ! Specifically how we can help you create new connections with customers, supporters and prospects. Whatever your business challenges and opportunities, we think you’ll find it a very positive conversation . You can visit our site or call us at 0800 447 493 if you have any inquiry. For further information you can email us at .

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