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Published on March 10, 2014

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People who can communicate, solve problems and continue to learn

People with positive attitudes and behaviors

People who are responsible and adaptable

People who can work with others as a team

People with strong educational and career exploration and planning skills

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THE REAL GAME SERIESTHE REAL GAME SERIES Introductory Materials Linking  Employment  Education  The Real Game Series 03/10/14 1

Real Game Series GoalReal Game Series Goal All students will need to understand that there is a connection between what they learn in school and their future success in the workplace. “the more closely learning is tied to real world contexts and consequences, the more profound and durable it becomes.” SCANS Report 03/10/14 2

Job Skill Level ChangesJob Skill Level Changes 03/10/14 3 0 20 40 60 80 100 1950 1991 2000 2008 Unskilled Skilled Professional Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics %

Employment Projections Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 03/10/14 4 Table 3b. The 10 fastest growing occupations, 1998-2008 Table 3b. The 10 fastest growing occupations, 1998-2008 [Numbers in thousands of jobs] Occupation Employment Change 1998 2008 Number Percent Computer engineers 299 622 323 108 Computer support specialists 429 869 439 102 Systems analysts 617 1,194 577 94 Database administrators 87 155 67 77 Desktop publishing specialists 26 44 19 73 Paralegals and legal assistants 136 220 84 62 Personal care and home health aides 746 1,179 433 58 Medical assistants 252 398 146 58 Social and human service assistants 268 410 141 53 Physician assistants 66 98 32 48

The Emerging Work WorldThe Emerging Work World Trends of the FutureTrends of the Future 03/10/14 5 1. 60% of today’s high school students will work in jobs that do not yet exist. 2. Technology is replacing people. 3. 90% of all jobs in the year 2000 will require some knowledge of a computer. 4. A large majority of jobs will require some training/education after high school. 5. Nearly 4 of every 5 jobs will be in businesses that provide services. 6. International ventures in business will grow.

The Emerging Work World Trends of the Future 03/10/14 6 Continued 7. More services and businesses will be devoted to the “over 65.” 8. The majority of the workforce will be contract or contingency labor. 9. Employees are rethinking the “job for life” concept. 10. Middle management has been replaced. 11. Resource shortage have impacted job changes. 12. More people are working from home.

Employability SkillsEmployability Skills People who can communicate, solve problems and continue to learn People with positive attitudes and behaviors People who are responsible and adaptable People who can work with others as a team People with strong educational and career exploration and planning skills 03/10/14 7

8 Dale’s Cone of LearningDale’s Cone of Learning

We tend to remember ...We tend to remember ... 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see in pictures 50% of what we hear and see 70% of what we say 90% of what we say and do (simulating or doing the real thing) Source: Dale’s Cone of Learning 03/10/14 9

Characteristics of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Schools 03/10/14 10 Today’s Tomorrow’s Strategy Basic Skills Development Focus on Thinking Skills Testing Separate from Teaching Integral Assessment Learning Environment Recitation and Recall from Short-term Memory Students Construct Knowledge Work as Individuals Cooperative Working Hierarchically Sequenced—Basics before Higher Order Skills Learned in Real Problem Context Management Supervision by Administration Learner Centered Teacher Directed Outcome Only Some Students Learn to Think All Students Learn to Think Source: SCANS Report

Purpose of the Real GamePurpose of the Real Game SeriesSeries 03/10/14 11 To bring to learning aspects of the world of work that students will increasingly face as they grow towards adulthood. To present that learning in a non- threatening way. To make that learning fun.

Program Features of The RealProgram Features of The Real Game SeriesGame Series Hands-on, practical, experiential learning program that lets students be members of a miniature society A graphic, colorful, interactive program that transforms the classroom and can’t be closed, turned off, or put away Flexible enough to suit a variety of class sizes, locations, and characteristics 03/10/14 12

Program Features ... continuedProgram Features ... continued Enhanced by optional activities that expand on the core sessions Cross-curricular in scope: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Art, Technology, and Family/Consumer Science classes Opportunities for team-teaching, guest speakers, field trips, initiating and maximizing learning moments 03/10/14 13

Outcomes of The Real GameOutcomes of The Real Game SeriesSeries Builds and expands on learning gained in other areas Helps students develop a positive attitude about their roles in the changing work world Prepares students to think about the kind of work they want to do and tell why Prepares students through participation in activities of adult life in safe setting 03/10/14 14

Outcomes …. continuedOutcomes …. continued Encourages students to explore the importance & relevance of education Helps students learn abut the necessity and value of education in attaining future goals Introduces students to the variety of work roles and work styles through exploration Emphasizes the value of all work 03/10/14 15

The Real Game Series isThe Real Game Series is Aligned With...Aligned With... National Career Development Guidelines National Standards for School Counseling Programs Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills - SCANS 03/10/14 16

The Real Game Series Accountability 03/10/14 17 Implements the National Career Development Guidelines Meets ASCA National Standards for Career Development Is consistent with SCANS foundations skills and competencies Identifies learning objectives and performance indicators for each learning unit Provides a performance review for each game

National CareerNational Career Development GuidelinesDevelopment Guidelines Three Areas self-knowledge educational and occupational exploration career planning At Four Levels elementary middle/junior high high school adult 03/10/14 18

National Standards forNational Standards for School Counseling ProgramsSchool Counseling Programs Provides standards in three broad areas of student development : Academic Development Career Development Personal/Social Development 03/10/14 19

Secretary’s Commission onSecretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills -Achieving Necessary Skills - SCANSSCANS Three-Part Foundation Basic Skills Thinking Skills Personal Integrity Five Workplace Competencies Resources Interpersonal Information Systems Technology 03/10/14 20

Collaborative DevelopmentCollaborative Development ProcessProcess 03/10/14 21 Partners America’s Career Resource Network, U.S. Department of Education National Life/Work Centre, Human Resources Development Council The Real Game, Inc. United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Hungary

Collaborative Development ProcessCollaborative Development Process 03/10/14 22 Process Project Conception and Definition Prototype Development Pilots and Demonstration Evaluations and Revisions Launch and Implementation Revision

Web Page ResourcesWeb Page Resources The Real Game  National Training Support Center  American School Counselor Association  National Career Development Association  03/10/14 23

The Real Game SeriesThe Real Game Series Play Real Game Grades 3-4 Create neighborhoods Discover town businesses and services Find jobs Work together as town citizens Identify key attributes of the town Deliver a presentation to a business person Make It Real Game Grades 5-6 Acquire jobs and form companies Choose lifestyle items Create businesses and services Plan a project Research another country Present the project 03/10/14 24

The Real Game SeriesThe Real Game Series The Real Game Grades 7-8 Receive an occupational role Choose and budget lifestyle items Make decisions on leisure and vacation time Deal with job loss in the workplace Identify personal job characteristics Link transferable skills to new jobs The Be Real Game Grades 9-10 Assume a life/work role Identify education and skills Participate in a job application process Balance a budget Experience job loss Acquire new jobs Develop personal goals 03/10/14 25

The Real Game SeriesThe Real Game Series The Get Real Game Grades 11-12  Explore career clusters  Choose an occupational role  Review gateways for after high school  Simulate a five year school-to-work transition  Participate in an interview  Create a personal action plan and budget Real Times, Real Life Adult  Role play job changes from 1900 to present  Acquire a work role  Participate in a budgeting process  Identify job characteristics  Complete personal inventories  Create a Life/Work Action Plan 03/10/14 26

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