The Rational Pursuit of Change by Andrew Mason, The Point

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Information about The Rational Pursuit of Change by Andrew Mason, The Point

Published on October 5, 2008

Author: summit08



The Talk: The Rational Pursuit of Change. The Internet has a proven ability to shift the balance of power between individuals and organizations. But for online activism to reach its full potential, we need to do more than port offline tactics to the Web. We must step back, revisit the challenges of collective action, and consider what the Web offers that can help overcome them. Andrew Mason explores what the world could look like in five years with tools like The Point.

The Rational Pursuit of Change

Why I’m not an activist

petitions, writing letters, protesting, voting...

The problem is not that I don’t care

What are you trying to achieve?

How do I know this will work?

The Internet! Will it solve the problems?

Escalating the tactics of inconveniencing ourselves

The paradox of easy petitions

There’s so much more that the Web can offer But we have to step back before we can get there.

Path Dependency

Path Dependency


Intrinsic advantages of the Web We didn’t have this.

The Point

The Tipping Point when the other thing becomes the better choice.

Campaign Anatomy Objective Member Pledge Tipping Point


Member Pledge

Tipping Point

Computable Cost of Change = Cost of Collective Action + 1

When each and every participant makes a difference


Results Oriented


Rational Incentives for Change Measurable Predictable Repeatable






Safety in Numbers


Enables Longshots


This is the very beginning Where can it go?




Asocial Activism

A market for corporate social responsibility

What needs to happen? Is this model inevitable?

The potential Individuals organize as fluently as organizations

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