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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: noorafatima



this story teaches you a moral which will help you in your daily living.



THE RATIO RECIPE 3 DEDICATION This book is dedicated to my family who supported me to write this book. I would like to thank: Firstly, my family who supported me. Secondly, my teachers for correcting me. Thirdly, Cathy for encouraging me and giving me websites for publishing this book for free. Lastly, my sisters who thought me capable for writing a book.


THE RATIO RECIPE 5 FOREWORD My brother has read my book and Cathy who is a writer has read my book and whatever mistakes I have made I corrected it. If still some mistakes are there so please kindly ignore it.

THE RATIO RECIPE 6 PREFACE This book has a story with a moral. I have written it with great efforts and hope that you will like it. At the end of the story the moral is written. You will enjoy the story but do not forget the moral and use it in your daily life. When my debate competition was held my mom said that moral so I have thought of an idea to use it as my moral of the story. Hope you like this book.

THE RATIO RECIPE 7 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT When anyone asked with me what is your aim in life? I would reply writer. So everyone used to laugh at me. As soon as this book gets published I will show those people that I have done it at this age. I alone have worked on my book.

THE RATIO RECIPE 8 PROLOGUE Laura is an intelligent girl but poor because of lacking of money she can’t do anything. She is best at cooking. Her mother said her to never lose hope and have courage and think she is braver than she thinks. She remembered those lines and won the 1 time but 2 time she loses her hope, courage and her thoughts. It is a short story but hope you like it…..

THE RATIO RECIPE 9 CONTENTS 1. Laura’s Depression 13 2. Entrance Fee 19 3. Journey to London 25 4. The second stage 30 5. Laura’s Letter 34

THE RATIO RECIPE 10 EPILOGUE At last Laura’s step of keeping quiet hurts everybody. Laura was an example for others that not to lose hope, courage and think that they are braver than they think.

THE RATIO RECIPE 11 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Iam just a 13 year old girl having a dream and craze to become an author. To my every problems I just felt like I need to write this book. This book is the solution to my all problems. This book will not only satisfy you but will inspire you with a moral and you will keep touching the skies...

THE RATIO RECIPE 12 BLURB Laura is an intelligent girl and a poor girl. However she gets the education but at the end an unexpected thing happens which was not expected by a brave girl like Laura who loses her hope and courage but she teaches us a moral that not to leave hope and courage success is on your way…..!

THE RATIO RECIPE 13 CHAPTER1:LAURA’SDEPRESSION Laura was a bit tensed about the repay. She had to repay to Nicole. Laura has used up all her money and now she very tensed about it. Laura loves cooking and now she had an idea to do a job of cooking and make money out of it. But that plan was flop because she didn’t have any money left with her. Laura said to her father about the repay. Her father send Laura to a school named “a ratio recipe school”.

THE RATIO RECIPE 14 She thought it might be a school of cooking and it was with studying. Laura studied there and made new friends and was day she was walking home and she met Nicole and Nicole reminded her about the repay. Suddenly she lost all her happiness and was sad again. Her father never thought about the repay. He wanted her daughter to grow up and become a good supporter for her family. Laura’s family was very poor. Laura loved

THE RATIO RECIPE 15 studying and topped the school but she didn’t have any money to participate and win prizes in the competitions. The repay was the admission fee of Laura’s school and still it was not paid. Her aim in life was to become a chef. There were certain competitions of cooking but as for her reasons she can’t participate. The teachers always liked

THE RATIO RECIPE 16 her dishes and gave them good ranking. Laura also had interest in playing games. She always stood 2 in games and tried to stood 1. Many friends of her didn’t made her feel about her

THE RATIO RECIPE 17 depression. She shared everything with her friends. One day the principal announced about a competition in school which caused a worth of Rupees 1 crore and that was related to bravery and the entrance fee was rupees 1000. Her friends said her to participate in the competition and they said that they would manage about the money. Laura thought that if she is participating in the competition she had to anyhow win it or

THE RATIO RECIPE 18 else the money of the entrance fee would go waste…..

THE RATIO RECIPE 19 CHAPTER 2; ENTRANCE FEE All her friends motivated her to participate in the competition and they made their teacher to write Laura’s name in the competition and her family members also supported her friends view and her parents thanked her friends for the arrangement of money and then the principal announced more details of the competition. The competition was in London and it was for three days. She had to be away

THE RATIO RECIPE 20 from her family for 10 days because there are certain breaks in the competition. She was sad about this and she was worried about the competition that how is she going to win the competition and that to of bravery. She was a very simple girl and was worried what type of competition it might be? How is she going to handle and winning was compulsory for her. Laura asked with her teacher that “is there any book to study from”. Her teacher said,

THE RATIO RECIPE 21 “Laura there isn’t any book, it’s a competition of bravery. They will test your bravery and intelligence”.

THE RATIO RECIPE 22 When she shared this with her friends, her friends made her comfortable and cheered her up. Now it was

THE RATIO RECIPE 23 leaving time for Laura she was going with her teacher and principal. She was the only girl to participate from the school and the teachers thought Laura capable for that competition and so her friends too. Before leaving her mother said her, “you are braver than you think Laura never lose your hope and if any problem occurs solve it with your calm mind. Best of luck Laura. I know you can do this.” These words of her mother

THE RATIO RECIPE 24 made her motivate her lost courage and Laura left.

THE RATIO RECIPE 25 CHAPTER 3: JOURNEY TO LONDON Laura was in the journey to London. After reaching London her principal and her teacher showed her room in the hotel. The hotel was very nice. The 2 days before her competition they all went to shopping and buyed according to the dress code of the competition. Now it was the competition day and Laura was very nervous. Her teacher and principal wished her good luck and the announcement was made that soon

THE RATIO RECIPE 26 the competition was going to be started. Laura was thinking how is the competition going to be? What is going to happen? Then she remembered what her mom said before leaving and then she discovered her lost courage and she was determined to win the competition. Soon all the participants from the different schools were called and the competition was going to be

THE RATIO RECIPE 27 started. “The first stage” said the announcer and he continued “is that you don’t have to drink water whatever happens before it starts you can drink how much water you want.”

THE RATIO RECIPE 28 With these words Laura was very tensed and her tension made her to drink water. After they all drank the competition started they were given rice full of red chili and they all have to eat it Laura ate it but she didn’t drank water many of them drank and were out and after eating they have to play a game and that game was to be played with a calm mind and whoever wins will pass to stage 2. The game was chess and Laura won the game and she was passed to stage 2. After reaching the hotel she told this news to her parents

THE RATIO RECIPE 29 and her friends. They were very happy but the stage 2 was still left which was going to be held tomorrow.

THE RATIO RECIPE 30 CHAPTER 4: THE SECOND STAGE Only few of the contestants were left and one of them was Laura “the second stage” started the announcer “is that you all have to rescue a girl which will be burning in a fire.” Laura went and saved the girl by remembering how her teachers taught her to rescue in fire. She saved the girl and she was passed into the last and the final stage of the competition and Laura can’t believe she was passed into final stage and she was happier. When she saw who was her competitor she

THE RATIO RECIPE 31 was surprised to see Nicole. Laura knew Nicole very well and so she tried in night to adapt habits like Nicole. The next day the announcer started “the final and the last stage is that….. You have to cook a food which is poisonous and we will test it through

THE RATIO RECIPE 32 chemicals.” Laura was very happy. It was an easy task for her and she did it the judges tested it and the announcer said “the winner of this competition and the winner of the 1 crore is “Laura”.” Laura won the competition and she

THE RATIO RECIPE 33 was very happy. The award was given to her at that moment she paid the money to Nicole and was very happy and reported this news to her parents and friends. They all were also very happy and proud of Laura.

THE RATIO RECIPE 34 CHAPTER 5: LAURA’S LETTER At night Laura wrote a letter and at morning her principal and teacher found Laura DEAD!!!!! Then they found a letter in the hand of Laura her principal read it. The letter of Laura is the following:

THE RATIO RECIPE 35 “ I know that soon I was going to die but I didn’t shared with anyone because Iam not that too brave to live in this world. At cooking I ate some food by mistake and later I remembered that I actually ate it. Iam really sorry for not sharing this with anybody. I

THE RATIO RECIPE 36 love you all very much. Please don’t miss me and the money you all can fulfill your wishes with it. Be happy always. Mother I still remember those lines of yours “you are braver than you think” but mother I was brave to win the competition but Iam not that brave to live in this world. I was able to win the competition just because of you. Thank you very much good bye” this was the letter of Laura. Her teacher and principal gave her money and letter to her parents and conveyed the news to her friends. They all were sad and tried to live

THE RATIO RECIPE 37 without their daughter and her friends too remembered her every day and missed her a lot!!!!



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