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Published on September 14, 2007

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Life in the Rainforest:  Life in the Rainforest by Claire D Contents:  Contents The Brazilian Rainforest Basic Facts Rainforest Locations People Animals Plants Food Chains The Last Things The Brazilian Rainforest:  The Brazilian Rainforest For the next couple pages you will be learning about the Brazilian Rainforest. Part of the Brazilian Rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest. The Brazilian Rainforest is located in South America. This is the Brazilian Rainforest Basic Facts:  Basic Facts All Rainforests seem like forests where it rains alot, but it´s not. It does rain alot, but a Rainforest is a place where different kinds of trees, animals, plants and people live. A Rainforest is something totally different than a regular forest. The Rainforest is like a house. It has four layers. The first layer is called the emergant layer which is like the roof. The second layer is called the canopy which is sort of like a second floor. The third layer is the understory which is like the first floor. The last layer is the rainforest floor like the basement. So there is your house/Rainforest. The Rainforests are located in: Rainforest Locations:  Rainforest Locations Basic Facts Africa South America Australia North America Asia * * A temperate Rainforest is a Rainforest with moderate weather. People:  People The people that live in the Rainforest have to get used to coming home from hunting with their clothes being drenched with rain,or damp with sweat. Even though the Rainforest has a canopy,the rain still comes through. The Rainforest people paint themselves with different colors. They get their paint from dyes and they get their dyes from different kinds of plants. They use feathers and other stuff from nature to decorate themselves. A colorful Rainforest man In every day life the girls in the Rainforest like to play with their homemade dolls. The boys like to go into the Rainforest and shoot their bows and arrows or just play. Both boys and girls the like to swim in the many rivers nearby or watch the animals in the village. Slide7:  People Food The Rainforest People eat tapir,fish,deer,wild pig,agouti,alligator,sloth,monkey,bird and bread. They get their flour for bread from manioc roots. They take the manioc roots and squeeze the poison out of the roots before they make the flour because it can kill them. Some people put the poison at the tip of their spears. Manioc roots Manioc Animals:  Animals There are lots of animals in the Rainforest. How do the animals adapt to having so many animals trying to find something to eat? The trick is the animals have to find one animal or insect that is tasty to them that not many animals already eat. Usually, the animals don‘t have much of a choice. Beak it over! My food! Animals:  Animals Sadly, the beautiful Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the endangered animals in the Rainforest. There are many animals in the Rainforest. One of them is the Golden Lion Tamarin. The Golden Lion Tamarin is a monkey, not a lion. It has claws on its toes, dark skin on its face feet and hands, a long furry tail and golden fur. Eagles, hawks, jaguars, jaguarundis, ocelots and snakes eat the Golden Lion Tamarin. The Golden Lion Tamarin eats both plants and small animals. These lovely creature is a Golden Lion Tamarin Plants:  Plants The Rainforest is full with wonderful kinds of plants. About 3,000 different kinds of plants live in the Rainforest. At the least, half of the plants are trees. Some of the tallest trees in the world grow in the Rainforest. Lots of big trees grow in the Rainforest but not the biggest.One of the big trees is the Kapok tree. Plants:  Plants Here are how some plants survive in the Rainforest. Every plant in the Rainforest has seeds. The seeds get taken by animals, water or wind and moved to a different place. This is how most plants survive. The special plant called the Liana survives a very different way. Since Lianas can climb and there is a canopy which blocks most light the Liana climbs up trees to find light. There is a plant called the hibiscus. Hibiscusess need hummingbird because the hummingbrd tranfers pollin from one hibiscus to another. Food Chains:  Food Chains The fig is eaten by the snail which is eaten by the Noisy Pitta which is eaten by the Spotted Tailed Quoll. Green Ringtail – Possum Snail Noisy Pitta Spotted Tailed Quoll The Lillypilly is eaten by the Green Ringtail – Possum which is eaten by the Spotted Tailed Quoll.     Spotted Tailed Quoll Lillypilly Food Chains:  Food Chains The fig is eaten by the Musky rat – kangaroo which is eaten by the Scrub Python. Fig Musky rat - kangaroo Scrub Python The Last Things:  The Last Things This last page is about the last of the Rainforest. In other words, the destruction of the Rainforest. People cut down the beautiful trees for paper. It is very sad. The really sad part is that, when we get paper, the Rainforest people and animals get loss. When we cut down trees, the Rainforest people lose their supply of firewood, branches for building homes,etc. It is not only the loss for Rainforest people, but for animals too. Animals live in the trees. Without the trees, there is no canopy. Without the canopy, lots of houses for animal and people get washed away. It is truly sad. This is a sad picture of the Rainforest destruction. Slide15:  I would like to give Ms.Yap, Mrs.Burk and Mr.Morris a special thanks for helping me. I would also like to give a thanks to my sister for lending me her book my mom and dad for letting me use their computers. The End :  The End Rainforest Locations:  Rainforest Locations Slide18:  Bibliography Exploring Life Science Slide19: 

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