The Rails Request Cycle

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Information about The Rails Request Cycle

Published on October 2, 2007

Author: lachie



A journey through the Rails request cycle. It might be a bit hard to follow w/o the talk to go along with it.

From January 2007

a myftical journey through the Request Cycle of RUBY ON RAILS. AN ORATION IN TWO PARTS L.C. BY


ocol adap prot ter dispatcher controller view

principle info passed via arguments via objects return value ignored

protocol adapter dispatcher controller view



The Dispatcher:

The Dispatcher: just a class™

dispatch(cgi, session_options, output) Dispatcher

fastcgi webrick mongrel cgi.rb Dispatcher

classic CGI

classic CGI supported

classic CGI supported Who cares?

Finesse arguments. Find Controller. Delegate to Controller. Handle errors. Tidy up.

Finesse arguments. request response cgi.rb cgi.rb

Find Controller. ROUTING populates request

Delegate to Controller. controller_class.process(request,response)

Handle errors. begin dispatcher controller view bo om ! rescue Exception => exception end

Handle errors. rescue Exception => exception controller_class.process_with_exception (request,response,exception) end end

Handle errors. rescue Exception => exception failsafe_response(output, '500 Internal Server Error', exception) do controller_class.process_with_exception (request,response,exception) end end

Tidy up. production # no-op

Tidy up. production # no-op otherwise framework tidy-up hooks Dependencies ActiveRecord

response headers body


Your controller:

Your controller: just an object™

process(request,response,method, *args) ActionController

Setup instance. Dispatch action. Render. Finesse response. Tidy up.

Setup instance. Set up the magic to make your actions sing!

Setup instance. Housekeeping

Setup instance. handy accessors from request: from response: response request params template cookies session headers

Dispatch action. instance method (and, render if you haven't).

Dispatch action. -or- method missing (and, render if you haven't).

Dispatch action. -or- just render.

Render. VIEWY

Render. @assigns = instance_vars - protected_vars

Finesse response. text/html Tidy up. close session

Where are

Where are filters?

Where are filters? mixin!

Where are filters? mixin! helpers?

Where are filters? mixin! helpers? mixin!

principle Solid basics + Fancy stuff.

5 minute talk subject: How we choose your view for you.

json nothing xml ml ht How we choose ac ti on your view rjs for you. et la mp la yo te ut ile f text


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