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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: MrNagamori



This Paleo Diet Review lists what it exactly is along with the pros and con of this particular diet.

Paleo recipes are quite popular today as the trend keeps rising. Paleo can be very simple and requires less change than traditional dieting programs.

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What is it? ➔ ➔ This diet is also known as the “paleolithic diet”. This approach is based on the assumption of what was consumed during the paleolithic era. Other names given to this diet are; the caveman diet and the stone age diet. The paleo diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs and meat.

What is it? (Con't) ➔ ➔ The only meat accepted in this diet would come from grass-fed animals only. This diet excludes; legumes, sugar, salt, oils, dairy products. Also in the exclusion are potatoes and grains. Walter L. Voegtlin is said to be the one who made this particular diet popular around the 1970’s. Not all dietitians accept this diet as being acceptable.

The Pros It’s a natural based diet It includes an exclusion of processed foods (great for weight loss) It’s simple and less time consuming The diet does not focus on just one ingredient

The Cons ➔ The grass-fed animal products lack a variety of nutrition and fiber ➔ Legumes and grains are not accepted ➔ It’s a “trending” diet ➔ The paleo diet claims that one can be “free of disease” without evidence

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