The Promiscuous Shopper - Shopper behaviours in 2014

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: spafuturethinking



Shopper behaviour has evolved in recent years as we have seen the economy move through recession and into recovery.

Understanding changing behaviours is crucial to the success of your brand. The Shopper Barometer 2014 has examined shopping habits to identify their perceptions towards shopping and the high street.

The results show how Shoppers are now actively spreading their purse into a wider mix of stores and channels for maximising choice and savings.

Check out our infographic that shows the extent to which behaviours have changed forever.

The Promiscuous Shopper includes the very latest thinking on the:
- Role of increasing channels in the shopper repertoire.
- Recessionary effects on our approaches to spending versus saving.
- Challenges for brands versus own-label.
- Role of price searching in-store.

And how behaviours are changing to reflect a new consumer confidence.

he T PROMISCUOUS SHOPPER 2013 saw our rise from the recessionary ashes but Shoppers did not feel the love and continued to watch their pennies. Our 2014 Shopper Barometer study shows the extent to which behaviours have changed forever with Shoppers actively spreading their purse for maximum choice and savings. The Shopper has travelled far in the past 5 years and optimism about the UK economy is starting to bloom, with the first increase we’ve seen in positivity for 5 years! Shopping around for value is still prevalent with 38% of Shoppers actively varying channels for best value 68% say they are still making positive changes Regularly use a discounter store -4% Movement since 2013 feeling positive about the UK economy never revert to pre recession behaviours 45% Special deals on retailer websites 42% Use flyers / leaflets for best deals 41% Use pound shops for specifics -11% 20% of Shoppers 53% say they will +4% -1% Sharing tips (WOM) -3% -3% Emails from retailers +3% Price comparison websites 30% 24% 23% Move from active to selective money saving But it’s always a balancing act... 25% Eating Out 68% 72% Clothes 58% 66% Holidays 43% 47% Personal Luxuries 68% 65% 58% Entertainment 35% 41% ds that define “me” 30% Spend on bran be cutting edge Spend on brands to ds to feel good 31% Spend on bran as good as a brand % Own Label is just 49 ity r brands that = qual ng to spend more fo 50% Willi important than price 68% Value is more ts that will last longer end more on produc 74% Willing to sp Groceries 57% 56% Colour indicates movement since 2013 Quality Value Movement since 2013 -1% Insurance +6% Healthcare +1% Holidays -1% Car 32% 22% Food / Grocery -3% There are still areas of protected spend where Shoppers would never consider cutting back Movement since 2013 Mortgage / Rent +4% Money saving techniques are still top of mind with 92% being very aware of cash flow vs spend 20% 20% 13% Using money off coupons +4% +9% +9% Varying repertoire 27% of stores Switching brands % for a good deal 23 59% But actual spend is allowed to flex more and % main shop on deal has declined 10% 54% 32% of Shoppers are buying over 1/3 of their shop on deal compared to 43% in 2013 Almost 2/3 are spending more than they expect on their weekly grocery shop (50% in 2013) Retailer perceptions are varied... Top 3 for each supermarket Grocery Shoppers visit 7 stores/websites per month (vs. 5.6 in 2013) Always low prices 2.3 1.9 (2.1) (1.6) 1.2 (0.9) Supermarkets Discounters Convenience 0.9 0.4 Online Forecourt (0.5) Good range Easy to shop Lots of brands 49% have a few favourite stores, from Good quality which they make most of their purchases Good value for money 25% buy most items at mainstream outlets but save on the basics by visiting discounters 26% use a wide variety of outlets to ensure they get the best all round deal and value The immersive nature of digital, it’s a natural part of everyday life... No matter how we’re shopping or what we’re buying, we still love a loyalty card... Instant discounts on specific products Cash back A whopping 98% shop online % discount on my shopping Points I can redeem for cash value 96% ds y car loyalt top 3 of the 1 east n at l ow A voucher to redeem in store ...but which benefits are truly valued? 31% ‘like’ brands & products on social media 74 70 64 52 48 % 80% (76%) 77% (76%) % % % % Apps are not yet gaining momentum But just 10% buy their groceries online Barriers to online grocery purchase Trust (47%) Delivery incovenience (21%) Reading product labels (23%) 61% read brand and product reviews online Just 18% regularly buy via an app (17%) While in store... 16% use an app to research (16%) 7% use social media to seek advice (9%) 5% compare prices online (0%) (2013 figures) The clear winners of mobile shopper apps are 21% write brand and products online Personalisation and tailored offering scores well with Shoppers. 67% (62%) Cash is king and point are valuable Even in recovery there is room for luxuries, as long as they are worth the cost Consumer confidence is recovering, but behaviours are changed permanently Selective choices using more channels & retailers is the key to saving money At least 1 in 3 are prepared to pay more for super premium products when it comes to tech gadgets, home appliances and holidays A personal and balanced approach to spending vs saving is evident Tech gadgets 45% A slow return to brand purchase is evident in some categories Home appliances 40% Holidays / Travel 33% Mobile price searching whilst in store is coming through although ease of app use is a major barrier The Shopper Barometer study was conducted in December 2013 with 1,200 primary household shoppers. The Shopper Barometer For further information please contact Shelley Watson, Head of Shopper & Retail T: 01865 336 400 E: Data courtesy of SPA Future Thinking innovation intelligence inspiration

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