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Published on September 15, 2014

Author: annastasya2



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Four aspects to consider: • The SL text level. It is the level of language that we are going to translate. • The referential level objects and events, real or imaginary, which we progressively have to build up. • The cohesive level, which is more general, and grammatical, the feeling tone, and the presuppositions of the SL text. • The level of naturalness, of common language appropriate to the writer or the speaker in certain situation.

The Relation of Translating To Translation Theory • Theory of translating designed to be a continuous link between translation theory and practice • The main purpose of the text is to convey information and convince the reader, thus method of translation must be ‘natural’ • ‘Naturalness’ is both grammatical and lexical, and it appears at every level of a text, from paragraph to word, from title to punctuation. • Scheme  book page 20

The Approach • A translation is always based on the translator’s point of view, therefore it has to be discussed • There are two approaches: 1. start translating sentence by sentence in the first paragraph, then deliberately go back, review the position, and read the rest of the SL text  intuition  suitable for literary text  weakness: too many revisions

2. read the whole text two or three times to find the tone, mood, intention, register while marking the difficult words, then we start translating after we have enough bearings about the text  power of analysis  suitable for technical and institution texts  preferable for harder texts

Textual level • This is the level of the literal translation of the SL into the TL • Thinking several things at the same time: - making certain ‘conversion’ between the two languages - We are transposing the SL grammar into their ‘ready’ TL equivalents - Translating the lexical units into the sense that is appropriate in the context of the sentence

The Referential Level • we should not read a sentence without seeing it on the referential level • When sometimes the sentence is not clear or ambiguous, we have to give additional information through linguistic levels, referential level, or factual level • We have to gain perspective behind the literal text to find the real intention of the writer

The Cohesive Level In cohesive level, which follows both the structure and the moods of the text: • Structures (connective words, such as conjunctions, and so on) • Mood (dialectical factor moving between positive and negative, or between emotive and neutral) The cohesive level can be the indicator to differentiate a good translation or a misleading one

The Level of Naturalness • Naturalness  natural usage  variety idioms or styles or registers determined by the context of the text • To be able to present the natural translation, we have to pay special attention to: -Word order - Common structures - Cognate words - The appropriateness of gerunds, infinitives, verb-nouns


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