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Published on February 1, 2014

Author: fahadbasheerkaruppam



its the influential unseen secrets that you are about to know

The Prince and the princess Prince, Do you know about the most amazing and the unseen beautiful qualities of the princess? Yes, I am asking you again, do you know it? I know it that you don’t know it......... Yes I say it again, that you don’t know it again Yes, it’s true, there are indeed the most amazing and unseen astonishing qualities that men do find difficult to access and posses! No too late or no too early you are about to know this secret, beautiful qualities of the princess, Yes I am talking about the princess. You are about to witness this secret right now from these words. But if you travel beyond my words, you will definitely be able to reach these qualities. Yes, I am saying the truth that they are too much lucky, if you only knew the secret key to success that they can access. Secret Key 1 Haven’t you observed the little children around you? Do you know why I asked you this? Yes, I did really meant what I really asked to you right now. What do the little boys do when they often play? Yes they play video games, cycle competition, playing games like war, etc. While do you know what the little girls often play? Yes, they play games like cooking, but going deeper again into the psychology of little children, you will find the difference of mental states within the little boy and little girl. Yes, the mental state of the little boy will be competition, but the mental state of the little girl will be cooperation. The quality known as cooperation never ends. Haven’t you observe the girls the way they study, yes they would love to have a group study than an individual study, while boys usually prefer to study alone most of the time, the very quality cooperation is the greatest gift, but men most of the time competes to become something. Secret Key 2 Haven’t you observed the very best quality letting go? That lies within the women more than men. Yes, they do have it, whenever they are hurt by someone, they would “Let it go”. They would say leave it, you don’t need to do anything to him/her. Yes, they do have it, I admit it and I have seen it with my eyes and I am witness to it too, and that is such a marvellous quality that most of the prince do wish to have in their life. Do you know why? When the prince is hurt, he would jump into fight and looses relationships, but the letting go indeed saves many relationships. I repeat many relationships. Secret Key 3 The power of submissiveness lies deeply in the princess than a prince. Yes it lies in the princess. As I said in my previous article “Love and Fear” men when they are at the mental state of ego (fear of becoming nothing before people) they are forced to beat/take revenge on others, which makes them loose everything. When you are at the mental state of humility and submissiveness the more you will have relationships that makes the women each other in such a beautiful harmony. They

would only jump into an ego state if someone provokes her unnecessarily for no reasons. But she will fall again into the state of humility and submissiveness again as she is a miracle. Secret Key 4 Intuitions!! What is an intuition? What do you know about intuitions? It is to say something which you never learnt from anywhere, which comes from nothingness, which is the property of the heart!! Amazing they are!! As they can even access the highest state of feeling sometimes, wonderful it is, but the prince lack it. Yet the prince can access it, if he could only put his ego state away as intuitions are formed at thoughtless state of a sudden involuntary and of inner origin. Secret Key 5 Secrets!! Yes, prince says that princess can’tkeep secrets, but I have seen a woman’s who have kept secrets. I admit it. Yes, they can if you only were humble and submissive before the princess. It happens when the prince knows that his princess is irreplaceable and inevitable and when she feels that she is irreplaceable and inevitable and she is so special for him. Secret Key 6 EQ!! What is EQ? What do you know about the EQ? It the emotional coefficient, which is very much higher in females than men. The emotions of love, care, affection, empathy, intimacy, commitment, letting go, forgiveness to others is highly accessible for women than men. Yes men do really need it when it comes to relationships. Secret Key 7 Princess can access to the hearts electromagnetic fields than men. You hearts have electrical energy 1000 times more powerful than your brain and magnetic energy 5000 times more than your brain. Yes it is true, that she even unknowingly accesses it more than a man can do it, where from gut arise your feeling(gut feeling) which is processed at the electromagnetic centre (heart) and where it is registered at your brain. Secret key 8 Sometimes Princess can do multiple tasks at a time. Yes, it’s true they are able to do so as they are close to the timelessness zone of consciousness they can do it far easier than men. i have seen couples who are were dentists and her husband seems to amaze the way she handle multiple works so easily at her dental clinic as men can focus only one task at a time if every things come together he will be a bit confused. Yes men can do it too if they only accessed this zone. Secret key 9 At times, princess just need to remember her problems sitting simply with her feeling state in order to vanish her problems to nothing, yes at times she can do it as they are very much closer to this feeling state. But I don’t know if all of them could do that!!But if you do that, it’s indeed wonderful! Imagine if everyone could do that how ease it would be!!Men could do that if only accessed this states of heart, at least grip off from thoughts if you wish to taste this honey of miracles!!

Princess,how was your day? Secret Key 10 You don’t need to be like men. Yes, because you are indeed fulfilled with these amazing qualities, which men find really hard to access and possess. Do you know all the world wars that happened across the world were created by men not by women and know that behind every successful man there is always a successful woman. Yes , she has the ability to nurture and help others continuously if her feminine aspects are nourished well which makes her more happier and joyful than a modern woman who are forced to the competitive world designed by men. Secret key 11 Long live princess!!Yes it’s true. Woman’s live longer than men. Yes woman can cope with daily life stress more beautifully than a man can do. Because of her higher EQ she is able to maintain a well mental being unlike men. because of this she have very less stress producing hormones [CRF] in her circulation which make her give a good immune functioning of immune system unlike men. Secret key 12 Be a woman!! As you deserve to be a woman, if you knew your uniqueness and how much valuable the qualities you posses in you, you would be amazed!! But for men it is really hard to reach these. Western woman are suffering a lot because of this competitive world and they are searching for these qualities which they want to regain back in their life.BUT you are still lucky as you haven’t lost these qualities that build up relationships. Yes, you are indeed lucky. Yes, princess you only need to beautify your heart. Because these qualities are sufficient to build a healthy family bonds and relationships as there are indeed spectacular amazing qualities which men find it hard to get in their life. If you would give much more time for a man when he is with some problems then it would be amazing, you will get astonishing results,the more you go to feminine side the more you get these qualities. Yes, prince sometimes she is beyond words as you have to go beyond words in order to experience these fabulous qualities of life. I want to clear once more a popular belief!! As you must have read somewhere or you must have known: men are the protectors and women are the nurturers. Yes, you must have!!BUT I have to clear it again, men think protecting woman is responsibility, but I want to make it a little bit clear but in reality your protection will be felt as a protection for a women only when you protect a woman out of LOVE (not the love that you think that you love her: I am talking about the feeling of love. yes: love is feeling and feeling is love) and not out of responsibility which you think, but you feel which is attached with feeling of love. and woman are indeed nurturers, they can keep on nurturing family if a man is successful in nurturing her feminine side and listening to what she says which requires a tremendous unlimited patience. Yes, it is so, if you could make women feel listened to whatever she says then indeed you are able to be successful. Sometimes you just only need to feel free to say that you love her a lot you will see her as the most happiest woman on the earth, sometimes it’s even astonishingly beautiful to see her get angry because it makes her face so so beautiful as it get red and redder. Because woman has been exposed to this competitive field naturally she will forget her feminine side. Her mind is fragile but beautiful and amazing only if she knew how much valuable it is!! But still I say there are numerous hidden secret golden qualities that will arise like a sunrise next day or another but it is sure it will rise again as it must rise again...


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