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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Tagreedabdul


PowerPoint Presentation: Unit 8 Language 2 The Prepositions PowerPoint Presentation: We divide prepositions into three important kinds. 1) Preposition of Place ( location ) 2) Preposition of Movement 3) Preposition of Time 1) PREPOSITION OF PLACE (location ): 1) PREPOSITION OF PLACE (location ) There are many kinds of preposition of place like  In, At , On , Under , Between ... Example -   I like swimming in the sea. - She meets me at the station. - He puts the picture on the wall. 2) PREPOSITION OF MOVEMENT: 2) PREPOSITION OF MOVEMENT There are many kinds of preposition of movement like  Into, Out of, Onto, Off , Along , Across , Through... Example - I fall into the river. - He comes out of the room. - A cat jumps onto the table. - A woman walks over the bridge. 3) PREPOSITION OF TIME: 3) PREPOSITION OF TIME There are three kinds of preposition of time. They are  At, In and On. We use  At  with (Clock, Meal, Religious, Festival...) Example - We have breakfast at 6 o’clock. - All my friends come to meet each other at my birthday.  We use  In  with (Season, Month, Year, Century, Part of the day...) Example - In the evening , I usually watch TV. - They will come back in June.  We use  On  with (Day, Date...) Example -  I fly to the USA  on Saturday. - She makes an appointment with me on the 2 nd  of May. PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Complete the sentences about Jenny’s hotel room. Use the words in the box. 1) The desk is _______ the wardrobe. 2) The bed is____________ the wardrobe. 3) The table is______________ the room. 4) The light is ___________ the table. next to opposite in the middle of above Above in the middle of next to opposite Prepositions of location PowerPoint Presentation: 2) Describe where Jenny’s things are in the room. Use the prepositions in the box . above – across – along –among- around – at – behind – below – beside – between – in – in front of – near – next to – on – under – on the left of – on top of – opposite – over . PowerPoint Presentation: 2) Describe where Jenny’s things are in the room. Use the prepositions in the box . 1. Her suitcase is on top of the wardrobe. 2. Her books are on the table. 3. Her shoes are in front of the wardrobe. 4. Her map and sunglasses are on the desk. 5. Her sandals are under the bed. Other examples Prepositions of movement: Prepositions of movement across - along - down into - out of - over -round - through - to - under - up PowerPoint Presentation: location movement PowerPoint Presentation: Prepositions of movement 3 Jenny and her father asked for directions to the Olive Tree Restaurant. Look at the route and give the directions. Finish With: You’ll see it right in front of you. You can’t miss it ! 1- Go across Hisham Ali Street 2- Go straight along Bethlehem Road Example answers PowerPoint Presentation: 4- Go up the stairs. 5- Go across the bridge. 6- Go down the stairs. 7- Go straight ahead then turn left. 8- Go around the pool. 9- You'll see it right in front of you . You can't miss it. PowerPoint Presentation:  Prepared by : Areej imam. To Teacher: Taghreed Abdulhay .

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