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Published on December 1, 2007

Author: Junyo


The Precious Panda In Danger:  The Precious Panda In Danger Why Are the Pandas Endangered?:  Why Are the Pandas Endangered? Fewer than 1,000 pandas live in the wild. Approximately 140 live in zoos around the world. Great changes occurred in their natural habitat in Central China. With more and more people living in China, the pandas’ home was cut down tree by tree. How Serious is the Problem?:  How Serious is the Problem? The pandas lived in a great bamboo forest. A panda eats 40 pounds of bamboo a day to keep full. There are only scattered patches of bamboo forest reserves; therefore, the pandas are dying rapidly of starvation. What is Being Done to Stop the Extinction of Pandas?:  What is Being Done to Stop the Extinction of Pandas? Scientists visited China in an attempt to save the panda. 30 reserves throughout China have been set aside to eventually connect to each other. 1.5 million dollars have been given for panda conservation. Scientists are studying the nutritional needs of the panda. What is Memphis Doing to Help Save the Panda?:  What is Memphis Doing to Help Save the Panda? The Memphis Zoo promotes conservation of wild life in their natural habitat. In 2001 the zoo sent a research biologist, Meghan Carr, to China to prepare for the “Save the Panda Project.” The Memphis Zoo designed and constructed a habitat as close to the pandas’ natural surroundings as possible. Fed Ex Brings the Pandas to Memphis:  Fed Ex Brings the Pandas to Memphis Over five months of careful and detailed planning went into transporting the pandas from Beijing, China to Memphis, Tennessee. Two containers were custom built for the pandas’ 15 hour flight. They were the only cargo on a jet that was named the “Fed Ex Panda Express.” Veterinarians from the Memphis Zoo, Shanghai Zoo, and Beijing Zoo flew with the pandas during the air transport. Fed Ex made sure that the pandas would travel on time and in style, arriving in Memphis on April 7, 2003. Le Le in Memphis :  Le Le (“Happy Happy”) is a 4 year old Male that was born July 18, 1998. Le Le in Memphis Ya Ya in Memphis :  Ya Ya in Memphis Ya Ya(“Beautiful little girl”) is a 2 year old female born on August 3, 2000. *The Chinese people consider the pandas as a very special animals because emperors once kept them as pets and their folklore portrays the panda as magical, able to ward off evil spirits. Slide11:  Le Le in his new home at the Memphis Zoo Slide12:  Ya Ya sleeping in her new home at the Memphis Zoo Other Endangered Species:  Other Endangered Species The Endangered Species Carousel:  The Endangered Species Carousel How Can We Help?:  How Can We Help? We need communities that care. We need to preserve the natural habitats. We need to research the nutrition and reproduction needs of the animals. We need people willing to donate their time, talent and treasures. The Panda Cam:  The Panda Cam To see the pandas at the Memphis Zoo go to and click on the panda link and then on Panda Cam. References:  References A visit to the Memphis Zoo World Book Media CD 2003 Edition

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