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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: sharisarobertson



explanation of what forgiveness is, isn't, and the power it possess.

The Power of Forgiveness Facilitated by Sharisa T. Robertson Forgiveness Facilitator and Founder of Lilies of the Field #forgivenessheals

What is Forgiveness?  Forgiveness is not an emotion. It is an action that delivers us from our debilitating, negative emotions. You have to put forth the effort to get through the process  Forgiveness is a lifestyle. You have to practice it daily, maybe even hourly. The process never end  Forgiveness is achieved by making a decision in your mind, sealing the deal with your heart, and then surrendering to the process

Myths of Forgiveness  Forgiveness is not:  Weak  Stupid  Settling  Being soft  Condoning behavior  Removing your offender from their responsibility  Reconciliation  Trust  Conditional

Un-forgiveness Truths  When operating in un-forgiveness you are cheating yourself and everyone around you of the real you  You are cheating yourself out of your purpose  Un-forgiveness has a more negative impact than the actual offense  You make yourself pay price constantly for the pain you’ve experience  Un-forgiveness is self abusive and a liar  Un-forgiveness is a false sense of pride, egotistical  Un-forgiveness keeps in bondage. Heartache, anger and pain

So What is the Power of Forgiveness  Forgiveness is taking control of your life, accountable  Forgiveness is maturity,, wisdom, resilience, strength  Forgiveness takes one, you don’t need the your offender in the picture  Forgiveness allows us to confront our issues, instead of coping  Forgiveness allows you to turn you pain into your purpose  Forgiveness tears down the walls you built and to build bridges

Forgiveness Facts  You cannot heal from the same level of consciousness as the pain occurred  You have to go through it in order to get through  It is scary to face the past, the mistakes, the hurt, the anger but even scarier not to  You have the right to be upset, hurt, disappointed, bitter, enraged but you have the right to be happy joyful, in peace, sane  Forgiveness kills the silent killer un-forgiveness  Forgiveness breaks generational curses, restores relationships, beneficial to your health and state of mind/being

Forgiveness Heals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Un-forgiveness is the wound, stop picking the scab and allow the scar (forgiveness) to form

Let IT Go!!!!!!!!!!! All of IT!!! The next time you fight to hold on to those bags, think about these things: • Whatever you hold on to with tightly closed fist, will eventually hold on tighter to you • When you let go of who you are, you may become who you might be • Label your bags, then decide is it worth holding on to or letting go

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