The Potential Confrontation with Iran

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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: Chyou


The Potential Confrontation with Iran :  The Potential Confrontation with Iran Israel says Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions it will stop at any cost. The IAEA says Iran had no such program, but the capability to set one up via uranium enrichment technology. Israel doesn’t believe this or doesn’t care. Any Action By Israel Will Be Seen as, and probably will be, US-Sponsored. Iran’s key nuclear facilities (other facilities include a site in the suburbs of Tehran). Israel’s Weapons :  Israel’s Weapons F-15's The USA has given Israel 30 long-range F-15's, at a cost of $48 million each. Bunker Busters Israel bought 5,000 bunker-busters. Known by the military designations GBU-27 or GBU-28, "bunker busters" are guided by lasers or satellites, and can penetrate up to 10 metres of earth and concrete. They are normally armed with conventional explosives, but to penetrate deep enough below the ground to have a chance of destroying some of the Iranian facilities (e.g. Natanz, 75 feet of steel-reinforced concrete), it is likely that low-yield (Hiroshima-size) nuclear warheads would be used. A 1-kt such nuclear weapon would/could kill tens of thousands and a 100-kt weapon would/could kill hundreds of thousands of people, depending on nearby population, depth of the explosion, and other local variables such as weather patterns.. A Potential Attack Plan:  A Potential Attack Plan Israel will take off with three squadrons of six F-15's - fly over Iraq, and hit Iran's three key facilities. The US is expected to provide satellite information and refueling as the Israeli jets exit. Pearl Harbour II or Tonkin Gulf II?:  Pearl Harbour II or Tonkin Gulf II? Iran will see this as an attack by America, and will threaten to retaliate. They have Russian made anti-ship missiles (Sunburn 22’s) Which fly at Mach 2.5 and which the US would have great difficulty defending against. They may attack a US carrier, of which there are several with their support ships in the Gulf, or Israel may attack a carrier with US complicity and Iran will get blamed. The Attack Is Possible Because of These Missiles and the Location:  The Attack Is Possible Because of These Missiles and the Location The US Fifth fleet sits in the Persian Gulf - which is a relatively-small bay surrounded by rugged mountains and a 20-mile-wide entrance. These missiles are nearly unstoppable, and the 5th fleet is in range of Iran's land facilities. The Raduga Moskit anti-ship missile is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world. The MOSKIT is designed to fly as low as 9 feet at over 1,500 miles per hour, faster than a rifle bullet. The missile uses a violent pop-up maneuver for its terminal approach to throw off Phalanx and other anti-missile defense. Iran definitely has these missiles. Range - 90 MILES  Size - 31.9 FEET Speed - MACH 2.5 AT SEA LEVEL The Yakhonts 26 replaces the Sunburn 22. It is even more difficult to avoid this missile. Iran probably has these also. Range: 200-250 Km. Speed: 2.5 MACH Iran’s Missiles (ctd.):  Iran’s Missiles (ctd.) Iran has at least 300 of these. Although much less deadly, they would be used in a mass attack, and/or against non-military targets. Iran Has Subs Equipped With Exocet Missiles Escalation:  Escalation Because Iran is already at total war footing, the attacks will escalate out of control in a matter of days: Israel hits Iran's nuclear facilities Iran goes to Alert One A US Carrier is hit, and true or not, the US blames Iran US hits Iran's navy in the northern Persian Gulf Iran attacks with most of it's missiles. Iran has already calculated their response, and they realize their only option is a massive attack. Iran is sitting on a stockpile of Exocet, Sunburn 22 and SS-NX-26 Yakhonts missiles. The Fifth Fleet sits at Qatar, and it is within range of the Sunburn-22 and Yakhonts.   The 5th Fleet sits in a lake surrounded by Iran's rugged mountains, and could be decimated by the missiles. Other US fleets will arrive in the Indian Ocean, but will be greatly handicapped as the straits of Hormuz will be defended by hundreds of Exocets, many of them in embedded sites or on mobile launchers in the mountains on Iran’s coast. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards also have plans to defend/close the Straits with hundreds of smaller missile-armed patrol-boats. Iraq Insurgency :  Iraq Insurgency Final Consequences?:  Final Consequences? Nuclear War? The US will have three choices – go to the UN for peace; or escalate to an ground war to invade the Iranian side of the Straits (which they do not have enough troops for, due to Iraq and Afghanistan); or an all-out nuclear attack on Iran.

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