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Information about The Podcasting Edition - Pyramid Software Newsletter

Published on November 10, 2008

Author: netbizguru



This is a slideshow presentation of a newsletter about podcasting, that I created for a fictional company (Pyramid Software) as part of a larger project that I am working on for SlideShare.

s o f t w a r e m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y Newsletter .004 The Podcasting Edition s o f t w a r e Introduction Newsletter .004 In today’s issue of the others to listen to it there or ‘Pyramid Software Newsletter’, download it to listen to when it Introduction I’d like to introduce you to the suits them. very popular phenomenon of online broadcasting, or Podcasting Software I’m sure that most of you will otherwise have heard of better known podcasting, so Podcasting eBooks by the term I won’t go all ‘podcasting’. techie on you Podcasting Videos here. Instead, It seems that I’d just like to everybody is share with you And Finally... podcasting a couple of these days, if great products they’re not I am using creating them which will then they are simplify the downloading them to their whole process of podcasting PC’s, MP3’s and other media for you, if you’re not doing it devices. It really is a great already that is. I have used the way of adding audio content to following tools for a while and your website and then allowing I absolutely love them... m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y s o f t w a r e Podcasting Software Newsletter .004 As I said previously, I have used both of the podcasting products on the left - Introduction WebAudio Plus and Impact Web Audio - and I rate them Podcasting Software both very highly. They are both very easy to use, produce very professional and high-quality Podcasting eBooks results and are both packed with lots of great features. Podcasting Videos Click Here For More Info Way back when I was a complete novice to podcasting, And Finally... I found these two bits of software invaluable. They made uploading the audio to my websites a piece-of-cake and they both generated the HTML code for me that I needed to add the cool looking audio player buttons to my sites too. Thinking about podcasting? Then check them out now... Click Here For More Info m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y s o f t w a r e Podcasting eBooks Newsletter .004 When I first started out with podcasting a few years back, the shows that I was producing Introduction were... well.. let’s just say that they weren’t quite up to Podcasting Software scratch. So, I went about researching how I could produce better, much more Podcasting eBooks professional podcasts for my listeners. Podcasting Videos Click Here For More Info That’s when I came across the two books on the left - And Finally... Podcasting Made Easy and The Wonderful World Of Podcasting - Both of which helped me to create much better podcasts and also increase my listener numbers. If you’d like help to better structure your shows, promote them on the Internet and build up your audiences, take a look. Click Here For More Info m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y s o f t w a r e Podcasting Videos Newsletter .004 The last podcasting resource that I’d like to share with you today, is called Instant Audio Mastery. It’s a set of 8 videos, that total 94 minutes in length, whicht show you: Introduction How you can create your podcasts using downloadable software Podcasting Software that is 100% free, record and edit your audio to create your podcast in MP3 format and then how to turn it into flash streaming audio for your website. Podcasting eBooks This is a fantastic resource if, like me, you find learning easier Podcasting Videos if you are shown how to do something rather than read about it. And Finally... What’s more, as I’ve already said, these videos also show you where to get software that you can download from the Internet and is 100% free to use. And nothing tastes as sweet as FREE, does it... To find out more about these podcasting videos, just click Click Here For More Info the link on the left... m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y s o f t w a r e And Finally... Newsletter .004 To recap, a podcast is an audio file - usually a flash streaming audio or MP3 format - that is broadcast (a bit like a regular Introduction radio show) either daily, weekly or monthly from your website or blog. Your site’s visitors can then listen to your podcast while there, or they can download it for later consumption on their Podcasting Software MP3 player, while travelling to work on the bus, perhaps. Podcasting eBooks Like most things in life, podcasts come in many sizes, shapes and flavours and there’s no rules as to what your podcast should be about. For instance, suppose you are a Podcasting Videos singer/musician/band, you could create a weekly podcast on your website to showcase your latest track, promote upcoming gigs and keep in touch And Finally... with fans. Or, perhaps you run a blog about your pet dog and you’d like to provide a monthly podcast that offers tips on keeping and caring for pets. A business website might podcast daily interviews with industry experts and promote their new products. Podcasting can be useful, helpful and fun for your site’s visitors and having a regular podcast show will keep them coming back for more. Not only that, you’ll have lots of fun creating them... m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y s o f t w a r e This has been a newsletter presentation created by: David G Smith for a ‘fictional’ company (Pyramid Software), as part of a larger project that he is currently working on. Although the ‘Pyramid Software’ company does not actually exist, all of the links to the products contained in this document - the podcasting software, e-books and videos - do take you to live sites where any of the products can be purchased for real. If you enjoyed this presentation, or if you have any questions about it, then please leave a comment here. m a k i n g s o f t w a r e t h a t m a k e s l i f e e a s y

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