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Published on May 29, 2012

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The 2012 update of the Podcast Consumer research series from Edison Research provides demographics, behaviors and other relevant data about Americans 12+ who consume audio or video podcasts. It was originally presented on May 29th by Edison VP of Strategy Tom Webster.

The PodcastConsumerMay 2012

Methodology • In January/February 2012, Edison Research and Arbitron conducted a national telephone survey offered in both English and Spanish language (landline and mobile phone) of 2,020 people aged 12 and over • Data were weighted to national 12+ population figures • This is the 20th study in this series, dating to 1998

Podcasting Awareness Has Remained Flat for Several Years“Are you familiar with the term Podcasting?” 2012 45 2011 46 2010 45 2009 43 2008 37 2007 37 2006 22 0 10 20 30 40 50 % saying “yes”

What is Podcasting? • For the purposes of this study, podcasting is downloading various types of longer-form online audio and video programs, in the form of digital files you can listen to or view at any time you choose. • Podcasting does NOT refer to the downloading of individual MP3s or songs or television programs. • Podcasting DOES refer to the download of more program-oriented online audio and video, such as a talk show, a hosted music program or a video review showing the features of a new car, usually as an automatic download that can be listened to or viewed at the user’s convenience.

Nearly Three in Ten Americans Have EverListened to an Audio Podcast% Who Have Ever Listened to an Audio Podcast 2012 29 2011 25 2010 23 2009 22 2008 18 2007 13 2006 11 0 10 20 30 40 50

One-Quarter of Americans Have Ever Viewed a Video Podcast% Who Have Ever Viewed a Video Podcast 2012 26 2011 22 2010 20 2009 18 2008 16 2007 11 2006 10 0 10 20 30 40 50

One in Six Americans HaveConsumed a Podcast in the Last MonthListened to an Audio Podcast and/or Viewed a Video Podcast in the Last Month Yes No 17% 83%

Audio Podcast Consumption Continues to Slightly Lead Video“In the last month, have you…” 14 2012 12 12 2011 11 Listened to an Audio Podcast 12 2010 11 Viewed a Video Podcast 0 10 20 30 40 50 % saying “yes”

There is a Huge Overlap Between Monthly AudioPodcast Listeners and Monthly Video Podcast Viewers Watched a Video Podcast Only 17% Used Audio and Video Podcasts in the Last Month 52% Listened to an Audio Podcast Only 31% Base: Listened To Audio Podcast and/or Viewed Video Podcast in the Last Month

Podcast Consumers Skew Slightly Male Men Women 54% 46% Base: Listened To Audio Podcast and/or Viewed Video Podcast in the Last Month

Half of Podcast Consumers are Age 12-34Age Composition Age 35-44 Age 25-34 15% 24% Age 25-34 16% Age 35-44 18% Age 45-54 17%Age 12-24 Age 12-24 21% 26% Age 45-54 17% Age 55+ Age 55+ 31% 15% U.S. Population 12+ Podcast Consumers

Four in Ten Podcast Consumers Havea Household Income of at Least $75K2011 Household Income % 50 44 40 13 $150K+ 30 28 7 12 $100K-$150K 20 8 10 19 $75K-$100K 13 0 U.S. Population 18+ Podcast Consumers 18+ Base: Gave a response

Podcast Consumers Spend Much More Time Online“In the last 24 hours, approximately how much time did you spend on the Internet?” hours 5 3:58 4 3:34 3 2:25 2 1 0 U.S. Population 12+ Audio Podcast Consumers Video Podcast Consumers (All Times Self-Reported)

Podcast Consumers are Most Likely to ChooseInternet Over Other Media As Most Essential“Among the Internet, newspapers, radio and television,which one is most essential to your life?” Television 18% Internet Radio 73% 8% Newspaper 1% Base: Gave a Response

Relative to Other Media, the Vast Majority ofPodcast Consumers are Using the Internet More “Lately”“Among the Internet, newspapers, radio and television,which one are you using more lately?” Television 18% Radio Internet 8% 72% Newspaper 2% Base: Gave a Response

Podcast Consumers Are Watching TV in Non-Traditional Ways“In the last month, have you watched TV by streamingor downloading shows to be viewed on…” 20Your Desktop or Laptop Computer 41 13 Your Television 31 6 A Cell Phone 13 U.S. Population 12+ 6 A Tablet Podcast Consumers 14 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 % saying “yes”

More Podcast Consumers Own Mobile Devices Than Average “Do you currently own…” Apple iPod 31 52 Android Cell Phone 22 33 Apple iPhone 17 28Portable Hand-Held Book Readers 14 25 Apple iPad 12 U.S. Population 12+ 21 Android-based tablet 7 Podcast Consumers 12 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 % owning each item

About One in Five Smartphone Owners are Podcast ConsumersListened to an Audio Podcast/Viewed a Video Podcast in the Last Month No 80% No 83% Yes Yes 17% 20% Listened to an Audio Podcast Viewed a Video Podcast Base: Own a Smartphone

Podcast Consumers Are Taking Their Own Audio Out of Home“How often do you listen to digital audio files in a car by connecting an iPod, orother MP3 player or smartphone to a car stereo?” A few times per month or less 26% At least once per week 7% A few times per week Never 8% 21% Nearly every day 23% Do not own iPod/MP3 player/Smartphone 15% Base: Audio Podcast Listeners

More Than Half of All Podcast ConsumersAre Weekly Online Radio Listeners% Listening to Online Radio (AM/FM Streams & Internet-Only) in Last Week Yes 29% Yes 53% No 47% No 71% U.S. Population 12+ Podcast Consumers

Podcast Consumers AreMore Likely to Use Social Networks“Do you currently ever use/have your own profile page on…” Any Social Network 56 78 Facebook 54 74 LinkedIn 13 28 Twitter 10 21 U.S. Population 12+ Google+ 8 19 Podcast ConsumersLocation-based Services 3 8 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 % saying “yes”

More Than Half of Podcast Consumers UseSocial Networks Nearly Every Day or More“How often do you use social networking Web sites or services?” Nearly Every Day 22% At Least Once a Week 18% At Least Once per Month Several Times per 6% Day 34% Less Often Than Once per Month 3% Never Use Social Networking Sites 17% Base: Podcast Consumers

Three in Ten Podcast ConsumersUse Daily Deals Sites/Services“Are you a registered user of any daily deals sitesor services such as Groupon or LivingSocial?” Yes Yes 15% 30% No No 70% 85% U.S. Population 12+ Podcast Consumers

Podcast Consumers Are Heavy YouTube Users“Have you watched video clips or other Internet videoprogramming from YouTube in the last week?” Yes Yes 69% 37% No No 63% 31% U.S. Population 12+ Podcast Consumers

Podcast Consumers Are More Likely to Share YouTube Videos“Have you shared a YouTube video with anyone in the last month?” Yes Yes 51% 43% No 57% No 49% U.S. Population 12+ Podcast Consumers Base: Have Watched Video Clips or Other Internet Video Programming from YouTube in the Last Month

Observations • Podcasts continue to be effective ways to reach affluent consumers who exhibit ad avoidance behaviors.

Observations • The dramatic rise in Smartphone ownership is the tide that seems to have lifted Podcasting’s boats.

Observations • As such, the mass-availability of the mobile web changes the out-of-home podcasting dynamic from “subscribe and download” to “watch on-demand”

Observations • The term “podcasting” has hit its cap. The behavior hasn’t. Podcast producers should provide multiple hooks and packages for their content—even separating “Podcasts” from “Shows” to acknowledge differences in consumption habits and audience.

Observations • Podcast consumers live on Facebook and YouTube. Be sure both are part of your distribution strategy.

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