The Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Consolidating software every Finance team needs

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Published on November 9, 2016

Author: atc-pressoffice


1. The Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Consolidating software every Finance team needs

2. pcFinancials is today´s latest and most modern unified platform for Business Intelligence, Performance Management & Advanced Analytics. pcFinancials can lead your organization to improved business insights by combining intuitive user experiences, user driven key performance indicators (KPIs), and pre-packaged analytics of actual value. The platform fully supports reporting, planning, budgeting, consolidating, dashboarding, scorecarding, and many more functions of the Financial Management division of your organization. Native Microsoft Excel Integration & Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) pcFinancials allows you to leverage your skills towards easy software championship, while incorporating modern web application concepts for unparalleled ease of use and business results. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provide the platform with a flexible reporting structure for all business stakeholders to gain access to a variety of professional reports and analysis in a format that they can easily exploit. The platform is provided in both on-premise or cloud model, either stand alone or integrated with any ERP system.

3. Advanced analytics in Budgeting, Planning, & Forecasting pcFinancials is extremely flexible and scalable and can easily handle large-scale implementations across multiple installations, as well as managing mixed content from multiple sources. Performance Management pcFinancials allows you to drive execution through integrated monitoring, analytics, and planning capabilities. By accurate, simple and quick measurement and management of financial and operational performance, you enjoy unique advantages. The platform provides all of the necessary functionality including scorecards, dashboards, management reporting, analytics, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation. Suitable for all employees, across all business functions (finance, operations, marketing, sales, and human resources) and any business, regardless of size. A Single Version of the Truth Having a clear common perception of business, gives you a competitive advantage when making decisions. The unique, unified architecture of pcFinancials secures that data is consistently stored in the Microsoft- based database infrastructure independent regardless if it is used for financial reporting, operational control or budgeting/ planning. Control Budget Process Easy & flexible UITest business scenarios before implementation MS Excell MS SQL Server MSSQLAnalysisServices Microsoft SQL Server-based financial intelligence package Budgeting Planning Forecasting Consolidation Intercompany eliminations Reporting Analysis

4. Financial Planning pcFinancials incorporate comprehensive budgeting, forecasting, and planning tools that empower and simplify the entire ongoing processes for all organizations. With a native Microsoft Excel user interface, provides you with a front end that you are already familiar with. This intuitive environment effectively collaborates with a secure SQL database that holds all of the budgeting information as well as controlling the defined workflow process for the business and security levels allocated to the budget users. It can be used for a wide range of applications such as financial, human resource, supply chain, capital planning, sales, profitability, and many others. Business Modeling pcFinancials helps you built advanced business models that exactly match and support the structure of your organization , while also managing Workflow, ETL, and administrator functions such as role-based security. With pcFinancials, you can design models by simply incorporating standard financial functionality. Its capabilities range from single model deployments to enterprise scenarios. Selecting pcFinancials you don’t need programming and coding skills for advanced multi-model planning and reporting applications. Advanced tasks can be incorporated into the models with just a few clicks (script logic). Moreover, pcFinancials has a built-in builder/ optimizer that creates and maintains dimensions, attributes, cubes and alternate hierarchies. Advanced tasks incorporated into model Specialized business processes MDX Formulas Foreign currency conversion Inter-model logic

5. Financial Intelligence With pcFinancials, financial intelligence is achieved via a variety of functions including currency conversion, allocations, intercompany eliminations, and numbers across time reporting (periodic, year-to-date, quarter- to-date, and others). pcFinancials allows you to customize each business rule or formula to support your company’s specific needs and financial data. Unified Single functions such as reporting, consolidation or planning tend to overlap in the context of business, hence it only makes sense to have them in a unified system. In that way you enjoy sig advantages such as significant cost savings, fast implementation, high data integrity and high data utility. No coding Build, share and manage your budgeting and forecasting applications without the need for coding. Web-based Analytics Creating Dashboards, Mashboards and Scorecards for both web or mobile and Microsoft Sharepoint environments is quick and easy. Dashboards, Mashboards or Scorecards may also include data entry possibilities to planning and what-if Web-based solutions. Guided and Contextual Analysis and Planning Guided and contextual analysis can be gained through the tight integration between Planning, KPIs and Analytics within the same Performance Dashboards. Slice and Dice Analytics span from multidimensional slice and dice to rich functionality like drill-across, drill-to-detail, pivoting, root-cause analysis, and prediction. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning Top-down and bottom-up planning functionality connects people and drives accountability. Dynamic and standard reports include financial and business performance reports. Process Management Process management features enable business users o manage forms, workflows, submissions, approvals and reports. Multiple Currency Conversions Management and GAAP consolidation processes are supported with multiple currency conversions, intercompany eliminations and reconciliations, and multi-tier allocations.

6. Content Packs Packaged Analysis pcFinancials solution offers a comprehensive, powerful and yet flexible analysis platform regardless of the ERP system already installed in your organization. Offering end-to-end performance analysis, pcFinancilas delivers SharePoint Web Parts, Executive Dashboards, Excel and SSRS for ad hoc reporting. pcFinancials solution provides the quickest and easiest way to get up and running with advanced analytics from your ERP system. Consisting out of pre-packaged OLAP cubes, it supports over 40 predefined KPIs that industry leaders use to measure enterprise performance. All content packs can be deployed against a single company or a group for cross-company analysis of trends and performance. Selecting pcFinancials solution allows you to perform trend analysis and monitoring of the entire sales pipeline production management business processes material management business processes including purchasing, shipping, and inventory control, and key financial information. Operational Monitoring Trend analysis views Sales Campaign Pipeline Analysis Sales Quota Performance Quotes Regional Sales Plant Customer Campaign/Event Salesperson Part Production Quality Analysis Plant Performance Open Jobs Analysis RMA Non-Conformance DMR Projects Jobs Materials Manufacturing Lead Time by Plant, Warehouse, Customer, Campaign/Event, Salesperson, Work Center, Part Materials Inventory On-Hand Analysis Customer and Supplier Shipping Performance Inventory Turn Inventory Transactions by Buyer and Approver, Job and Assembly, Part, Plant, Warehouse Finance Open Accounts Payable Open Accounts Receivable Cash flow Analysis AP, AR, GL, and Cash flow information by Currency, Customer, Chart of Accounts, Control Code/Type, GL Code, Job and Assembly

7. Scorecards and KPIs pcFinancials provides you with high level visualization of business processes and business events, via individual KPIs and combinations thereof. Many of the existing tools available today require data warehousing and business experts to combine for often lengthy project development. Even then, scorecards still remain static (in terms of what they are measuring), and are not normally designed to handle ad hoc analysis, which is simply a competitive pre-requisite. pcFinancials uses a new breed of native web application designed with a “self-service” user experience in mind, , dedicated to enable agile response to new and changing business problems and opportunities. It is designed for business users without any particular BI knowledge, and uses only business terminology. Merging the two disciplines of performance management and business intelligence, pcFinancials monitors and also aligns and measures an organization against set goals. In that way, you may run full benchmarking or performance based management in an easier than ever mode, raising business performance to the highest level. Designed for All With little or no training required, all staff can monitor the status of complex business processes, graphically display performance, alert other users to issues or exceptions, and simply further drill down graphics into details with a click. Scorecards pcFinancials will help you combine KPIs and create a variety of scorecards, from informative (with chart graphics types that include 3D pie and spider charts) to both strategic, tactical, and operational multilevel ones. In that way, precision and detail in communication are fully enabled while resolving business issues or identifying business opportunities. Gems and Slicers pcFinancials provides a visual representation of any business term (“Gem”) you need to focus on via its “Slicer” tools . The “slicer” tools incorporated into pcFinancials solution allow you to instantly display a table or graph representing a perfect visualization of the business term you have selected. “Gems” are designed to be easily usable and instantly meaningful to users throughout your organization, containing their own preferences on what information to see, still, customization is possibleAs you design your Gems, Slicers are also used to connect the selection criteria. Multiple Canvases pcFinancials supports multiple types of canvases for different purposes like Microsoft SharePoint, Search, Mobile, and others. A Scorecards and dashboards can be made available in Microsoft SharePoint, a powerful tool for creating intranet, extranet and Internet Portals, via the provided connector. Interactive and searchable web experiences are supported via full text indexing and searching data ,to be used by almost any search engine like Microsoft Enterprise Search and Google OneBox™. All KPIs created can also be deployed to mobile devices for wireless access on the go.

8. Athens Technology Center 10 Rizariou Str., Chalandri 152 33, Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 68 74 300 E-mail: About Us Athens Technology Center (ATC) designs, develops and supports high-end software systems for both private (B2B) and public actors, with an active presence in the EU, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa for 30 years. ATC joined the Epicor Partner Network in 2001, providing ERP/ MRP/CRM solutions in Greece and neighbor countries, achieving over 15 certifications for successful implementations in the financial, media, enterprise and public sectors. Based on Epicor ERP, ATC designed and provides FOS suite, that streamlines local bank and accounting processes, supprting financial institutions with unrivalled control, flexibility, integration and operational coherence. ATC further expanded its portfolio in 2015 by partnering with DSPanel in order to offer pcFinancials platform, the Reporting, Planning, Budgeting, Performance Management and Consolidation system that any financial team needs. pcFinancials is an ERP agnostic platfrom, designed by the same financial experts who designed other word famous financial management systems.

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