The Planetary Transits of March 2014

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Information about The Planetary Transits of March 2014

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: MargaretGray



A brief overview of the Planetary Transits of March 2014 including Mars and Saturn going retrograde and Jupiter going direct. New and Full Moons in March 2014. A brief mention of the Grand Cross in April 2014.

Welcome to The Transits of March 2014 – with Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology Legal copyright of Margaret Gray March 2014 – feel free to share with credit to the author – thank you

What are Retrograde times About? • Preparation rather than action • Internal versus External • Reviewing rather than initiating Mars and Saturn both go retrograde this month

March 1st - May 19th: Retrograde Mars (same day as the Full Moon) – retrogrades once every two years for about 10 weeks • Retrograde Mars in Libra invites us to become fully aware of our motives for taking action: Are they really based on fairness and justice, or are they merely ego based? • As always with Libra, the key is: balance More useful information on retrograde Mars on

March 2nd – July 20th : Retrograde Saturn (Lasts 4 ½ months every 12 ½ months) Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio invites us to explore our fears around owning and standing in our own power. This is a time to be our own authority and to take back any power we have handed to others. How might we sabotage ourselves from owning our power? What do we need to do to own our authority? More useful information on Saturn Retrograde at:

March 5th – Jupiter went direct (Ret. from Nov 17th 2013). This boosts the expansive energy of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, which is preparing to become a grand cross once again in April 2014, with the help of Mars in Libra.

March 16th - Full Moon at 26 Virgo 02 – service versus sacrifice – the solution as always = compassion March 30th – New Moon at 9 Aries 59 conjunct Uranus, square Pluto and Jupiter: Out with the old, in with the new! April 2nd & 3rd – Sun conjunct Uranus square Pluto – more on this and the April transits next month.

Other Planetary Events this Month 11th: Mercury square Saturn – truthful communication 17th : Mercury ingress Pisces – a time for dreaming, focusing on our imagination and connecting with our higher self 18th : Venus sextile Uranus – a strong desire to improve society 22nd : Mercury conjunct Neptune – an inspirational time 28th : Mercury sextile Pluto – indepth communication

Some suggestions for this month: • Rest in preparation for April • Maintain balance on all levels • Catch up on mundane tasks • Engage with your imagination and creativity

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