The Planet Earth - Quick Facts

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Information about The Planet Earth - Quick Facts

Published on August 7, 2013

Author: laurentmikhail



Earth is a fantastic and most loved planet in the Solar System. It is where we all live and it is the third planet from the Sun. Earth

Earth is the fifth largest planet in the Solar System and the third planet from the Sun. The Earth orbits the Sun and it creates a 365 solar days as it spins around on its axis 366 times – this creates 1 year.  The Earth does only have one natural satellite and that is of course the Moon. The earth is also called The “Blue Marble” and “Blue Planet”. The planet Earth was apparently formed billions of years ago, almost 4 billion years. The Ozone layer and the magnetic field of the Earth stopped any potential harmful solar radiation from hitting the surface of the Earth. The Earth is divided into tectonic plates which from across the Earth’s surface. Tectonic plates can cause a lot of earthquakes and volcanic activity when moved. With powerful movements in the tectonic plates, they can create massive and new volcanic forms which can eventually erupt. The Earth is made up of a good portion of salt water oceans. Almost 71% is made up of water, while the rest of the land, 29% is made up from islands and continents. The Earth does have a strong solid iron inner core with an outer liquid core which helps to create a magnetic field. Life on earth Earth is home to million of different species. Animals, plants, microorganisms and certainly, humans.

The human population survives because of the amazing mineral resources that the planet has as well as products from the biosphere but the human population works together to help survive also.


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