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Published on May 31, 2014

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By: Makenzie & Navisha

In this presentation we will be explaining to you the benefits of having a “perfect body”. Enjoy!

Chris Collins This is Chris Collins, he is a viner. We chose him as our perfect body because… o Never/doesn’t smoke o Never did drugs o Eats healthy o Never/doesn’t drink alcohol o Is in *good shape* o Cares for others o Thinks *positive* o Accepts himself for who he is

Sleep  Provides you with the energy that you need, as if when it comes to walking/running  Helps you generate your body better throughout the day, like when it comes to writing tests  Let’s your body have a long rest, or else you’d be extremely tired the next day

Eating Healthy  Prevents you from gaining weight, compared to junk foods  Helps ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs, to avoid health problems  Without a healthy diet, you won’t be able to accomplish essential functions, as in having strong bones and a healthy immune system

Exercise  Promotes weight loss  Good for the mind and soul, especially in yoga  It’s great for your heart, by relieving stress

Accept Who You Are  You gain more self esteem  If you don’t worry about your flaws, you’ll have more self confidence  You’ll feel happy

Care for Others  If you care for others, they’ll care for you in return  You’ll make more friends, because of your kindness  You’ll have pride in yourself, because you know you’ve done something good to someone else

Challenge Yourself  Helps you set goals, and achieve them  Helps you bring out passion and excitement, which can lead you to success  Helps you learn how to prioritize, which can come in handy in the future

Deal with Stress  Can protect you from the effects of ageing  Boosts your brainpower, by making you more alert  Can activate your memory, even if they’re unrelated to your stressful experience

Think Positive  You’ll live longer than negative thinking people  You’ll be capable to kick deceases a lot easier  You can accomplish more things in life, because there are no negative thoughts telling you that you can’t do something

Avoid the Use of Drugs  You won’t have to end up in rehab or in prison  You won’t have to go through homelessness or through serious medical problems  If you avoid drugs, you’d have a higher chance of living longer

Express Yourself  You won’t feel like you’re bottling things up inside  You’ll feel more happy, because you know that you’ve told someone about how you feel  Expressing yourself to a great friend, who understands, can help you have a life lasting friendship

Made by: Makenzie & Navisha Thank you for watching!!! 

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