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Published on November 18, 2008

Author: fabioaraujo01


The Past Simple Tense : The Past Simple Tense Form (structure) Meaning and Use Form (structure) : Form (structure) How do we form the Past Simple Tense? : How do we form the Past Simple Tense? English has two types of verbs in Past Tense: Regular verbs Irregular verbs Look at the list of verbs. Are they regular or irregular? went studied fell worked lived was bought loved Irregular Regular Irregular Irregular Irregular Regular Regular Regular Slide 4: Regular verbs always end in –ed. Look the examples below. What is a regular verb? Simple form (infinitive) Work Study Live love Past Tense Worked Studied Lived loved Slide 5: Regular verbs DON’T end in –ed. Some irregular verbs change a vowel in Past Tense. What is an irregular verb? Simple form (infinitive) Become Give Drive Forget Past Tense Became Gave Drove Forgot Slide 6: Examples: Other irregular verbs have a different change in Past Tense… Simple form (infinitive) Sell Teach Take Drive Past Tense Sold Taught Taken Drove John sold his car last week. Slide 7: Examples: And some irregular verbs don’t change! Simple form (infinitive) Hit Put Set Cut Past Tense Hit Put Set Cut The child cut the finger yesterday. Slide 8: DIDN’T = DID NOT For NEGATIVE sentences use… LOOK… In affirmative sentences we use: Subject + verb in Past Tense I went to school yesterday. In negative sentences we use: Subject + didn’t + verb (in simple form) Mary didn’t go to school because she was sick. WAS or + notWERE : WAS or + notWERE VERB TO BE Exception!! Verb to be is special… NEVER use didn’t or didn’t with verb be. Use: Complete actions in past. : Complete actions in past. Meaning and Use When do we use the Simple past? Sandra lived in Dourados last year. Example: Last week : Last week Some common time expression used with Past Simple… Yesterday Ago Last year Last month Thank you!!! : Thank you!!! Study a lot!! By Teacher Fábio Araujo

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