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Published on July 28, 2010

Author: chirolaz


The Paleo Diet : The Paleo Diet The history and facts of the Paleo Lifestyle Information Based on Science & Research : Information Based on Science & Research Nutrigenomics Food is information Science is still evolving History of the Human Being : History of the Human Being How we evolved 2.6 million years ago Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle Something changed 10,000 years ago What is the “key”? : What is the “key”? 1977 The Nobel price was given to scientist who measured this key “A revolution in biological and medical research that will change everything” Provides homeostasis Provides all your energy Prime component of weight loss or gain Responsible for most hormone changes in the body What if this key was damaged? : What if this key was damaged? Take this key and start “scraping” the uneven side – doesn’t work as well Diseases associated with “scraping” of the key All diseases of Civilization result from problems with “scraping” this key What is this key??????? What is Insulin? : What is Insulin? Glucose to Cells for Energy Prompts liver to synthesize TG’s for fat storage Determines fat storage or Fat mobilization Increased Insulin the heart of the problem Million Dollar Question… What Causes Increases Insulin? Insulin is a doorman at the fat cell nightclub, not a lock on the door : Insulin is a doorman at the fat cell nightclub, not a lock on the door Let’s return to our story of our ancestors… : Let’s return to our story of our ancestors… What Happened 10,000 years ago that changed everything? Many summarize as the largest NEGATIVE shift in the evolution of humankind Food Domestication : Food Domestication Advent of agriculture worldwide Refined grains for food prep These simple or processed carbs were placed in many of our foods Our genome was never equipped to handle these foods Sugar “White Gold” or the “Silent Killer?” : Sugar “White Gold” or the “Silent Killer?” Ancestors knew sugar as fructose in fruit Fruits were seasonal and were not abundant Discovery in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago Hit the America’s with Christopher Columbus in 1492 making roughly 500 years old So influential it has shaped many countries politics and culture throughout the last 500 years Rise in Sugar Consumption : Rise in Sugar Consumption The Most Dangerous Food on the Planet : The Most Dangerous Food on the Planet Effects of sugar on the body : Effects of sugar on the body Promotes cortisol/adrenaline release – flight or fight Impairs the immune system – bacteria live off the metabolism of sugar Inhibits leptin – controls appetite Promotes oxidative stress Fuel cancer cells Promotes fat storage and weight gain Disrupts amino acids into muscle Insulin Resistance Produces AGE’s Table sugar double wammy! Metabolic Syndrome : Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms of Syndrome X Elevated Blood glucose Elevated Insulin Increased hip/waist ratio VAT Physiology of VAT Elevated TG’s Low HDL Hypertension Reversible though education and TLC Politics Regarding Processed Carbs & Sugar : Politics Regarding Processed Carbs & Sugar Ancel Keys falsely claimed that fat caused heart disease 1977 Dietary Goals for the Unites States promoted 55-60% carbs regardless of sugar Became conventional wisdom in this country and all recommendations by government followed Presently – government will recognize the issue but not take a stand due to financial consequences FDA re: HFCS What are consumers to do??? Paleo Diet! : Paleo Diet! Loren Cordain PhD The World’s Foremost Authority on the Evolutionary Basis of Diet and Disease PhD in Health from Utah Professor in Health at Colorado State Author of The Paleo Diet book and over 100 peer-reviewed journals and research regarding the Paleo Diet The Paleo Diet Principals : The Paleo Diet Principals Our genome has evolved over millions of years and require specific foods As described, our diet has changed dramatically Our DNA or genome has not evolved fast enough Lean quality protein EFA or polyunsaturated fats Omega 3’s Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, phytonutrients Foods to Eat : Foods to Eat Vegetables Low glycemic fruits Nuts and seeds Lean Meat and fish Foods to Avoid : Foods to Avoid Grains Dairy Legumes Refined Sugars Refined vegetable oils Fatty meats Salt SAD vs. PALEO : SAD vs. PALEO Glycemic Index Fatty Acid Composition Macronutrient Composition Acid Base Balance Sodium/Potassium Ratio Fiber Content Glycemic Index : Glycemic Index Causes the rapid insulin response Increases C-Reactive Protein, responsible for CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) Fatty Acid Composition : Fatty Acid Composition Research has concluded it’s not the amount of fat consumed but the types of fat that are consumed Quality not Quantity Inflammation Response from fats Low insulin response cause fat mobilization What About Cholesterol? : What About Cholesterol? Truth regarding Cholesterol LDL, HDL, VLDL Apo a1 / Apo B CHD = Inflammatory disorder Macronutrient Composition : Macronutrient Composition Proper Acid/Base Balance : Proper Acid/Base Balance All food reports to kidneys as acidic or alkaline Dairy and grains are net acid producing Vegetables, fruit, nuts are base producing Paleo diet creates net basic environment SAD is acidic and over time responsible for kidney issues Hypertension Kidney stones Renal Insufficiency Sodium/Potassium Ratio : Sodium/Potassium Ratio SAD diet has elevated salt Paleo diet high in potassium Altered ratio leads to electrolyte imbalance Chronic infections/illnesses Fiber Content : Fiber Content Sugars, vegetable oils, dairy have no fiber and are 50% of the SAD Grains with fiber removed constitute 85% of grain in US Veggies and fruit have more than enough soluble fiber per day Lowers bad LDL cholesterol Low fiber causes Personal Benefits : Personal Benefits Vitality Energy – no crash Optimal health Strong immune system Proper BMI The Paleo Diet for Athletes : The Paleo Diet for Athletes Need to bend the rules a bid due to unusual demands placed on body Non paleo foods will be required on a limited basis Based on 5 stages of daily eating relative to exercise Paleo for Athletes : Paleo for Athletes Stage 1: Eating before exercise Low to moderate glycemic carbs 2 hours prior to race or workout Have protein and fat and low in fiber Eat 200-300 calories every hour until exercise begins Stage 2: Eating During Exercise Long or intense workout need high glycemic carb Liquids like sports drinks work best Events less than one hour don’t require carbs just water Stage 3: Eating Immediately After First 30 minutes following long or intense workout Use recovery drink containing carbs and protein in a 4-5:1 Very important period of recovery and must be followed Stage 4: Eating for Extended Recovery 3 hours following eat low to high glycemic carbs raisins, potatoes, pasta, rice, corn, bread Stay with 4-5:1 ratio Stage 5: Return to Paleo diet Adhere to normal paleo components Benefits of Paleo for Athletes : Benefits of Paleo for Athletes Health and Fitness are not the same Improper recovery leads to injuries and burn-out Increases BCAA – enhances muscle growth and counteracts immunosuppression Optimal Omega6/3 ration leading to less inflammation Lowers body acidity – reduces negative effects on bone High in Trace Nutrients – Most nutrient dense foods for recovery Action Plan- Sounds good, but how do I make this happen? : Action Plan- Sounds good, but how do I make this happen? Cook more frequent with all paleo foods Try out all the paleo recipes Shop mindfully Farmers markets Whole Foods Find local “Paleo friendly restaurants” Whole Foods La Tequiza – Paleo Bowl Stock up on paleo snacks Paleo bars, paleo meals Samples available after presentation Action Plan : Action Plan Develop your routine Plan your meals away from home or while at work Develop and refine your routine The more you plan and prepare the easier it will become If all else fails, eliminate all sugar and processed carbs! Thank You! : Thank You! This is the first step to change or improve your diet and healthy lifestyle! Questions?

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