The Paintings Of Bruce Piermarini Are Highly Illusionistic

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Information about The Paintings Of Bruce Piermarini Are Highly Illusionistic

Published on January 28, 2014

Author: Piermarini11


PowerPoint Presentation: The Paintings Of Bruce Piermarini Are Highly Illusionistic PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Piermarini follows the tradition of lyrical, large scale, abstract painting which was introduced by Jackson Pollock, the Abstract Expressionists, and the Color Field painters. His key influence has always been Morris Louis because just like Louis, he loves heroic scale, and explores the expressive possibilities of pouring paint. Since the time of Louis, such possibilities have been widely expanded by the new, water based, acrylic medium. Bruce is one of the pioneers who have been working with the new acrylics. PowerPoint Presentation: The pourings of Bruce Piermarini create squirming, looping, organic forms set against a distinct, but also flowing, background. His pictures are highly illusionistic, showing modeling, foreshortening and dizzying spaces. His every painting is a gorgeously orchestrated, perfectly improvisational, yet completely natural. Each is free yet precise, commanding yet exquisitely detailed. His latest paintings are perhaps the most amazing pieces. They are surely his most articulated and refined. Basically, he has added European Surrealism, mainly the hallucinatory, painting of Salvatore Dali, to his stock, and he has done this without suspending his quest for Louis and Pollock. The most stunning feature of his new paintings is their astonishing virtuosity. He has made his mastery unquestionable. PowerPoint Presentation: For a brief moment, Bruce Piermarini has given up his love for three dimensions that had prompted him to collage big chunks of foam onto the surfaces of his pictures. These burst out at the viewer and into the room. These new pictures draw the viewers in as much as it push them back. But they still retain Piermarini’s all out, go for broke expressionism, they offer that same obsessiveness, and the same devilish energy. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Bruce Piermarini

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