The Only Beach Vacation Packing List You Need

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Published on January 18, 2020

Author: Jessicawilliams123


The Only Beach Vacation Packing List You Need: The Only Beach Vacation Packing List You Need Heading To The Coast For A Vacation?: Heading To The Coast For A Vacation? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a weeklong holiday, beach vacations are always fun. When you think of the most relaxing vacation spots, beaches always top that list. They’re beautiful and breezy, offer you a host of activities and capture the interest of young and old alike. Not to mention they’re the perfect respite from the daily grind. Beach Vacation Packing List You Need: Beach Vacation Packing List You Need No matter which country’s beach you decide to visit, there are some staple beach items you will need to carry along with you. Instead of fretting over a last-minute packing frenzy, here’s a handy beach vacation packing checklist to help you tide through. Protect yourself Carry a beach bag Wear the right clothes Take an extra pair along Pack some munchies Take a first aid kit along Beach toys Protect Yourself: Protect Yourself Make sure you use a sunscreen lotion that suits your skin and has the right amount of SPF. If you’re going to be out on the beach for a while, remember to keep reapplying your sunscreen. Make sure you protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses and a large sun hat. Seawater can turn your locks dry and frizzy. To prevent this, either oil your hair or use a leave-in conditioner. If you’re planning on swimming in the sea, surfing or snorkelling, make sure you wear a rash guard to protect your body from chaffing against your surfboard and microorganisms present in coral reefs. Carry A Beach Bag: Carry A Beach Bag No beach vacation packing checklist is complete without a waterproof beach bag. Make sure it’s big enough to carry your towels, extra clothes, phone, wallet and anything else you may need at the shore. Bring a beach mat or a large towel to spread out for you to sit on. It also helps to bring an extra towel along to wipe yourself when you come out of the water. Wear The Right Clothes: Wear The Right Clothes Your clothing will depend on the beach and country you are visiting. While swimsuits and bikinis are allowed in most beaches abroad and Goa, it’s wise to carry a cover-up for other beach destinations in India. The safest option would be loose cotton clothes that won’t cling to you even when you venture out into the ocean. Ditch your sneakers and heels and opt for flip-flops instead. They work best for sandy beaches if you’d rather not be barefoot. Take An Extra Pair Along: Take An Extra Pair Along Even if you aren’t planning on getting into the water, your kids will definitelywant to. Carry an extra pair of clothes so you won’t have to deal with sand particles or water sticking to you. Your kids will benefit the most as they can run about, roll around and have fun without worrying about their clothes. Pack Some Munchies: Pack Some Munchies It’s always better to carry some snacks along with you especially if you’re  travelling with kids . Carry along some granola or protein bars, or biscuits and dry fruits – things that are mess-free and can be stored and disposed of easily. It also makes sense to carry a water bottle along with you. Take a first aid kit along: Take a first aid kit along The last thing you need is a minor injury ruining your vacation. As part of your family beach vacation packing list, carry a small first aid kit along. This can include some anti-nausea medication in case you feel queasy after your water sports, some alovera gel for minor cuts and rashes, and a couple of Band-Aids for cuts or bruises. Beach Toys: Beach Toys Gather the entire family and enjoy a fun game with a beach ball.  Entertain your kids  with some inflatable toys and floaters that can be used in the sea. As a fun summer activity, you could take a toy spade, shovel and bucket along to build a sandcastle together. Or if you’re heading out by yourself, take a good book along as part of your beach vacation packing checklist. You can enjoy a good read by the sea. Grande Bay: Grande Bay Now, that you’ve got your beach vacation packing checklist sorted, it’s time to  find the perfect resort  to spend your vacation at. Head out to  Grande Bay  for a fun-filled and relaxing holiday by the shore!

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