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Published on March 9, 2014

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Seoul, All About Shopping : The Shopper's Paradise
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Just as each person has his or her own distinct personality, so do they each have their preferences when it comes to shopping. Some look for the very best bargains, others look for highquality items, and still other shoppers look for the most unusual items. Seoul is a city that will satisfy all of these personalities. Introducing Seoul, a veritable shopper’s paradise where every kind of shopping is possible.

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Seoul Shopping Seoul: The Shopper’s Paradise

CONTENTS KEY TO SYMBOLS Seoul, All About Shopping .............................................. 4 Top 10 Items to Buy In Seoul ............................................ 8 Shop . Must Visit Shopping Destinations in Seoul.................. 14 Seoul: The Shopper's Paradise....................................... 18 The No.1 Place to Shop in Seoul : City Center....................... 20 Myeong-dong · Euljiro, Namdaemun Market A Shopping Area Filled with History and Tradition : Palace Quarter.................................... 30 Shopping Mall Major Tourist Attractions . Museum / Exhibition Hall Theater Performance Hall Casino Insa-dong, Samcheong-dong · Bukchon Club The Center of Korea’s Fashion Industry : Dongdaemun & Around................................................................. 40 Hotel Dongdaemun Market A Center of Creative Arts and Culture : University Quarter... 50 City Tour Bus Airport Limousine Hongik Univ. Area, Sinchon · Ewha Womans Univ. Area Tourist Information Center Seoul’s Cosmopolitan Town : Yongsan................................... 60 Duty Free Shop Itaewon Gangnam Style Streets : Gangnam........................................... 68 Apgujeong-dong · Cheongdam-dong, Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Area Mall Complexes Nearby Subway Stations............................ 82 Other Areas Themed Shopping ........................................................... 85 - Traditional Markets to Visit in Seoul - Socially Responsible Products Seoul Travel Information ............................................... 90 Index .................................................................................. 95 Seoul Free Wi-Fi * Restaurant School Post Office Police Station Embassy Craft Studio Bank * Seoul Free Wi-Fi Available Area Travel information about Seoul: Call 120 and then press 9 when you hear a recorded message in Korean. (You can choose from the following languages : English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongolian.) Seoul: The Shopper’s Paradise Publishing Date January 2014 Published by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Tourism Business Division Planning & Design Design Soomokwon Illustration by Natsko Seki * For further information on Seoul tourism, visit or download the mobile application iTourSeoul. ·  he shops recommended in this guide book have been carefully selected by a panel of experts and consultants in the field. T ·  opyrights to content and images in this book belong to Seoul Metropolitan Government and pertaining organizations and C individuals. This book may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the express permission of the copyright owners.

Seoul, All About Shopping Just as each person has his or her own distinct personality, so do they each have their preferences when it comes to shopping. Some look for the very best bargains, others look for highquality items, and still other shoppers look for the most unusual items. Seoul is a city that will satisfy all of these personalities. Introducing Seoul, a veritable shopper’s paradise where every kind of shopping is possible. Four Seasons and Four Big Sales In Seoul, new seasons begin together with shopping. Spring, summer, fall, winter - the four distinct seasons of Korea - are the defining characteristics of Seoul’s fashionistas and shoppers. As each new season approaches, so does the need for more shopping, since trends change every year. However, it isn’t just the new items that receive all the spotlight: shoppers who chase the latest trends take the opportunity to look for new items for the upcoming season, 4 while bargain shoppers wait until the end of the season so they can take advantage of end-of-season prices. Shoppers looking to complement their own personal styles say that their favorite season is between seasons because it is the ‘sale’ season. -  Main department stores and shopping centers hold gigantic sales four times per year -  The longest sales take place before and after the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays -  the summer there is a Seoul Summer Sale, In and in the winter there is a Korea Grand Sale -  There are very big sales for cosmetics in December 5

Smart Shopping in Seoul In Seoul, there could be a thousand opinions on how to buy a single item. There are also many outlets where shoppers may find high-quality brand goods at a discount. The outlets mostly sell end-of-season goods at up to 70% off regular prices. They are ideal for hardcore shoppers that like to compare prices and bargain, since outlets are organized like a big department store featuring individual boutiques within. -  Know your Korean size before shopping for clothing (see p94) -  Bargaining can be a fun part of shopping. Try it at traditional or wholesale markets -  Shop for electronics, cosmetics and  accessories and explore specialty markets where such goods can be found -  Visit traditional markets where you can shop, experience local culture, and dine all in the same place VAT (Value Added Tax) Refund Service for Foreigners Conditions for refund -  purchases on any item priced above For 30,000 won at tax free shops -  tourists staying in Korea for less than six For months or for overseas Koreans (green card holders with Korean passports) staying less than three months How to receive refunds 1.  e sure to get the receipt form for purchases B on any item priced above 30,000 won at participating Tax Free stores in Seoul 2.  resent your goods and passport at customs P and receive the official stamp on the receipt form 3.  pon receiving confirmation from customs U for exports, use the automated machines at the airport or request the refund through the Internet Refund Counters at Incheon International Airport Galleria Department Store ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Namdaemun Market ⓒKorea Tourism Organization -  Global Blue Third Floor Duty Free Zone near Gate 28, Open 7am to 9pm -  Global Tax Free Third Floor Duty Free Zone near Gate 28, Open 7am to 9pm Dongdaemun Market 6 Yongsan Electronics Market ⓒKorea Tourism Organization -  Ktis Passenger Terminal Third Floor, Gates 1—4 near Customs, Third Floor Duty Free Zone near Gate 27, next to Plus Palm Pharmacy/ Open 24 hours 7

Top 10 Items to Buy in Seoul What are the things that all visitors want to buy as souvenirs or presents? From handicrafts full of Seoul’s culture and history to fashion props that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, we have made a list of the top items to buy in order to commemorate your trip to Seoul. •The following list was compiled from a survey of 300 foreigners studying Korean in Seoul. ⓒKorea Tourism Organization ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Korean Food Where to buy? Myeong-dong (see p21) Namdaemun Market (see p26) 8 One frequently-heard remark by international visitors to Seoul is that most Koreans are pretty and have good skin. Nowadays however, these same visitors have also learned the Korean secret to flawless skin: BB Cream. This magical cream takes away blemishes and leaves in their place a clear and lively skin. A Korean cosmetic staple, BB Cream has become so popular worldwide that even luxury brands are using it to benchmark their own products. However, there are other must-buy cosmetics in Seoul. In Myeong-dong, one of Seoul’s leading shopping districts, there are countless cosmetics boutiques all clustered together where shoppers can get personalized skin consultations and test any product before they buy. Because there are so many boutiques competing ferociously for shoppers, prices tend to be quite competitive. Where to buy? ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Cosmetics At a time when people the world over are seeking to eat more healthily, Korean food culture is making its global mark. Some of the most popular souvenirs are Korean tteok (rice cakes) or alcohol made from rice, dried natural products that can be eaten conveniently on the go, as well as snacks good for your body. You can spot a wide selection of well-packaged food souvenirs at supermarkets or in the food section of department stores. However, out of all the products available, one of the most popular is “well-being” cookies. These beautifullypackaged cookies, good enough to be offered as presents, are made only with the finest, non-harmful ingredients or are entirely organic. They are also easily purchased at any convenience store nearby at affordable prices, making them very popular. Sinchon·Ewha Womans Univ. Area (see p56) Myeong-dong (see p21) 9

Hanbok and Traditional Korean Accessories Traditional Handicrafts Traditional handicrafts from any country usually make excellent travel souvenirs since they represent that region’s history and culture, and are not available for purchase anywhere else. This is the case with the many traditional handicrafts that can be frequently spotted in Insa-dong or Bukchon. Some perennially-popular items include dolls wearing hanbok (traditional Korean dress), mother-of-pearl keychains, and humorous folk facial mask sets. The traditional fan is another popular item because it is beautifully crafted and can serve as a decorative piece in addition to its usefulness in hot weather. It is also a gift of great significance, since the fan is traditionally offered to loved ones and is very environmentallyfriendly. Koreans can still be seen wearing hanbok, the traditional Korean garment, on special occasions such as Lunar New Year or weddings. Most of the hanbok that Koreans wear on those days are custom tailored, but offthe-shelf hanbok are also available. With curves that flow like ripples in the water and woven in a rich tapestry of colors, the hanbok is a thing of splendid, yet simple, beauty, which may explain why it has recently given so much inspiration to many of today’s top fashion designers. Hanbok are also accompanied by various traditional accessories, such as hair pins or brooches, both of which are usually delicate and intricate works of art, making them popular souvenirs in and of themselves. If you want to get all the attention at a special event, try wearing a hanbok rather than a dress. Perhaps you will be the starlet on that special day. Where to buy? Clothing and Shoes Hallyu Goods When choosing garments, look for the “Made in Korea” tag to be sure of their caliber. Anyone who tries on a Korean-made garment falls in love with its quality fabric, intricate patterns and prints, and meticulous needlework. The garments are stylized and designs are incredibly diverse, making them great value for money. This also applies to shoes, socks, and T-shirts: of these, couple T-shirts and character socks are two mustbuy items in Seoul. Foreign visitors to Seoul often recount seeing couples dressed exactly alike as being among the most surprising of the city’s sights, and couple T-shirts make excellent and unique souvenirs, not to mention being difficult to find elsewhere. Character socks meanwhile, or socks bearing famous characters such as Korean stars, are witty and incredibly cute, and even those who are not fans of the Korean Wave will appreciate them. What these items have in common is their ability to make anyone smile. There is a famous saying among die-hard fans of Korean celebrities, in particular the musicians: “He is not a singer. He is a way of life.” This saying goes a long way toward demonstrating the undying ardor of hallyu, aka Korean Wave fans. The phenomenon is not limited to just Koreans; there are countless fans from all over the world that visit the city in order to see their favorite stars, waiting in line from dawn in order to attend a broadcast, performance or an autographsigning session. Hallyu fans will treasure their gifts of just-released Korean CDs, DVDs, or autographed stills. Thus anyone who is a fan of Korean dramas or K-pop must visit one of the hallyu souvenir shops, often operated by entertainment agencies or the family members of celebrities. Where to buy? Dongdaemun Market (see p41) Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil (see p77) Namdaemun Market (see p26) Insa-dong (see p31) 10 Everysing Apgujeong Branch Map p71 C1 Myeong-dong Branch Map p21 B3 Incheon International Airport Branch (Inside Shilla Duty Free Shop, Third Floor) YG Shop Map p21 A2 K-Story Map p21 B3 Star Avenue Sogong-dong Main Store Map p21 A2 Jamsil Branch Map p82 Coex Branch (Inside Lotte Duty Free Shop, Coex InterContinental Seoul B2) ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Where to buy? Insa-dong (see p31) Samcheong-dong·Bukchon (see p35) Where to buy? Hallyu Souvenir Shops ⓒKumdanje Hanbok ⓒKorea Tourism Organization ⓒKorea Tourism Organization 11

Postcards and Stationery Accessories A Seoul shopping guide would not be complete without a few words on where to buy fabulous accessories. Accessories are musthaves when it comes to defining a personal sense of style. Visitors may find an assortment of standard accessories, from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to expensive pieces of jewelry. There are also many different places to shop for items that only cost a few thousand won at Namdaemun Market for example, to rare luxury brand antiques at Garosu-gil. They can also be found at countless street stalls, and around the Hongdae district, where shoppers will often find young designers eagerly selling their own hand-made jewelry directly on the street. These original and unique accessories are a perfect fit for fashion-conscious shoppers in pursuit of their own unique styles. Photos of landmarks, or just unique and distinctive postcards, make excellent presents or keepsakes, and are also light and inexpensive. Some postcards show off Seoul’s major landmarks, while others are emblazoned with traditional patterns, paintings or cultural assets. There are also specialized shops that sell postcards arranged by subject. Stationery also make great souvenirs, and range from those featuring cute characters appealing to kids, to those made with high-quality materials and design. You can find a large variety of stationery from Korea and around the world at large bookstores throughout Seoul. Where to buy? Myeong-dong (see p21) Insa-dong (see p31) Where to buy? Namdaemun Market (see p26) Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil (see p77) Books Another good souvenir is travel books written in foreign languages about Seoul or Korea. Some visitors buy books in Korean in order to study the language, but other shoppers will enjoy books that are less languagedependent such as photo-rich cookbooks, maps, and coffee-table design hardbacks, all of which have been suggested by our contributors. Even if one is not interested in buying books, Seoul’s mega-bookstores often sell a variety of stationery, souvenirs and music, so be sure to have a good look around. For visitors with an interest in rare and second-hand books that cannot be found anywhere else, Pyounghwa Market, located near the Cheonggyecheon (Stream), is recommended. Seoul residents also like to sell their used books every Saturday in front of the former Seoul City Hall, which is now a library. Where to buy? Where to buy? Insa-dong (see p31) Hongik Univ. Area (see p52) 12 Tableware Namdaemun Market (see p26) Insa-dong (see p31) Traditional tableware, such as plates, spoon and chopstick sets, and teacups, is another way to explore Korean culture, not to mention local dining customs. These are made from a variety of materials, such as earthenware, aluminum, and wood. Korean tableware is as beautiful as it is functional, and comes in such a huge variety that those with an interest in household items will have just as much fun as the fashionistas in pursuing the latest trends. There are even collectors who take an interest in Korean ceramics produced using traditional methods because of the high degree of perfection that goes into their construction. Recently the focus has shifted to producing highlyfunctional modern tableware using lighter and more modern materials. 13

Must Visit Shopping Destinations in Seoul The best way to shop in Seoul depends on both time and place since each district has a distinct personality. There are places where the latest trends can be bought at low prices, traditional luxury “streets”, and even places to experience traditional Korean culture. This guide introduces the very best destinations in Seoul for shoppers to shop to their hearts' content. 14 Luxury Brand Goods Traditional Markets Full of History and Culture Around Myeong-dong Namdaemun Market see p26 Shilla Duty Free Shop Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Around Myeong-dong Lotte Department Store (Main) see p25 Lotte Department Store Avenuel see p21 Shinsegae Department Store (Main) see p25 Around Jongno Gwangjang Market see p86 Tongin Market see p86 Seoul Yangnyeong Market see p87 Around Gangnam Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil see p77 Apgujeong Rodeo Street see p70 Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street see p71 Around Yongsan Itaewon Comme Des Garçons Street see p63 Shilla Duty Free Shop see p93 Gyeongnidan-gil see p62 Tongin Market 15

Shopping Areas with Traditional Culture and Art Latest Fashion and Beauty Trends Rising Designer Boutiques & Street Brands Household Goods and Accessories, Food Around Jongno Insa-dong Street see p31 Samcheong-dong Street see p35 Bukchon Hanok Village see p35 Itaewon Comme Des Garçons Street Hongdae Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Itaewon Gwangjang Market ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Around Dongdaemun 16 Around Yongsan Namdaemun Market see p26 Lotte Mart (Seoul Station Branch) see p28 Around Gangnam Itaewon Comme Des Garçons Street see p63 Gyeongnidan-gil see p62 Around Dongdaemun Around Yongsan Insa-dong Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Around Myeong-dong Hongdae Street Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil see p77 Apgujeong Rodeo Street see p70 Samcheong-dong Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Around Hongik Univ. Dongdaemun Shopping Complex see p43 Pyounghwa Market see p47 Dongdaemun Fashion Town see p41 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex see p43 Dongdaemun Fashion Town see p41 see p53 Around Jongno Gwangjang Market see p86 Tongin Market see p86 Itaewon Comme Des Garçons Street see p63 Shilla Duty Free Shop see p93 17

Seoul: The Shopper’s Paradise - The No.1 Place to Shop in Seoul : City Center Myeong-dong · Euljiro, Namdaemun Market - A Shopping Area Filled with History and Tradition : Palace Quarter Insa-dong, Samcheong-dong · Bukchon - The Center of Korea’s Fashion Industry : Dongdaemun & Around Dongdaemun Market - A Center of Creative Arts and Culture : University Quarter Hongik Univ. Area, Sinchon · Ewha Womans Univ. Area - Seoul’s Cosmopolitan Town : Yongsan Itaewon - Gangnam Style Streets : Gangnam Apgujeong-dong · Cheongdam-dong, Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil Area - Mall Complexes Nearby Subway Stations 18 Other Areas 19

Namdaemun-ro Kookmin Myeo ng-d Shop ong Und 명동 ping Ce ergroun 지하 d 쇼 nter 터 터 핑센 Noon Square 눈스퀘어 Hadonggwan 하동관 Maki 엠플라자 3 Haechi Hall 명동교자 본점 l ong 8-gi Myeongd 7 Savoy Silk Button l 실크버튼 Migliore 20 4 밀리오레 명동점 (B1-2F) State Tower Namsan 포앤파이브 (4F-5F) Gyeseong Girls' High School Youth's Dreaming Shop 3 꿈꾸는 청년가게 명동점 Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center (5F) Gogung Woori 고궁 -gil Myeongdong 8ga Sejong Tabby Mall 타비몰 CGV Hallyu Souvenir Shop Myeongdong 명동 Toegye-ro Prince Myeongdong Station Underground Shopping Center 신세계백화점 본점 명동대성당 Myeongdong Kyoja M-Plaza 에이랜드 명동본점 16 ong 4-gi IBK Line 4 Shinsegae Dept. Store Aland Myeongd Nutrition Chicken 영양센터 gil ong 8na- Myeongd Myeong-dong Cathedral 19 15 17 13 마몽드 명동 플래그십스토어 1 2 마키 Hallyu Souvenir Shop 6 Post Tower 12 10 8 2 명동교자 Mamonde Flagship Store 명동거리 il Myeongdong Kyoja Woori Myeong-dong Street Overseas Chinese Primary School g-g don ng eo My 올리브영 라이프스타일 체험센터 Shinhan UNESCO House Embassy of the people’s republic of China 딘타이펑 5 18 9 명동돈까스 Nanta Theater Myeong-dong Seoul YWCA Seoul Royal Olive Young Lifestyle Experience Center Myeongdong Tonkatsu 11 CGV Din Tai Fung nk Ba The 4N5 명동역지하쇼핑센터 4 Namsan Elementary School Woori Pacific o 18 ye-r 0 75m 150m il 20-g Toe g -ro e-ro y Toeg -gil Namdaemun Market ong Namdaemun Market is commonly referred to as the “even has the kitchen sink market”. While it is small, there are countless small vendors that sell clothing, groceries, flowers, and other items both retail and wholesale all congregated in the same place. Many tourists seek out this market, which opens at night and where the lights are never switched off. 14 Hallyu Souvenir Shop 롯데백화점 영플라자 Myeong-dong is a shopping destination filled with inexpensive cosmetic boutiques and specialty apparel boutiques. As one of Seoul’s leading tourist attractions, it contains many boutiques with multilingual staff ready to guide and assist you. Myeong-dong is typically crowded, and at times there are more overseas shoppers here than Koreans. Ibis Ambassador Myeong-dong Korea Federation of Banks 오설록티하우스 명동점 명동예술극장 Sog Myeong-dong Cathedral Myeongdong Theater Sungnyemun Gate Namsan (Mountain) Culture Station Seoul 284 M O'sulloc Tea House Myeongdong Theater Lotte Duty Free Shop Lotte Dept. Store (9F-11F) 롯데백화점 본점 Hallyu Souvenir Shop 10 Corso Como il 3-g g1 don ng yeo 타이홀릭 콴챈 Nearby Attractions Tie Holic t Stree qian Guan루거리 KEB Head Office Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center Metro Lotte Young Plaza Line 2 을지로지하쇼핑센터 Lotte Lotte Duty Free Shop (2F) 회현  amdaemun Market N  yeong-dong Street M  epartment Stores D (Lotte·Shinsegae) Eulji-ro Underground Shopping Center Sogo n Shopg Underg 소공 ping Ce round 지하 쇼핑 nter 센 This is Seoul’s leading shopping district. In this area are located two of the most popular destinations for tourists – Myeong-dong and Namdaemun Market. There are also two department stores and malls that sell all the premium private labels and eight underground shopping arcades that offer many unique items that can be visited regardless of the weather. 1 IBK Hana Euljiro 1(il)ga 을지로입구 d roun derg n Un ter hyeo Cen Hoeopping 핑센터 Sh 지하쇼 Recommended Courses Hana 10꼬르소꼬모(5F) Getting There Myeong-dong·Euljiro Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)ga Station Line 4 Myeongdong Station 6001, 6015, 6701 Namdaemun Market  ine 1 Seoul Station L Line 4 Hoehyeon (Namdaemun Market) Station, Seoul Station A'REX Seoul Station Gyeongui Line Seoul Station 6001, 6015, 6702 을지로입구지하쇼핑센터 Lotte Cinema Avenuel B. Namdaemun Market Euljiro 1-ga Underground Shopping Center Hanbit Media Gallery Myeongdong 11gil A. Myeong-dong· Euljiro Mirae Asset Center One Bldg. Ferrum Tower 9-gil Myeong-dong · Euljiro + Namdaemun Market A. Myeong-dong · Euljiro Nampo Myeonok gdong City Center C 남포면옥 of Ko rea Jun ctio n 1 B Myeon The No.1 Place to Shop in Seoul: The Main Shopping Area A 20 A B C 21

4N5 A. Myeongdong • Euljiro 포앤파이브 Map p21 A4, Map p27 D1 4N5 is Korea’s largest contemporary fashion house. All in one place, visitors can shop from a selection of over 40 Korean and international luxury brands. The breathtaking interior of the boutique was designed by Jeffrey Hutchison, who designed the sales floors of Barneys New York. Located on the fourth and fifth floors of Shinsegae Department Store’s new wing. 4N5 Open 10:30pm to 8pm, Friday to Sunday until 8:30pm. Closed once a month. 1588-1234 10 Corso Como 10 꼬르소꼬모 Map p21 A2 An exclusive international boutique, 10 Corso Como has so far made Seoul its exclusive home in the Asian region. Carla Sozzani, the boutique’s founder, once remarked that she became infatuated with the unique liveliness of Myeong-dong; leading to a new branch of 10 Corso Como in the district. Located on the fifth floor of Lotte Department Store Avenuel. Myeong-dong Street Migliore (Myeong-dong Branch) 밀리오레 명동점 Map p21 B4 From casual to formal wear, this mall is packed with boutiques specializing in women’s apparel. The fifth floor is dedicated to accessories and lingerie, while the sixth is home to hand-made shoes and leather goods. There is also a food court on the 7th floor. Open 10:30am to 11pm. Closed Monday. 02-2124-1538 M-Plaza 엠플라자 Map p21 B3 A must-visit mall for those looking to buy the American brand Forever 21 and the Spanish brand ZARA. From the first through third floors, you can find specialty apparel stores and restaurants, cafes and on the fourth and fifth floors, a tourist information center. Open 10:30am to 10pm. 22 02-752-0744 Noon Square 눈스퀘어 Map p21 A2 A good place to find special apparel labels such as ZARA, H&M, MANGO, and MIXXO, all of which are located on the first to fourth floors. On the fourth floor, shoppers can find street fashion stores, and on the fifth, local Korean shops. This shopping center is especially good for finding unique items with a youthful flair. Open 11am to 10pm. 02-3783-5005 Tabby Mall 타비몰 Map p21 B3 This mall features Asia’s largest branch of Uniqlo. Many events of all sorts are regularly held here, including wedding expos. Open 11am to 11:30pm. Closed Monday. Open 10:30pm to 8pm, Friday to Sunday until 8:30pm. Closed once a month. 02-2118-6098 Aland (Main Store) 에이랜드 명동본점 Map p21 B3 Aland is a “multi-shop” selling an enormous assortment of goods for all tastes, and in general is full of trendy and sensational clothing and accessories. From the first to fourth floors, there are famous brands aswell as new-and-upcoming brands, and also vintage goods well-presented from cornerto corner. Prices also can vary greatly. Open 9am to 11pm. Maki 마키 Map p21 1566-7477 10 Corso Como Mamonde Flagship Store 마몽드 명동 플래그십스토어 Map p21 B3 A specialty store offering handmade goods based on the motifs of international illustrators. The first floor houses stationery, while the second floor sells home interior goods. All of the items at this store are exquisite and make excellent gifts as well as souvenirs. Open 10am to 10pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-757-7947 B3 The flagship store of Amore Pacific’s cosmetics line, Mamonde. Mamonde has been making beauty products for 22 years and all of its knowledge and expertise can be found at this store. Everything for sale can be tested, and the store provides assistance and information for foreign visitors, as well as operating a gift-wrapping corner. Open 9:30am to 10:30pm. 02-318-3695 23

Shops Endorsed by the Korea Tourism Organization Olive Young Lifestyle Experience Center Tie Holic 타이홀릭 올리브영 라이프스타일 체험센터 This specialty boutique is operated by a master tiemaker with over twenty years of experience. The ties are original and made of atypical materials such as wool and knitwear, and come with unique patterns including camouflage, ethnic and paisley. The store also sells boutonnieres, bow ties, tie pins, cuff links and other accessories that make good gifts for men. Map p21 B2 Olive Young is a drugstore chain, where famous beauty and health care products can be found all in one place. In addition to makeup, fragrances, health foods, body care, and accessories, there is a mens’ corner that is especially popular. Open 10am to 10:30pm. 02-736-5290 O’sulloc Tea House (Myeong-dong Branch) 오설록 티하우스 명동점 Map p21 B2 Map p21 B2 Open 11am to 9:30pm, Sunday 3pm to 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-3789-2083 A modern teahouse operated directly by Amore Pacific. Visitors can taste and purchase tea grown and picked from Jeju-do Island. B3 A specialty store offering handmade silk accessories and scarves. There is a rich selection of gorgeous and elegant items, so the store is frequently mentioned on TV and in fashion magazines. The owner can also occasionally be seen working on her designs. Located in the Savoy Hotel. Open 11am to 10pm. 02-778-3889 24 Accessorize (Myeong-dong Branch) 액세서라이즈 명동점 Map p21 B3 1 Fashion Accessories Open 11am to 10pm, Sunday noon to 9pm. Babara (Myeong-dong Jungang Branch) 바바라앤코 명동중앙점 Map p21 B3 2 Cosmetics Open 11am to 10pm. Babara (Myeong-dong No.1 Branch) 바바라앤코 명동1호점 Map p21 C3 3 Cosmetics Bean Pole (Myeong-dong Flagship Store) 빈폴 명동 플래그십스토어 Map p21 B3 4 Clothing Open 11am to 8:30pm. Cheong Kwan Jang (Myeong-dong direct Store) 정관장 명동본점 A3 5 Cosmetics Open 10:30am to 8:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 7pm. Map p21 Silk Button 실크버튼 Olive Young Lifestyle Experience Center Etude House (Myeong-dong Chungmuro Branch) 에뛰드하우스 명동충무로점 Map p21 B3 6 Cosmetics Open 9am to 11pm. Etude House (Myeong-dong No.1 Branch) 에뛰드하우스 명동1호점 Map p21 B3 7 Cosmetics Open 9am to 11pm. Etude House (Myeong-dong No.2 Branch) Tie Holic 에뛰드하우스 명동3호점 Map p21 B2 9 Cosmetics Open 9am to 11pm. Frisbee (Myeong-dong Branch) 프리스비 명동점 Map p21 B3 10 Apple Reseller Open 11am to 9pm, Sunday until 8:30pm. It’s Skin (Myeong-dong UNESCO Branch) Open 11am to 10pm Open 9am to 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm. 02-774-5460 Map p21 1ST PREMIUM SHOPPING Etude House (Myeong-dong No.3 Branch) 에뛰드하우스 명동2호점 Map p21 B3 8 Cosmetics Open 9am to 11pm. 잇츠스킨 명동유네스코점 Map p21 B2 11 Cosmetics Open 11am to 8:30pm. Shops with Top Tourism Souvenirs Duty Free Shops Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center 명동관광정보센터 Map p21 B1 Open 9am to 10pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. Lotte Duty Free Shop (Main) Youth's Dreaming Shop (Myeong-dong Branch) 롯데면세점 본점 Map p21 Map p21 C3 Open 10am to 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. B2 12 Shoes Open 11am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday until 8:30pm. Map p21 B2 13 Shoes Open 11am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday until 8:30pm. Map p21 Lesmore (Myeong-dong Branch) 레스모아 명동점 B2 14 Shoes Open 10:30am to 9:30pm. Map p21 Levi’s Bodywear (Myeongdong Branch) 리바이스 바디웨어 명동점 Map p21 B3 15 Underwear Open 10:30am to 10pm. Resportsac (Myeongdong FSS Branch) 레스포색 명동FSS점 Map p21 B3 16 Bag Open 11:30am to 9:30pm. Tonymoly (Myeong-dong Chungmuro Branch) 토니모리 명동충무로점 Map p21 B3 17 Cosmetics Open 9:30am to 11pm. Youth’s Dreaming Shop (Myeong-dong Branch) B3 19 Cosmetics Open 9:30am to 11pm. A2 Open 8am to 10pm. Lotte Department Store (Main) 롯데백화점 본점 Map p21 A2 Open 10:30am to 8pm, Friday to Sunday until 8:30pm. Closed once a month. Lotte Young Plaza 롯데백화점 영플라자 Map p21 Euljiro 1-ga Underground Shopping Center 을지로입구 지하쇼핑센터 Map p21 A1 Open 10am to 9pm. Closed Sunday and Holiday. 지하쇼핑센터 Map p21 A2 Open 11:30am to 9:30pm. B1-C1 10am to 10pm. Closed Sunday and Holiday. Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Center 회현지하쇼핑센터 Map p21 A3-A4, Map p27 D1 Open 9am to 10pm. Closed 1st and 3rd Sunday. Shinsegae Department Store (Main) Myeongdong Station Underground Shopping Center 명동역지하쇼핑센터 신세계백화점 본점 Map p21 Map p21 A4, Map p27 D1 Open 10:30am to 8pm. Closed once a month. B4-C4 Open 9am to 11pm. Myeong-dong Underground Shopping Center 명동지하쇼핑센터 Map p21 A2 Open 9am to 10pm. Sogong Underground Shopping Center Open 9am to 11pm. Map p21 롯데면세점 로비점 Map p21 Euljiro Underground Shopping Center 을지로 Department Stores B2 18 Cosmetics Tonymoly (Myeong-dong No.5 Branch) 토니모리 명동5호점 Lotte Duty Free Shop (Lobby Branch) Underground Shopping Malls Tonymoly (Myeong-dong No.3 Branch) 토니모리 명동3호점 Map p21 A1 Open 9:30am to 9pm. 꿈꾸는 청년가게 명동점 Kumkang (Myeong-dong Branch) 금강제화 명동본점 Landrover (Myeong-dong Branch) 랜드로바 명동점 Lotte Duty Free Shop ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Shinsegae Department Store (Main) ⓒKorea Tourism Organization 소공지하쇼핑센터 Map p21 A2 Open 8am to 10pm. Closed 1st and 3rd Sunday. Who.A.U (Myeong-dong Branch) 후아유 명동점 B3 20 Clothing Open 11am to 10:30pm. Map p21 Lotte Department Store (Main) ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Myeongdong Station Underground Shopping Center 25

15 1 18 1 L in e 문로 Entrance 3 1 남대 Kookmin 19 20 Sungnyemun Junction IBK Namda Woori Alpha Sungnyemun Gate 22 Woori Daedo Shopping Tower Clothing Shops Kookmin Namdaemun Market Shinhan Entrance 8 27-2 IBK Fashion City Namdaemun 패션시티 nsijang 4-gilMarket (Accessory) Namdaemu 남대문 액세서리전문상가 Entrance 7 Ladies Apparel Market l-ro Sowo 숙녀의류상가 2 Namdaemun Dokkebi Imported Goods Mall Palace Rex 남대문도깨비수입상가 회 4 3 Toegye-ro 2-gil Toegye-ro 4-gil ro e- gy gil e To o 8- ye-r Hana 포앤파이브 (4F-5F) Toeg e L in 4N5 Na n( 시 eo 문 hy 남대 e Ho 현( Entrance 5 3 신세계백화점 본점 Kookmin Mano Accessories un Ma r ke Swedish Embassy Hana Shinsegae Dept. Store m NH 27-2 1 마노액세서리상가 Entrance 6 장 da ) em 26 Payard 페이야드 Entrance 4 의류상가 남대문시장 25 삼익패션타운 대도종합상가 숭례문수입상가 Tongil-ro 2 시장맛집 Sungnyemun Imported Goods Market 메사 중앙상가 Food Alleys 24 숭례문 23 Chilpae-ro Entrance 1 Mesa Samik Fashion Town Jungang Shopping Center 알파문구 jang-gil emunsi Entrance 2 Hana 21 지 17 Shinhan d nd rgrou Undeter nno emu ping Cen 센터 da Nam Shop 지하쇼핑 회현 B. Namdaemun Market c d roun derg r n Un ente hyeo g C 센터 Hoe Shoppin 쇼핑 하 B. Namdaemun Market 16 b Namdaemunsijang 10-gil 14 A t) 13 6gil Lotte Outlets Lotte Mart Culture Station Seoul 284 Seoul Station 서울역 4 Seoul Station Bus Transfer Center 문화역서울 284 A Namdaemun Market 남대문시장 Map p27 Seoul’s oldest traditional market. This leading tourist attraction has 500,000 daily visitors and over 10,000 vendors offering their goods, and is especially known for children’s clothing, with the overall quality of the clothes offered at this market (sold by more than 6,000 vendors) at a standard which will appeal to overseas visitors. Besides clothing, there is an assortment of kitchen goods; folk art; locally-produced goods; agricultural and marine products; everyday goods; and imported goods. Many of the items can be purchased here at wholesale prices. The small alley restaurants, part of the market since its early days, are also recommended. Open 9am to 5pm. Women’s clothing and children’s clothing stores are also open at night 10pm to 5am. Closed Sunday and during Lunar New Year day and Chuseok breaks. Please check the market’s operating hours between the end of July through mid-August for summer closing times before heading out. Namdaemun Market Tourism Information Office: 02-752-1913 26 4 Sopa-ro Dodong Junction Kookmin KTX Namdaemun Market ⓒKorea Tourism Organization SK Namsan Bldg. all it y W lC ou Se 롯데아울렛 롯데마트 서울역점 서울역점 Seven Luck Casino Baekbeom Square Millennium Seoul Hilton b c Alpha 알파문구 Map p27 0 75m 150m d C1 A specialty stationery store, housing an astonishing variety of stationery, paper, art supplies, and related products. Everyone from amateurs to professionals will find all of their supplies here, especially any items related to photography. Open 8:30am to 8pm, Sunday and Holiday 10:30am to 7pm. Closed during Lunar New Year and Chuseok breaks. 02-752-0096 Daedo Shopping Tower 대도종합상가 Map p27 C2 This shopping arcade groups together many vendors specializing in goods for interior and kitchen supplies. It is also known for its coffee-related products. Open 9am to 5pm. Closed Sunday. 27

Shops Endorsed by the Korea Tourism Organization 1ST PREMIUM SHOPPING Namdaemun Market (Accessory) 남대문액세서리전문상가 Map p27 C2 Here can be found intricately hand-crafted brooches for less than 5,000 won, earrings, rings and other accessories. Shoppers may find pretty accessories at surprisingly low prices browsing through the various tightlypacked stores. 아리랑쇼핑 Map p27 C1 1 Crafts & Souvenirs Open 8am to 8pm. C2 This shopping center specializes in offering tableware and interior goods imported from around the world, including premier brands such as Wedgwood. Visitors may spend countless hours just browsing through their immense collection of unique merchandise. Open 7am to 6pm. Closed Sunday. Must-try Delicacies Arirang Shopping Open 7am to 5pm, Weekend & Holiday 7am to 2pm. Namdaemun Dokkebi Imported Goods Mall 남대문도깨비수입상가 Map p27 OTHER TOURISM INFORMATION Myeong-dong Street Food ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Myeong-dong Street Food ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Department Stores Myeong-dong Street Food Ice cream and fruit sticks, potato fries, fish cakes, and other seasonal street food. Shinsegae Department Store (Main) Kwanchenru Street Chinese Dining Including the Taiwanese Din Tai Fung Myeong-dong branch, this street offers authentic Chinese dining clustered around the Chinese Embassy. 신세계백화점 본점 Namdaemun Dokkebi Imported Goods Mall ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Map p21 A4, Map p27 D1 Open 10:30am to 8pm. Closed once a month. Shinsegae Department Store (Main) Outlet Namdaemun Galchi Jorim Fresh and meaty hairtails are simmered in a spicy and sweet broth with radish, a specialty at Namdaemun Market. Namdaemun Kalguksu Filling, hand-kneaded and chewy noodles in a smooth, clear and rich broth. Events & Festivals Lotte Outlets (Seoul Station Branch) Lotte Mart (Seoul Station Branch) ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Lotte Mart (Seoul Station Branch) 롯데마트 서울역점 Map p26 A4 This gigantic shopping complex was designed for foreign tourists: signs across the mart have been posted in English, Japanese, and Chinese; simultaneous interpretation services are offered; there is a special shopping zone gathering the 100 most-popular items purchased by international tourists. International shipping is also possible for Japanese and Chinese tourists. Open 9am to midnight. Closed 2nd and 4th Sunday. 02-390-2500 28 Mesa 메사 Map p27 D1 Also known as “Mesa Jewelry”, this shopping mall specializes in wholesale accessories. There are three floors (first floor and two basement levels) that sell various accessories made from silver, gems and other materials. Shoppers with an interest in hand-made goods should definitely pay Mesa a visit. Global Myeong-dong Festival Held twice a year in spring and fall, the festival features traditional performances and B-Boy dance-offs. 롯데아울렛 서울역점 Map 26 A4 Open 11am to 9pm, Friday to Sunday until 10pm. Closed Monday once a month. Seoul Friendship Fair Held every year in May, the festival celebrates multiculturalism, displaying foods and customs from around the world. Underground Shopping Centers Namdaemunno Underground Shopping Center 남대문로지하쇼핑센터 Map p27 C1 Open 10am to 7pm. Closed 2nd and 4th Sunday. Flea Market Myeong-dong Myeongnang Market 명동 명랑시장 A market where artists not only sell their own creations, but where shoppers can also buy home-grown produce and food. Visitors can also enjoy hands-on sessions making crafts with the artists, listen to indie bands, or watch artists as they work. May to June: Open 2nd and 4th Sunday, 1pm to 6pm July to October: Every Sunday, 1pm to 6pm. Open until 9pm during summer Myeong-dong Korea Exchange Bank (Head Office) Square; 3 minute walk from Euljiro 1(il)ga Station (Line 2) Exit 5 or 6 Open 8am to 4pm. Closed Sunday and during Lunar New Year day and Chuseok breaks. 02-2128-5000 Namdaemunno Underground Shopping Center Myeong-dong Myeongnang Market Myeong-dong Myeongnang Market 29

A A Shopping Area Filled with History and Tradition: The Main Shopping Area 2 2 3 Woori Hana 밀리미터밀리그람 안국점 5 안 7 uk Ang 6 Pungmoon Girls' High School e L in 9 Anguk-dong Junction 3 10 13 56 Topohaus Art Center Palace Quarter 17 Mokin Museum Balwoo Gongyang Insa-dong + Samcheong-dong · Bukchon 60 21 Jogyesa Temple 뉘조 토독공방14 Ssamzie-gil Isae 19 Ahwon Gongbang 14 Yongjung Collection 13 Gana Insa Art Center 6 Insa-dong Knife Gallery 22 16 Crown 용정컬렉션 가나인사아트센터 Information Center 61 15 23 62 Sopri 18 17 Mera Hatt 7 메라하트 24 Doore 19 솝리 두레 63 -gil ng 4 do Insa Nakwon Arcade 한국관광명품점 합 27-2 22 L in e Standard Chartered 24 56 Kookmin 26 Chohyung Gallery 3 아름다운차박물관 Seoul Art Cinema 67 27-2 27-2 Insa-dong Street 인사동거리 Insado 56 68 57 69 Jongno Tower 59 Bandi & Luni’s 58 Jongno 1-ga Junction 60 Jonggak 종각 61 62 5 Line 1 63 65 Samilmun Gate Woori 8 61 Entrance Insa Cultural Plaza71 70 o Tapgol Park 64 Standard Chartered g -r l ng 3-gil Jon 60 68 69 Jongno 2-ga Junction 4 1 Jonggak Underground Shopping Center 64 44 65 NH 9 45 Bosingak Belfry 67 46 보신각 68 69 44 45 종각지하쇼핑센터 66 A 70 47 0 71 B 3 o 25 Beautiful Tea Museum 66 57 Sachoom Theater 4 5 Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery 27-2 Violet Gallery 23 2 Woori 65 낙원상가 National Souvenir Center Haap 28-gil -daero 반짝반짝빛나는 21 District Tax Office Samil 20 Twinkle Twinkle 26 il 0-g Jongno o3 aer il-d Sam -g i 30 2 20 17  ational Museum of Modern and N Contemporary Art, Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace  he National Folk Museum of Korea T Bukchon Hanok Village Unhyeongung Palace Seoul’s Bukchon area consists of over 900 traditional Korean houses, or hanok. There are also galleries, craftsmens’ workshops, traditional Korean culture programs, or hanok guesthouses on offer. Nearby Samcheong-dong is a great shopping area where new and old traditions exist in harmony. Visitors can also find Korean restaurants inside hanok, cute cafeterias, and shops selling unique design goods. Those looking for handmade shoes will also find opportunities to buy them. Kyodong Elementary School 12 yo-r Nearby Attractions 59 11 Sup Seoul Gyeongun Special School Samil-daero Insa-dong Street  ukchon B Samcheong-dong Street daero Samil- 32-gil 아원공방 Ujeongguk-ro Recommended Courses Insa-dong in Jongno-gu, Seoul, is a shopping area full of Korean antiques such as old furniture or old books and handmade crafts. In addition, there are traditional Korean cafeterias and restaurants, and some traditional performances held on weekends. Duksung Women's University 8 한과채 18 Shinhan Jogyesa Junction 7 16 이새 안국점 NH 64 Unhyun Elementary School Hangwachae Gallery Lux 25 This is a tourist shopping area in Seoul where visitors can also experience the history of Korea. Visitors to the area will see numerous traditional Korean sights such as Joseon Dynasty palaces, old-style Korean houses, and traditional markets. 4 운현궁 Entrance 58 10 Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art 쌈지길 1 Unhyeongung Palace 12 15 9 인사동홍보관 조계사 Nwijo Todok Gongbang 3 The Central Temple of Cheondogyo 지리산 6 5 Relic Museum Gallery Miz Jirisan 발우공양 Templestay Information Center 8 Seoul Senior Welfare Center 11 Jogeum Hana Dongduk Art Gallery 57 국 The Korea-Arab Friendship Society 2 1 조금 Getting There Insa-dong Line 1 Jonggak Station, Jongno 3(sam)ga Station Line 3 Anguk Station, Jongno 3(sam)ga Station Line 5 Jongno 3(sam)ga Station 6002, 6005, 6011 Samcheong-dong·Bukchon Line 3 Anguk Station 6002, 6011 Public Information and Cultural Center, Japanese Embassy Mmmg KEB A. Insa-dong 4 Beautiful Store 아름다운가게 안국점 -daero A. Insa-dong 1 C Samil B. Samcheong-dong· Bukchon B 75m 48 C 150m 49 31

Nakwon Arcade A. Insa-dong 낙원상가 Map p31 C3 A shopping complex dedicated to musical instruments, and the largest of its type worldwide which led to it earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Sound-producing items, such as speakers and amplifiers, are also available. Professionals are on hand to provide customized recommendations, and will even repair damaged instruments if asked. Open 10:30am to 7:30pm. Closed Sunday. 02-743-4200 Ahwon Gongbang 아원공방 Map p31 B2 A workshop for Korean handcrafts. These include beautiful accessories, Korean spoons, candlesticks, and etc. Ssamzie-gil ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Ssamzie-gil 쌈지길 Map p31 B2 A 6-story shopping mall consisting of about 80 shops selling handmade crafts and designer goods. Visitors can even make their own traditional Korean crafts on level B1. Open 10:30am to 8:30pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-736-0088 아름다운가게 안국점 Map p31 Mera Hatt 메라하트 Map p31 B1 A recycling store in South Korea. There are several branches across the country, however the Anguk branch is especially known for the quality of its products. There is also a café consisting of recycled facilities such as donated coffee machines, and which offers fair-trade tea and coffee. Open 10:30am to 8pm. Closed Sunday and Holiday. 02-736-0660 Isae (Anguk Branch) 이새 안국점 Map p31 B2 Stop here for traditional Korean fabrics, accessories, and clothes. These include hemp or hansanmosi fabricbased items, such as quilts, dresses, T-shirts and jackets all of very high quality. Open 11am to 8pm, Sunday and Holiday noon to 7pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-733-7326 Magazine Editors Recommend: Ssamzie-gil A shopping mall full of fashion accessories 2 Various cultural events, performances, or exhibitions available 3 Traditional Korean products available for purchase 4 Authentic French food and some desserts in a hanok 1 B2 A lifestyle store based on the themes of naturalism, the handmade, and fair trade. It sells clothes, fabrics, natural bar soaps, and etc. Open 11am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 7pm. 02-722-5592 Mmmg (Anguk Branch) 밀리미터밀리그람 안국점 Map p31 B1 A stationery supplies store, popular for the modern designs of its wares. Items for purchase include pens, notes, bags, places, sofas, and etc. Open 11am to 10pm, Sunday until 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-3210-1604 National Souvenir Center 한국관광명품점 Map p31 B3 A shop selling goods made exclusively by Korean craftsmen (deemed intangible cultural heritages in Korea). Visitors to the store will find various items such as traditional Korean souvenirs, foods, and etc. Duty-free purchases are also available. Open 10am to 10:30pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-756-3361 Sopri 솝리 Map p31 Ssamzie-gil Experience Workshop This arts & crafts workshop is located inside the Ssamzie-gil shopping complex in Insa-dong. There is a total of five workshops for making Korean pottery, mother-of-pearl crafts, Korean paper (hanji), woodcraft, fragrant candles, soap, and more. The workshop is especially popular for its low-participation costs and various programs with short running times. Open 10:30am to 8:30pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. Time Required: 30 minute-3 hours Fee: 7,000-30,000 won. Varies between each program. 02-2118-7093 32 Open 10:30am to 7:30pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-734-3482 Beautiful Store (Anguk Branch) B2 A store selling traditional Korean wrapping cloths and sewing items. Every item is handmade, so prices are correspondingly high. The quality however is worth it. Insa-dong Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Open 10am to 8pm. 02-725-2996 33

5 3 4 B. Samcheong-dong·Bukchon B4 Eyewear Open 11:30am to 10pm, Sunday from noon. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 1 10 Arirang Master Crafts Shop eo 3 wa da Yido 이도 e- ro 11 Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum 12 Sneaksoul 17 A2 A place to buy handmade stamps. Visitors can purchase stamps bearing their name or other engraved characters, all of which are very nicely-wrapped. Open noon to 10pm, Thursday until 8pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 010-8844-3812 21 Yongjung Collection 용정컬렉션 Map p31 15 16 Rice cakes Open 9am to 10pm. 2 Etude House (Insa-dong Branch) 에뛰드하우스 인사점 18 Kumkang (Jongno Branch) 금강제화 종로지점 Map p31 Shoes Open 11am to 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 5 Sells antique watches. A range of luxury brands are available, including Cartier, Patek Philippe, and Longines. Open 10am to 7pm. Closed Sunday and Closed during Lunar New Year day and Chuseok breaks. 02-735-2700 25 Shops with Top Tourism Souvenirs National Souvenir Center 한국관광명품점 Map p31 B3 Open 10am to 10:30pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. Underground Shopping Centers B4 Apple Reseller Open 11am to 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 8 Jonggak Underground Shopping Center 종각지하쇼핑센터 Chung Won San Bang Myeongin Museum Jaedong Elementary School Bukchon-ro 5-gil Art Sonje Center 23 24 3 Bukchon Traditional Culture Center Dal 달 북촌문화센터 Gallery Dam Lacquer Workshop Shinhan Intangible Cultural Properties of Seoul Bukchon Center National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea 서울무형문화재 북촌교육전시장 국립현대미술관 서울관 27-2 27-2 Polish Embassy Kumho Museum of Art Stori Duksung Girls' Middle School Duksung Girls' High School Constitutional Court of Korea 스토리 Beautiful Store Gallery Hyundai 아름다운가게 안국점 Dugahun 두가헌 종로점 Map p31 A4 9 Bookstore Open 9:30am to 10:30pm. Mmmg 밀리미터밀리그람 안국점 Pungmoon Girls' High School A L in Woori Gwanghwamun Gate 34 Ssiat 씨앗 Youngpoong Bookstore (Jongno Branch) 영풍문고 Map p31 B4 Open 10am to 10pm. Closed 1st and 3rd Sunday. 이새 가회점 아원공방 삼청동점 통인가게 Map p31 Willy's 종로점 Map p31 Isae Ahwon Gongbang The Store from Tong-In Willy’s (Jongno Branch) 근대화상회 Jinjooshell 진주쉘 북촌점 Gyeongbokgung Palace Bronze ware Open 10am to 7:30pm, Sunday and Holiday 11am to 7pm. B2 7 Crafts & Souvenirs Open 10:30am to 6:30pm. 26 Closed Tuesday and Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. Bukchon Art Center (Bongsanjae) Modern Marketplace Jeongdok Public Library Hakgojae Gallery 6 B2 2 Bukchon Chogo Workshop 'Godraetdol' World Jewelry Museum o 20 Gahoe Museum 삼청동4차원 Kukje Gallery 19 Woori Bitkkal Workshop Donglim Knot Museum 더레스토랑 C4 Napcheong Bronzeware 22 Shop 납청놋전 Map p31 B2 차마시는뜰 Samcheong-dong Sachawon The Restaurant Map p31 B3 4 Cosmetics Open 9:30am to 9:30pm. Cha ma si neun Ddeul Gallery Biim Gallery Jinsun Bukchon Jeotdae (flute) Workshop 스닉솔 don gC ultu re S tree t Sam che ong - 국립민속박물관 eong-r Todok Gongbang 토독공방 Map p31 The National Folk Museum of Korea Samch Insa-dong Street ⓒKorea Tourism Organization C3 1 Museum of Humanities Gallery Doll ng B3 Crafts & Souvenirs Open 10am to 9pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 14 빚은 인사동점 Map p31 Choongang High School 삼청동거리 Ch 2 Bizeun (Insa-dong Branch) Asian Art Museum 1 아리랑 명품관 Map p31 13 북촌한옥마을 오설록티하우스 삼청점 Samcheong-dong Street ALO 안경 종로2가점 Map p31 Bukchon Hanok Village Bukchon Museum Old Fragrance O’sulloc Tea House Cheong Wa 8 Dae (Office of the President) 7 C 레페토 삼청동점 Community Credit Cooperative ALO Eyewear Space (Jongno-2ga Branch) 9 B Repetto Bukchon-ro 1 A Shops2 Endorsed by the Korea Tourism Organization 1ST PREMIUM SHOPPING 6 B 4 e3 Hana 안 uk Ang 국 0 75m C 150m 35

Modern Marketplace B. Samcheong-dong • Bukchon 근대화상회 Map p35 C2 A store for household supplies. Korean handicrafts and traditional Korean household supplies are examples of its wares. Open 11am to 8pm. Closed Tuesday. 02-798-2231 Repetto (Samcheong-dong Branch) 레페토 삼청동점 Map p35 B1 A store selling various kinds of ballet wear such as silk ballet shoes or pink tutus. It also sells flat shoes in a range of colors or fabrics. Open 11am to 8pm, Weekend and Holiday until 9pm. 02-720-2065 Samcheong-dong Sachawon 삼청동4차원 Map p35 Samcheong-dong Street Ahwon Gongbang (Samcheong-dong Branch) 아원공방 삼청동점 Map p35 B3 A workshop for Korean handcrafts. These include beautiful accessories, Korean spoons, candlesticks, and etc. Open 10am to 7pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-735-3482 Isae (Gahoe Branch) 이새 가회점 Map p35 C3 Sneaksoul 스닉솔 Map p35 C2 Sells all manner of Korean pearl craft, including jewelry boxes, business card boxes, mirrors, photo frames, and etc. Open 11am to 6:30pm. Closed Sunday and Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-2253-7585 B2 A shoe store selling a wide range of choices in various brands, from Sperry Top-Sider, the world’s first boat shoe brand, to Birkenstock. Open 10am to 8pm. Closed on Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok. 02-745-2260 36 Samcheong-dong Sachawon Open 11am to 9pm, Lunar New Year day and the day of Chuseok from 1pm. 02-737-3816 Stop here for traditional Korean fabrics, accessories, and clothes. These include hemp or hansanmosi fabric-based items, such as quilts, dresses, T-shirts and jackets all of very high quality. Jinjooshell (Bukchon Branch) 진주쉘 북촌점 Map p35 A2 A bag store offering good quality leather bags in standard designs. The store’s reformed hanok interior design has appeared in domestic and international media. Samcheong-dong Street Open 11am to 9:50pm. 02-734-0755 Sneaksoul 37

OTHER TOURISM INFORMATION Must-try Delicacies Nakwon-dong Tteok Various kinds of tteok (rice cake) including sweetened tteok, chewy tteok, or decorated tteok, etc. Insa-dong Traditional Korean Snack Numerous traditional Korean teas made from flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Nakwon-dong Agwi-jjim Agwi-jjim (spicy monkfish soup with bean sprouts) originates from Masan. Jongno 3-ga Gul Bossam A gul bossam (napa wraps with fresh oysters) restaurant. Radish kimchi is free and bottomless. Nakwon-dong Agwi-jjim Yido Ssiat 씨앗 Map p35 Yido 이도 Map p35 C3 Specialists in traditional Korean handicrafts, with everything from all kinds of small handicrafts to traditional Korean furniture. Everything is prominently displayed, making the shop worth a visit even just out of curiosity. Open 11am to 8pm. Stori 스토리 Map p35 02-3676-1008 A4 Looking for bags made by Korean designers? STORI is the place for you. Bags here come decorated with hangeul, hanbok, Korean paper, traditional Korean paintings, and etc. Unique Korean souvenirs guaranteed. Open 11am to 7:30pm. 02-735-7101 C1 The main store of the Yido Korean pottery brand, Yido also runs a gallery and shop in the same area. You can buy Korean pottery made by the owner or other popular designers. Open 10am to 7pm. Closed 3rd Sunday. 02-762-0756 Shops Endorsed by the Korea Tourism Organization 1ST PREMIUM SHOPPING Dar:l 달 Map p35 A1 1 Clothing Open 11am to 10pm. TNGT (Samcheong-dong Branch) TNGT 삼청점 Map p35 A2 2 Clothing Open 10:30am to 10pm. Jongno 3-ga Gul Bossam Intangible Cultural Properties of Seoul To develop and market Seoul’s beautiful traditional culture and technology, the city is promoting many of its intangible cultural heritages and the invaluable local experts that maintain the authenticity of these traditions. Visitors can observe and purchase products created by master artisans and craftsmen at educational exhibitions operated by the city government, and also learn how to make these products through programs run by the experts themselves. Changing of the Royal Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace Mondays and Wednesdays 11am, 2pm, 4pm. Ceremony may be canceled in the event of bad weather. Craft-making and Handson Experience Programs Traditional knot-making, distilling traditional rice wine, making hwamunseok coasters, and making traditional fans. Royal Wedding Ceremony of King Gojong and Queen Myeongseonghwanghu An annual royal wedding ceremony conducted every April and October. Program Fee: Cost of materials (10,000 to 20,000 won) How to Participate: Make a phone reservation at least a week in advance Tolling the Bosingak Bell Event Tuesdays through Sundays from 11:30am to 12:20pm. Bukchon Center Map p35 C3 Lotus Lantern Festival An annual festival celebrating Buddha’s birthday every April 8th in the lunar calendar. Donhwamun Center Events & Festivals Insa-dong Traditional Cultural Festival An annual cultural festival held from September to October in Insa-dong. Royal Ancestral Ritual in the Jongmyo Shrine An annual royal ancestral rite held the first week of Sunday in May at Jongmyo Shrine, a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage site. Open 10am to 5pm. Closed Monday. 02-747-0303 Open 10am to 5pm. Closed Monday. 10 minute walk from Jongno 3(sam)ga Station (Lines 1, 3, 5) Exit 7; 10 minute walk from Anguk Station (Line 3) Exit 4 02-741-1303 Shops with Top Tourism Souvenirs Bukchon Traditional Culture Center 북촌문화센터 Map p35 C3 Open 9:30am to 6pm, Weekend & Holiday 9:30am to 5pm. The National Folk Museum of Korea Ssiat 38 국립민속박물관 Map p35 A2 Open 9am to 6pm, November to February 9am to 5pm. Closed Tuesday and January 1. Changing of the Royal Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Donhwamun Center 39

l -gi -ro 43 -gi l L in e -ro ng Nearby Attractions -ro dan ung gch 3-gil 46-ro Jon g 팀 204 Designer Club 유어스 디자이너크럽 5-gil U:US Hanyang Middle School Eulji- Toeg ye ro 3 Nuzzon 누죤 Design Gallery ark -ro 6 Team 204 Dongdaemun History Museum 동대문디자인플라자 4 Majang-ro Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Hanyang Technical High School Seongdong Global Business High School Line 2 Toegye-ro 4 o Toegye-r Gwanghuimun Gate Cheonggu-ro 5 Pyeongyang Myeonok 청평화패션몰 (청평화시장) Belpost Dongdaemun Stadium Memorial Dongdaemun Design Plaza Jan 문화& Cu 공 lture 원 P 롯데피트인 광희패션몰 (광희시장) Eul ji-ro 4 43-gil Eulji-ro Lotte Fitin 테크노 Hyeyang Elisium Chung Pyeong Hwa 혜양 엘리시움 Fashion Mall 벨포스트 Don gdae m 동대un Hist 문역 ory & 사문 Cult 화공 ure P 원 ark ne The area is set for a major enhancement in 2014 with the arrival of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, designed by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid. It will encompass a design exhibition hall, museum, and a convention hall. 굿모닝시티 Megabox Li  ongdaemun Design Plaza D Heunginjimun Gate  eoul City Wall S Goodmorning City Techno 73-gil  ongdaemun Shopping Complex D Pyounghwa Market Dongdaemun Fashion Town Hello APM 동대문스포츠 지하쇼핑센터 스튜디오 W Event Hall 헬로에이피엠 2 1 Theot 디오트 Toegye-ro Recommended Courses The markets mainly sell clothes for a wide range of ages, although there are also some places that sell accessories, shoes, toys, stationery supplies, or kitchen supplies. Seoul Folk Flea Market in Hwanghak-dong in particular is home to household supplies, local products, and traditional Korean crafts, as well as traditional Korean cultural events. 밀리오레 동대문점 Wall Line 1 Dongdaemun Station Line 2  ongdaemun History & D Culture Park Station Line 4 Dongdaemun Station, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Line 5  ongdaemun History & D Culture Park Station 6001, 6002 Shinhan Migliore Do ng dae m 동대 un H 문역 isto 사 ry Getting There Studio W Gwanghui Fashion Mall 두타 동평화시장 아트프라자 제일평화시장 맥스타일 ty ul Ci Seo Art Plaza 남평화시장 Jeil Pyeong Hwa Market Maxtyle The Dongdaemun area consists of over 40 markets such as Dongdaemun Market, Pyounghwa Market, and Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town, so it is well-known for being the hub of Korea’s fashion and design industries. Korean and international shoppers flock to this area, as various kinds of fashion items are available for purchase. Many stores are wholesale vendors, so try to negotiate over the price! Dong Pyeong Hwa Market Nam Pyeong Hwa Market 청계6가지하쇼핑센터 Dongdaemun Sports Underground Shopping Center 2 신평화시장 Cheonggye 6-ga Underground Shopping Center Doota Jong-ro 54-gil 대문 Cheonggyecheon-ro Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town Cheonggyecheon (Stream) Cheonggye 6-ga Junction il 동대문 문구완구 종합시장 동대문지하쇼핑센터 Ogansugyo (Bridge) Dongdaemun Market il 3 Dongdaemun Underground Shopping Center 동대문종합시장 평화시장 2-g Dongdaemun Stationery & Toy Market Standard Chartered Pyounghwa Market o5 1 NH Kookmin gil Jo 흥인지문 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex -ro 13-g g-r Jong 1 Jong-ro 50-gil 동 un em gda Don KEB ungdan Jon 문 n 동대 aemu Dongd Heunginjimun Gate Jangch Dongmyo Station (Lines 1, 6) 51 ro Dongdaemun Fortress Park o g-r Jon gok Yul Naksa nseonggwak 1-gil Seoul City Wall e4 Dongdaemun Market C Dongdaemun Market Jong-ro Jong-ro 40-gil Dongdaemun & Around Jong-ro 41-gil 3 The Center of Korea’s Fashion Industry: B L in The Main Shopping Area A 0 100m 200m 평양면옥 40 A B C 41

Designer Club 디자이너크럽 Map p41 Dongdaemun Stationery & Toy Market C3 A wholesale vendor shopping mall in the Dongdaemun area and a good place for purchasing uniquely-designed fashion items. Open 8pm to 7am. Closed Saturday. 02-2237-2503 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex 동대문종합시장 Map p41 A2 A wholesale market best known for its accessories made with various fabrics and materials. Many stores in the mall make their own fabrics, and they sell original stones, beads, and more. If you are looking for handmade items to purchase, this mall is highly recommended. Open 9am to 7pm, Saturday until 5pm. Closed Sunday. 02-2262-0160 Heunginjimun Gate ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Art Plaza 아트프라자 Map p41 동대문 문구완구 종합시장 Map p41 C1 A wholesale market for various stationery items and toys at cheap prices. Visitors to this market will find a wide range of toys like blocks, dolls, soccer balls, and also stationery goods like school supplies or party supplies. Open 8am to 7pm in general. Each store has its own operating hours Dong Pyeong Hwa Market 동평화시장 Map p41 C2 A wholesale market specializing in underwear and socks made of various kinds of materials. There are also some stores that sell children’s wear at cheap prices, making them popular with young mothers. Open 9am to 6pm. Closed Sunday. 02-2235-5881 C2 A wholesale vendor specializing in clothes for middle-aged women. Many of the stores are veterans in the trade and items are cheap, but of good quality. Open 8:30pm to 8:30am. Closed Saturday. 02-2236-1768 Belpost 벨포스트 Map p41 B3 A shopping mall known for selling very high-quality fashion items, though this does however mean prices may be relatively expensive. Many of the items are also sold in department stores across Korea, but come here for the ‘original’ shopping experience. Open 8pm to 6am. Closed Saturday. 02-2231-4678 Chung Pyeong Hwa Fashion Mall 청평화패션몰 (청평화시장) Map p41 C2 A wholesale market that mainly sells women’s wear and is a good place to buy trendy printed T shirts at cheap prices. Prices here are generally considered the cheapest in the market. Open midnight to noon. Closed Sunday. 02-2252-8036 42 Dongdaemun Market ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Dong Pyeong Hwa Market 43

Doota ⓒKorea Tourism Organization Doota 두타 Map p41 A2 Doota is one of Dongdaemun’s most iconic shopping malls, offering a wide range of clothes i

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