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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: 2010savannah96


The Occurrence By Savannah Ricketts & Hira Munir Lizard Productions Savannah Ricketts & Hira Munir Tel:+44 (0) 7924339630 Fax: 08456910911 Email:

Scene 1 School setting Hira: Oh yeah! That reminds me, d’youwanna stay the night tonight? My parents are going away for the weekend and you know I get a little scared at night on my own. Savannah: yeah yeah sounds like a plan. Scene 2 Hira’s house, 6.00pm Hira and savannah: natural speech in regards to cooking and setting table up, general talk. Lights/electricity Savannah: You got any candles ? Hira lights candle, firelight in face Hira: duhh -cut( 7.00pm, candles on table, eating) front door knocks Hira: I’ll get it Savannah: I didn’t expect you not to -Answers door no one’s thereSavannah: Who is it? Hira: No one -Closes doorSavannah: Its probably those dead people you’re always talking laughs

Hira: That’s not funny, I tell you these things cuzim genuinely scared so don’t mock me. Savannah: Not my fault you’re a Pussy. Hira: fuuuConversation cut by something being thrown in the kitchen Hira: Did you not just hear that? Savannah: Oh my goshHira, you’re so paranoid, (0.2) lets just go upstairs. Scene 3 Bedroom, getting ready for bed -Hira gets in bed – Hira: can you switch the light off? Savannah: I swear Hirarolls eyes -Sleeping, Loud aggressive knocking on the main door wakes the two friends up (3.00am)Hira: What the hell was that? Savannah: It’s the main door, ill go check cuz I know how you go on. -Savannah goes downstairs, hesitant to open the door but opens it anyway to find nobody at door, gets scared cuz suddenly Hira screams, so she runs upstairs the room to find a traumatised HiraHira: omg no, I just seen her, she was there, savannah, im not lying right there , she was there, she was there. Hira: OH MY GOD savannah behind you! - Savannah turns around and see the woman disappear and drops on the floor – Savannah: Alright I believe you now, I felt someone breathing on my neck

- light flickering in spare bedroom, savannah and hira get up to see whats that all about, woman, brushes past into spare bedroom, hirainfront of savannahHira: turns aroundshe’s not in here. - Hira turns around to face Savannah , points directly over her shoulder to tell her that a boy is behind her, Savannah turns, boy disappears and appears behind Hira in the spare room accompanied by the woman, Hira meets savannah in the centre of the room (POV shot looking at boy and woman), the two charge at Savannah and Hira, they fall on their backs, the two appear on the landing holding hands and quietly walk downstairsHeart beat decreases and calm down as the shot fades into next morning Scene 4 Morning in Hira’s bedroom -Savannah wakes up first to find a picture of the woman and boy on the floor, Savannah realises the story tries to wake Hira up but doesn’t wake upSavannah: Hira? (0.5) Hira! The end.

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