The nexus of Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Analytics

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: E-Gov_Center_Moldova


Moldova Government The Nexus of Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Analytics John McLean, CTO & VP SWG Europe © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Business Strategy - these trends are changing entire industries Mobile Social Cloud 47% $3.6B 25% spend by 2014 Productivity improvement growth in cloud processes Socially-enabled processes drive increased productivity Cloud deployments force companies to rethink their processes Mobile requires process reinvention Big Data €100B government savings Big data and analytics drive insight into processes © 2014 IBM Corporation

Agenda Big Data Social Mobile Cloud Smarter Government Watson IOT Cyber © 2014 IBM Corporation

Big Data © 2014 IBM Corporation

The BIG Data Challenge • Manage and benefit from massive and growing amounts of data • Handle uncertainty around format variability and velocity of data • Handle unstructured data • Exploit BIG Data in a timely and cost effective fashion Variety Non-Traditional Data Atomic COLLECT Collec t Volume MANAGE Manag e Velocity Veracity Value INTEGRATE Integr ate ANALYZE Analyz e Holistic Traditional Data In-Motion Data Persistent Data © 2014 IBM Corporation

Governments Face Intensifying Mission & Business Challenges …That Lead Directly to Requirements For Big Data & Analytics Recognize and optimize service to the citizen, soldier and patient at any point of contact Leverage improved insight to to predict future demands and requirements, manage effectiveness Pro-actively recognize and mitigate patterns of fraud, abuse and non-compliance in Real Time Enabling defence, intelligence and law enforcement organisations to achieve Real Time situational awareness Provide transparency to an ever more demanding public Share information across and between agencies © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM’s foundation for leveraging all analytics and harnessing all data New/Enhanced Applications IBM Watson Foundations All Data Information ingestion and operational information zone Real-time analytics zone Exploration, landing and archive zone What is happening? Discovery and exploration Enterprise warehouse data mart and analytic appliances zone What action should I take? Decision management Cognitive Fabric Why did it happen? Reporting, analysis, content analytics What could happen? Predictive analytics and modeling Information governance zone Systems Security Storage On premise, Cloud, As a service IBM Big Data & Analytics Infrastructure © 2014 IBM Corporation

Mastering Information to Optimize Business Results A Flexible Platform for Managing, Integrating, Analyzing and Governing Information Transactional & Collaborative Applications Analyze Business Analytics Applications Integrate Big Data Master Data Manage Cubes Streams Data Data Warehouses Content External Information Sources Streaming Information Govern Quality Lifecycle Security & Privacy © 2014 IBM Corporation

InfoSphere Streams A Platform to Run In-Motion Analytics on BIG Data Real time delivery Volume Variety Velocity Complex Analytics Agility Handles up to Petabytes of data per day Supports traditional as well as non-traditional data (Audio, Video etc.) Delivers insights with microsecond latencies Supports custom analytics written in C++/Java and warehouse analytic models Single instance can support multiple applications ICU Monitoring Algo Trading Cyber Security Millions of events per second Environment Monitoring Powerful Analytics Government / Law enforcement Telco churn predict Smart Grid Microsecond Latency Traditional / Non-traditional data sources © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM is Uniquely Positioned to Handle “BIG Data” Analysis Scale to petabytes and thousands of users for core data analysis with linear processor scalability Deep integration with Analytics and Predictive Run third-party analytic models from the data warehouse to allow highly scalable, efficient analytics processing Integrated analysis and analytic model consistency without having to load everything into the warehouse © 2014 IBM Corporation

Social © 2014 IBM Corporation

Governments face a Challenging Future © 2014 IBM Corporation

Collaboration Centric Goal . . . 13 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Government Overview Positive IMAGE •Promotion / marketing •Recruiting •Citizen engagement Gather INTELLIGENCE •Social Media as OSINT •Individuals, Groups, Events •Supplement traditional sources External 14 Leverage KNOWLEDGE •Access to Experts, Content •Collaborative Ventures •Enables Innovation Efficient WORKING •Breaking down Silos •Collaboration (Across & Within) •“Self help” Culture Internal © 2014 IBM Corporation

Social Business Patterns © 2014 IBM Corporation

Smarter Employment Context Three quarters of organisations say that employees are their number one source of economic value . . . . . BUT 90% of employees do not have skills to be successful. Challenges identifying and attracting the best possible candidates Accessing candidates fit to corporate culture Matching their talents to specific, best-fit job openings Getting new hires started and making them productive contributors as quickly as possible 16 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Managing Mergers (& Collaboration) Context Governments looking to mergers and sharing of services to reduce costs, drive efficiencies High failure rate of mergers. Why? Vision – Culture Communication Merger risks “all about people” Challenges Executive leaders have differing visions for the combined entity Managers and employees do not understand the strategic intent or tactical activities Combined entity exhibits two distinct cultures > attrition of key personnel 17 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Gaining Citizen Insights Context Social businesses better serve their external stakeholders – use listening and analytics technologies to uncover insights, – gleaned from multiple channels and sources. Feed insights into internal social systems and processes, Enabling employees to collaboratively respond to citizens with appropriate solutions. Challenges Inability to understand the evolving needs of citizens, and to meet them with relevant offerings Struggling to begin or accelerate a shift from mass messaging to targeting key citizen groups with priority needs 18 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Summary Commercial & Government Clients are reaping benefit from the use of Social Media technologies NOW Technologies are mature enough; (Commercial) Investment & Innovation Driving Forward Where to start? Select (Internal, External or Combination) – Proof of Concept – Business Case 19 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Mobile © 2014 IBM Corporation

This new computing era has put Mobile, everywhere & first. 5 Trends with significant implications for the enterprise 1 Mobile is primary 2 Insights from mobile data provide new opportunities 3 Mobile is about transacting 4 Mobile must create a continuous brand experience 5 Mobile enables the Internet of Things 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time 75% of mobile shoppers take action after receiving a location based messages 96% year to year increase in mobile cyber Monday sales between 2012 and 2011 90% of users use multiple screens as channels come together to create integrated experiences Global Machine-to-machine connections will increase from 2 billion in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Mobile presents an enormous set of business opportunities to enterprises across all industries. Banking Insurance Healthcare Telecom Retail Government Others Existing enterprise applications and infrastructure platform Workforce optimization Social collaboration Extending business to mobile customers and workforce Product and service innovation User notification Customer care and insights Location services Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs Mobile payments Differentiate the customer experience Third-party mobile services Social mobile commerce Enable new services and business models Business results © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM has world class software & services catering to your specific mobile needs and future vision Instrument Design & Develop Analytics & Security Worklight Integrate Obtain Insight CastIron Tealeaf Test Rational Workbench Manage Endpoint Manager Deploy Worklight Scan & Certify AppScan © 2014 IBM Corporation

Find IBM MobileFirst in the App Store 200+ IBM Software apps available in App Stores 1M downloads … • IBM mobile solutions for social business • IBM mobile solutions for business process management • IBM mobile solutions for enterprise content management • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence • IBM Smarter Commerce © 2014 IBM Corporation

Mobile has emerged as a primary catalyst of transformation and is fundamentally changing industries Healthcare From: Traditional health institution To: Seamless interactions among physicians and providers, improving quality of care/patient safety and improving patient experience Banking 7.3 Billion Mobile Devices 7.0 Billion > People From: Branch and retail websites To: Banks of all sizes, both retail and commercial, rapidly deploy of mobile banking solutions aimed at consumer convenience, cost reduction and new customer acquisition Government Mobile is primary: 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time From: Sitting in traffic jams To: Real-time re-direction to optimal routes using mobile information Source: Forrester, World Bank, Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2012-2017, Morgan Stanley Research; 2011 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Case Studies Continued Daegu Health College: Leader in educating industrial workers who specialize in health and medical care in South Korea’s third-largest city. Smart phone penetration is close to 100% of their students Support college services on all platforms Goal: Develop new applications and update applications with 6 month development cycles Solution: IBM Worklight o Achieved goals. With Worklight they could “develop solutions effectively and at very low cost.” o Worklight adapters and connection methods make it easy to connect to back-end systems and databases Lotte Credit Card: One of Korea’s leading credit card companies. Develop an advanced application with a rich user experience, locationbased features, and mobile partner coupons. Smart phone penetration is essentially 100% in their customer base. Developed by Finance All Solutions a leading Korean IT solutions provider Goal: Find a platform on which they can create a technically-sophisticated application in an efficient manner Solution: IBM Worklight o Developed one of the most advanced financial mobile apps quickly and cost effectively o Worklight supported integration of both standard elements and native functionality such as augmented reality © 2014 IBM Corporation

Cloud © 2014 IBM Corporation

A global hosting leader Customers 21,000 in 140 countries Devices 100,000 Employees 685 Data centers 13 Network PoPs 17 Top 100,000 Sites By Hosting Provider Source: © 2014 IBM Corporation

A working definition Cloud (n) On-demand compute with consumptive billing – On-demand Rapidly provisioned services – Compute Servers, network, storage, firewalls, ancillary services – Consumptive billing Turns traditional fixed IT costs into variable – monthly or hourly • Initial model – virtualized multi-tenancy computing – does not meet requirements for 100% of applications and use cases • For broadest applicability, user-selectable levels of performance and isolation are required © 2014 IBM Corporation

A better platform Unified architecture with common management and programming interfaces • Common command and control interface across a unified architecture • Combine bare-metal servers, public cloud instances and private cloud deployments into distributed hybrid architectures and manage from a single control pane and API • All deployed on-demand and provisioned in real-time • Ideally suited to big data deployments, high I/O and latency-sensitive apps © 2014 IBM Corporation

Triple-network architecture • High-performance public network with transit from multiple tier-1 carriers • Secure OOB management via VPN • Private network for intra-application and inter-facility communications, access to shared services • Native IPv6 support • Virtual racks for integrated management • Complete suite of network services © 2014 IBM Corporation

Standardized, modular infrastructure One platform, myriad solutions to serve a broad range of customer requirements for performance, isolation • Highly flexible architecture • One platform for public cloud servers, private clouds, bare metal servers • Complete integration • Support for broad range of operating systems, virtualization platforms Public Clouds Technology-neutral platform • Private Clouds Unified systems management & API • Hybrid Clouds • Build hybrid, distributed, high-performance architectures and manage from a single pane of glass • Pay by the hour or the month for a truly variable IT operations model x86 Server Bare Metal ? Virtual Servers © 2014 IBM Corporation

Robust, full-featured API Improves customer control, reduces error, increases flexibility SoftLayer API provides 1,600 function calls to over 200 services Supports REST, SOAP & XML-RPC interfaces Enables full auto-scaling implementations Comprehensive documentation, libraries and support Functions include: • • • • • • • • • • • Automatic server deployment Service provisioning Reboots & reloads Ticketing Hardware configuration Software load DNS Network Storage Security scans Monitoring © 2014 IBM Corporation

Complete control • Mobile and Web-based management portals • Purchase, provision, deploy & manage infrastructure • Access to services, tools, automation & tutorials • Secure access via VPN to management network • Two-factor authentication to Web portal © 2014 IBM Corporation

Service portfolio © 2014 IBM Corporation

Compute & Storage Public Cloud Instances • Multiple local storage options – Virtual server instances – Dedicated physical nodes available Bare Metal Servers – Dedicated servers deployed on demand – Hourly & monthly pricing – Complete range of options – GPU servers for HPC Private Clouds • • • • • • • SAS SATA SSD SAN NAS QuantaStor Storage Server Object Storage • • Global platform Meta tagging • Backup services – Support for multiple virtualization platforms – Turnkey solution for Citrix CloudPlatform © 2014 IBM Corporation

Network & Security CDN – 24 nodes – Secure content management Load balancing – Local – Global – Citrix Netscaler Firewalls – Shared – Dedicated – Fortigate Security Appliance Application acceleration DNS services IDS protection and assessment SSL certificate management Antivirus & malware protection © 2014 IBM Corporation

Platform Management Systems Administration – Monitoring packages – Managed hosting – Managed database services Software – Complete library of OS, database, virtualization and administration software deployable on-demand and by subscription Flex Images – Imaging & deployment system provides migration, compatibility across bare-metal and virtual servers Message Queue – Message & notification service for intra-application and intersystem communications © 2014 IBM Corporation

Big Data Solutions Push-button provisioning of complex, multi-server deployments via online Solution Designer Support for distributed environments Solutions leverage performance of local storage and bare-metal compute; outperform commodity public clouds MongoDB Engineered in partnership with 10gen Riak Engineered in partnership with Basho © 2014 IBM Corporation

21,000 leading-edge customers* Mobile & Communications Software as a Service Bump Voxer Instapaper Yelp Games and Entertainment Social Marketing and Digital Media Platform as a Service Enterprise Hosting & Service Providers * SoftLayer references, © 2014 IBM Corporation

Smarter Gov © 2014 IBM Corporation

Smarter Cities Montpellier: improving city services through innovation and collaboration Collaborative technology to share information among city departments and agencies and deliver new urban services to citizens. Mobile technology to enable citizens to interact with local merchants and public services; and to encourage citizens to use public transit or alternative transportation through the use of mobile-based real-time transportation information. An intelligent dashboard • Montpellier’s EcoCité district is an urban living laboratory for the design of new services for residents and to support the economic development goals of local leaders. • IBM’s IOC enables information sharing to improve water management, transportation, emergency management and mobile commerce between local agencies, business and residents. that provides visibility into information from across the district, allowing massive amounts of data to be accessed and shared in new ways. Solution Components IBM® Intelligent Operations Centre Citizen Collaboration © 2014 IBM Corporation

Citizen Collaboration 1. Enabling socially The general public can report they encounter via mobile devices. responsible citizens IOC for Citizen Collaboration allows the general public to easily report issues they encounter using mobile and web apps. The new channel provides the local authority with new information on service requirements; and allows them to incorporate citizen observations into existing processes. Citizen uploads Paving Stone Garbage Graffiti 2. A traceable report can be sent to the IOC for validation; then to the relevant service. 3. The IOC manages a coordinated 4. The issue is resolved and response communicated back to citizens © 2014 IBM Corporation

The Digital Delta Integrates data from a wide range of sources to optimize water management and improve flood control. The challenge The Dutch Ministry for Water needed to activate vast and disparate data sets to improve water management operations while protecting citizens from the risk of flooding, drought and contamination. The solution By integrating data from sensors, monitors, predictive models and historical sources with analytics and visualization tools, operators can anticipate problems in real time. This will help experts improve response and enhance the efficiency of the system as a whole. Expected outcomes 15% reduction in water management costs. Improved flood control. Better informed and more timely maintenance decisions. Implementation programme agreed with IBM following a 4 month feasibility study. The study includied interviews with 90 stakeholders from 60 organisations including food / agriculture, water / utilities, maritime logistics and investment. Identified 23 use cases including postponement of sewer expansion by predictively managing floods and overflows; saving money on public sector data collection through sharing with private sector; and weather and flood predictions by crossregional data sharing. © 2014 IBM Corporation

A UK City using i2 to assist vulnerable families A multi-agency view of vulnerable families UK city with 240,000 residents created a multi-agency intervention team for at-risk families. Challenges include crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, poor parenting skills, housing problems and benefit dependency. Worked with 140 of the 600 families (3%) identified at significant risk of breakdown and which consume 80% of resources. i2 creates a single, shared, interconnected view of each family from sources such as medical, police and school records, and visually depicts family relationships and important past, present and potential issues. Family services workers can view genograms, case chronologies and previous interventions in a visual summary format, helping them identify risks and determine the most appropriate and effective interventions. Workers can monitor progress against the goals set out in care plans, and re-intervene if required. Outcomes Delivered an ability to gain a cohesive view of each at-risk family for the first time. Enabled identification of causes rather than symptoms of the problems presented by at-risk families, allowing the city to take accurate measures and reduce public services costs. Improved the allocation of city resources by accurately assessing the needs of each family. “By providing a cohesive picture, the software solution helps us make better, informed decisions in providing support to at-risk families. This not only helps these families break cycles of problematic behavior but also helps us be more efficient and effective in distributing our resources.” —Data and intelligence manager © 2014 IBM Corporation

Understanding the context of social and family networks Connections between people and families: Family members affected by issues such as mental health or criminal behaviour Extended family members Individuals appearing in multiple households People connected through incidents of crime Connections between families and places: Links between personal issues and cheap private rented housing, crime hotspots, etc. Optimisation of commissioning case work based on location. Exploration of “what if” scenarios by projecting the impact of changing variables. Provide evidence to influence decisions on service provision and neighbourhood regeneration. Connections between people and events over time © 2014 IBM Corporation

Watson © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Watson represents a bold step into a new era of computing System Intelligence Cognitive Programmatic Tabulation Punch cards Time card readers 1900 Search Deterministic Enterprise data Machine language Simple outputs 1950 Discovery Probabilistic Big Data Natural language Intelligent options 1 2011 . . .enabling new opportunities and outcomes 1 © 2014 IBM Corporation

Watson solutions are now being delivered by an eco-system of content and delivery partners. Watson eco-system partnership Delivery App development Training End user Specialists Content Talent Specialist Content Training Market Specialists Specialist NLP General Knowledge Content Engagement Advisor Core Watson technology. Cloud delivered. SaaS. Healthcare •Cancer •Research •Trial Matching •Genetics •Teaching/Training •Case Overview IBM delivered. Partner content & training © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Watson Engagement Advisor What it does: Transforms client engagement by knowing, engaging and empowering clients where they are Develops client relationships by reaching out to clients who do not leverage traditional channels Empowers consumers and contact center agents to take informed action with confidence How it does it: Answers questions and guides users through processes with plain-English dialogue Leverages natural language to interact with users and build knowledge and expertise Utilizes evidence evaluation and learning to provide informed and effective responses to users 50 © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Watson can help address the challenges of healthcare Understands natural language, 1 including medical guidelines, publications and clinical notes 2 Generates and evaluates evidence-based hypotheses to improve patient care Adapts and 3 interactions learns from and outcomes © 2014 IBM Corporation

Initial Watson for Healthcare Solutions IBM Watson Case Advisor – Beta Provides deep patient case insights and key details IBM Watson Expert Advisor WellPoint Interactive Care Insights (for Oncology) IBM Watson Care Advisor – TBD Scientists Clinicians Patients Assist with identification, investigation and validation of new therapies Assist in identifying individualized treatment options for patients Assist in post procedure and on-going care Accelerate Research and Insights Improve Diagnosis and Treatments Enhance Coordination of Care and Outcomes WellPoint Interactive Care Guide and Care Reviewer Streamlines authorization of procedures and ensures adherence to care guidelines © 2014 IBM Corporation

Training Watson for Healthcare Health and Wellness Clinical Treatment Options Guidelines and Policies Medical Terminology Watson first needed to learn basic medical terminology Watson is taught how to adjudicate medical requests subject to policies and guidelines Watson begins to learn how to understand a patient case and identify candidate treatment options and relevant supporting evidence Watson will broaden its base of medical knowledge and deepen its understanding of data relevant to patient health © 2014 IBM Corporation

© 2014 IBM Corporation

Watson enables three classes of cognitive services Ask • Absorb and leverage incredibly vast amounts of data • Ask nuanced questions for greater insights • Understand questions in our natural language Discover • Find deep rationale for given answers • Request additional information to improve responses • Move from basic search to Discovery Decide • Ingest and analyze domain sources • Generate evidence-based decisions with confidence • Learn with each new action and outcome © 2014 IBM Corporation

Cyber © 2014 IBM Corporation

Security risk is increasing as organizations are embracing new technologies, adopting new business models and becoming more interconnected Embracing New Technologies, Adopting New Business Models Exploding and Interconnected Digital Universe 30 billion RFID tags (products, passports, buildings, animals) Large existing IT infrastructures with a globalized workforce, 3rd party services, and a growing customer base 1 billion workers will be remote or mobile Bring Your Own IT Social Business Mobility Cloud / Virtualization 1 trillion connected objects (cars, appliances, cameras) 1B Mobile Internet users 30% growth of 3G devices 33% of all new business software spending will be Software as a Service © 2014 IBM Corporation

Motivations and sophistication are rapidly evolving Nation-state actors, APTs Stuxnet, Aurora, APT-1 MOTIVATION National Security, Economic Espionage Notoriety, Activism, Defamation Monetary Gain Nuisance, Curiosity Hacktivists Lulzsec, Anonymous Organized crime Zeus, ZeroAccess, Blackhole Exploit Pack Insiders, Spammers, Script-kiddies Nigerian 419 Scams, Code Red SOPHISTICATION © 2014 IBM Corporation

Attackers follow a 5-Stage attack chain 1 Break-in Spear phishing and remote exploits to gain access Latch-on Malware and backdoors installed to establish a foothold Expand Reconnaissance and lateral movement to increase access and maintain a presence Gather Acquisition and aggregation of confidential data 2 Command & Control (CnC) 3 4 5 Command & Control (CnC) Exfiltrate Data exfiltration to external networks © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM’s approach to defending against sophisticated, targeted attacks 1 2 3 4 5 Break-in Network and Endpoint Security Use adaptive threat protection and endpoint management to reduce risks and fend off attacks Latch-on Network Security Use SIEM and adaptive threat protection to help identify and stop attackers from gaining a foothold Expand Secure Users Leverage strong identity management to enforce access policies and monitor for suspicious behavior Gather Data Security Embed security deep into data repositories with data activity monitoring; apply fine-grained access controls Exfiltrate Network Security Proactively monitor network traffic for common exfiltration tactics; block in real-time Security Analytics Leverage Security Intelligence to correlate and analyze activity across the entire enterprise… Extend with Big Data capabilities for analyzing unstructured data… Utilize Emergency Response Services for breach or for assessment of risk © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM’s unique approach to security Leader in security software and services – recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC Solutions deployed at the largest banks, retailers, and government agencies worldwide Monitor Big data analytics applied to security Control Robust controls built into IT fabric, relying on leading IBM technologies across 12+ critical security domains Apply Insight World class research that finds threats before they impact you © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Security: Market-changing milestones Advanced Fraud Protection 2013 Security Intelligence 2011 Security Analytics 2010 Application Security 2009 Database Monitoring Compliance Management Network Intrusion Prevention 2006 SOA Management Internet and Security Security 2005 Identity Systems, Inc. DataPower Management is acquired for 2002 is acquired security Access Access360 for SOA research and Management 1999 management is acquired Mainframe and Server Security 1976 Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) is created, eliminating the need for each application to imbed security Dascom is acquired for access management capabilities and security for identity management capabilities capabilities MetaMerge is acquired for directory integration capabilities network protection capabilities Ounce Labs is acquired for application security capabilities 2008 2007 Encentuate is acquired for enterprise single-sign-on capabilities Watchfire is acquired for security and compliance capabilities Consul is acquired for risk management capabilities Princeton Softech is acquired for data management capabilities Guardium is acquired for enterprise database monitoring and protection capabilities 2012 Big Fix is acquired for endpoint security management capabilities NISC is acquired for information and analytics management capabilities Q1 Labs is acquired for security intelligence capabilities Trusteer is acquired for mobile and application security, counter-fraud and malware detection IBM Security Systems division is created IBM Security Investment IBM Security Investment • • • • 6,000+ IBM Security experts worldwide 6,000+ IBM Security experts worldwide 3,000+ IBM security patents 3,000+ IBM security patents • 4,000+ IBM managed security • 4,000+ IBM managed security services clients worldwide services clients worldwide • 25 IBM Security labs worldwide • 25 IBM Security labs worldwide © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM global security reach 9 Security Operations Centers 9 Security Research Centers 11 Security Solution Development Centers 133 Monitored Countries 900+ Professional Services Security Consultants 600+ field security specialists 4,500 Security Delivery Experts 400+ security operations analysts • 20,000+ Devices under Contract • 3,700+ MSS Clients Worldwide • 21 Billion+ Events Per Day IBM has the unmatched global and local expertise to deliver complete solutions – and manage the cost and complexity of security © 2014 IBM Corporation

IOT © 2014 IBM Corporation

The world is changing… 1.8Bn New Smartphones in 2013 50Bn Connected Devices by 2020 Tablets to outnumber PC sales in 4Q 2013 Christmas 2013, UK dept store drives 32% sales online © 2014 IBM Corporation

The Internet of Things instruments the world around us Smart Scales: Tracks weight in combination with fitness program Connected car: Tracks location, status of car parts Alarm clock: Has remote programs, turn on coffee maker Smart TV: On demand content Order products from advert Smart Deliveries: Track parcel Monitor and open garage door remotely on arrival Coffee maker: Custom settings for each person Building Security: Facial recognition, remote notification Smart Fridge: Uses RFID to reorder food, suggest recipes and track sell by dates Mobile: Mobile payments Heating and Air Conditioning: Maximum efficiency using weather predictions and remote control © 2014 IBM Corporation

Industry: E&U Use Case: Smarter Home 1. Real time monitor 3. IBM Internet of Things enables these features by providing a fast bidirectional communications to mobile devices to allow homeowners to respond immediately energy generation/use in home 2. Alert home when threshold reached Business Challenge: Respond to government legislation for increase renewable energy use and conserve energy. Data Sources Smart Meters Home Energy Management systems Homeowner IBM Optimized Internet Messaging for Mobile and IoT Data Integration Decision Management Business Process Management © 2014 IBM Corporation

Use Case: In-home Patient Monitoring Industry: Healthcare Business Challenge: Allow at-risk patients to continue to live at home in familiar surroundings, decreasing care costs while maintaining situational responsiveness of caregivers Emergency Services Relatives/Caregivers Heating System Sensors Basement Water Sensors Heart/Vital Signs Monitors At-Risk Patient Community Homes Monitored by Sensors IBM Optimized Internet Messaging for Mobile and IoT Application Server The IBM Advantage: Only IBM’s Optimized Internet Messaging for Mobile and IoT provides secure and reliable connectivity between, sensors, mobile apps with vehicles on a large scale. Security and reliability are critical in healthcare applications where trust, safety and piece of mind are keys to customer satisfaction and revenue. © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM’s Internet Optimized Messaging Enabling an Interactive and Responsive World Bring core differentiating capabilities to your mobile and Internet of Things deployments: BI-DIRECTIONAL INTERACTIVITY, RELIABILITY, FASTER/BETTER USER EXPERIENCE and POWER & DATA EFFICIENCY Build BI-DIRECTIONAL INTERACTIVITY into applications Interactivity is they key to driving revenue in the mobile and IoT spaces Server applications can INITIATE INTERACTIONS directly with mobiles/devices for new business model opportunities Data transmission RELIABLITY allows apps to be more transactional Low latency and pub/sub data delivery enables a FASTER/BETTER USER EXPERIENCE More POWER & DATA EFFICIENCY lowers data costs and increases battery life © 2014 IBM Corporation

Drives Real-time Analytics Capabilities High speed processing of big data Smarter Decisions •Scale-out architecture for massive linear scalability • Ingest, analyze and act on massive volumes of streaming big data in real-time • Designed for realtime streaming analytics of unstructured information IBM InfoSphere Streams Real-time data IBM MessageSight Powerful analytics •Sophisticated analytics with prebuilt toolkits & accelerators Smarter actions Internet Scale device connectivity Designed for Real-time Analytics Large Scale High Speed Dynamic © 2014 IBM Corporation

Putting it all together… Applying models to predict, detect, optimize and anticipate Primary Event zone Secondary perimeter Car that had entered and now left danger zone Sensors tracking realtime location of cars Overview of car status Real-time alerts personalized to each car © 2014 IBM Corporation

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