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Published on February 19, 2008

Author: Nellwyn


The New Right Perspective:  The New Right Perspective The New Right Perspective:  The New Right Perspective Main theorists: Charles Murray, Valerie Riches, Dennis and Erdos. Supportive of the Traditional nuclear family Criticise changes to social policy and changes in society which have resulted in the growth of deviant family and household types. 1950s Golden age of family life:  1950s Golden age of family life Traditional nuclear family structure dominant 1960’s - Society today :  1960’s - Society today Decline of the traditional nuclear family Increase of ‘deviant’ family types that create problems for society. The New Right believe that to end problems in society social policy should be geared towards encouraging people to live in traditional family structures. Deviant Family and Household types according to the The New Right:  Deviant Family and Household types according to the The New Right The New Right:  The New Right As can be seen the New Right hold very traditional views regarding family life. Anything that does not live up to the traditional nuclear family is ‘deviant’ meaning that it is a problem for society. What factors do the New Right blame for the decline of the traditional family and the increase in deviant family and household types? Why the Traditional family has declined:  Why the Traditional family has declined Contraception and abortion Divorce legislation Secularisation – decline of religion Equal opportunities legislation Changing social attitudes/decline in morals Feminism Welfare provision According to The New Right All these changes have resulted in an increase of family and households which are not nuclear in structure. Relationships today are no longer based on marriage or marriage is no longer believed to be for life. This is as a result of a decline in religion leading to a lack of morals in society. It has also meant that relationships are no longer heterosexual, homosexuality is now tolerated and women are going against their traditional roles. The New Right and Social Policy:  The New Right and Social Policy The New Right argue that the government should set policies which encourage the traditional family structure. Conservatives – Tend to be supportive of the traditional structure. Labour – Support the traditional structure but recognise that there are other family and household types. Liberal Democrats – Argue that diversity should be tolerated.

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