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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: nidhikunvarani

Source: slideshare.net

Topic : ‘Fact’ behind the ‘Fiction’ ‘Harry p otter and the Deathly Hallows’ Name: Kunvarani Nidhi k S.T.D:M.A-Sem-4 paper:”The New Literature” Submitted to:’ Department Of English’ Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji University Bhavnagar.

 What is differences between ‘Fact’ and ‘Fiction’ ‘Fact’ : ‘ A thing known to be true’. - ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ p.198 ‘ ‘Fiction’ : Latin ‘fictionary, from fingere, to shape, fashion. Any imagined or invented narrative ; literature consisting of such narrative, usually in prose. - Current Literary terms ‘A Concise Dictionary’ by A. F . Scott p.107 CURRENT LITERARY TERMS A CONCISE DICTIONARY A.F .SCOTT

 ‘Theory of Binary oppositions’ One side • Good Day Saint Love White Master Life Colonizer Other side Evil Night Satan Hatred Black Slave Death Colonized

 ‘Representation’ of society

 ‘Society’ 1). Love Harry, Lily potter, James potter 2).cruelty Voldemort, Bellatrix 3)Colonialism “I have given you your liberty, Lucius is that not enough for you?” -’Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows’ 4 ).Racial Discrimination ‘ Mud Blood’ 5).Effect of Media

 Continue… Reeta skeeter 6).Feminism “It lists the pure-blood families that are new extinct in the male line.” -p.347 7).Bribe Kreacher 8).Honesty Dobby 9).Terrorism Dementors 10).Death Bitter truth of life

“ ‘Death’ is the true, harsh and the bitter reality for and every animate-being, who takes birth.” -Nidhi kunvarani Quote

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