The New Calvert High School Design Brief

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Information about The New Calvert High School Design Brief

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: CalvertEducation



The New Calvert High School Design brief presented by Eric Isselhardt, PhD, Calvert’s Chief Academic Officer and Joseph Olchefske, Calvert’s President,. In this session, they shared more of the details of Calvert's forthcoming High School program and incorporated the suggestions parents have provided in their introduction a few weeks back,

Call 1.888.328.8285 The New Calvert High Scho ol Design Brief An Invitation-Only Webinar for Current Calvert Customers and Employees February, 2014 1

Call 1.888.328.8285 Overview of Presentation  Welcome and introductions  Basic Components of the High School Program         The Calvert product suite The Calvert Curriculum Learn-Use-Teach pedagogy Teaching model Diploma and credit Program pacing options Live instruction and other support services High quality teachers  Questions & answers 2

Introduction of Participants Call 1.888.328.8285  Gretchen Roe – Calvert Community Liaison  20+ years of home schooling experience.  Six children – 2 college grads, 2 college students, 2 who are still “Calvert kids”.  Calvert School’s Community Liaison since 2006.  Eric Isselhardt, PhD – Chief Academic Officer     Former CEO of three independent schools. CEO of the nationally known Kingsbury Center in DC. Vice President at Southern Vermont College. International school and curriculum architect.  Joseph Olchefske – President of Calvert Education Services  Former President of two online learning companies.  Education researcher at American Institutes for Research.  Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools. 3

Basic Components of the High School Program Call 1.888.328.8285 Calvert Academic Model Program Elements • Three product offerings  Diploma and credit • The Calvert Curriculum • Learn-Use-Teach pedagogy • Teaching model  Live instruction and other – Calvert Classic – Calvert Plus – Calvert Academy 4  Calvert Academy  Diploma Path  Program pacing options  School year schedule  Self paced model support services  High quality teachers

The Calvert Product Suite Calvert Classic Calvert Plus Call 1.888.328.8285 Calvert Academy Basic Services A La Carte Services Live Instruction in Some Courses Calvert Curriculum Rigorous, aligned K12 Analog and digital Unified LMS 5 Calvert Curriculum Rigorous, aligned K12 Analog and digital Unified LMS Live Instruction in All Courses on a Weekly Basis Calvert Curriculum Rigorous, aligned K12 Analog and digital Unified LMS

The Calvert Curriculum Call 1.888.328.8285 Designed for student success.  Rigorous  Grade levels K-12  Interactive and multi-sensory  Learn/Use/Teach pedagogy  Courses offered  Core curriculum     Algebra 1 or Geometry Biology English/Language Arts 9 Government/Civics  Electives Calvert Curriculum Rigorous, aligned K12 Analog and digital Unified LMS  Fine Arts, Phys Ed/Health, Web Design, Intro to Tech.  Spanish language 1 and 2  Advance Placement – Geography  Analog and digital content  A primarily digital program with supplementary analog content.  Unified LMS All digital content on a single Learning Management System (LMS) 6

Learn-Use-Teach Call 1.888.328.8285 Education without boundaries. • The core pedagogy of the Calvert academic program. – The foundational element of our overall instructional design – All grade levels, all content areas • An “eco-system” designed to maximize each individual student’s learning experience. – Learn – Understand content and concepts at a deep level – Use – Use the content in collaboration and within the world – Teach – Share and present the learned content to others, actively engaging with material across subject areas • Each student’s learning experience is…. – – – – 7 Informed by research and best practices Supportive of active learning Derived from inquiry-based learning methods Assessed through a wide array of methodologies

A New Teaching Model Call 1.888.328.8285 Instruction Without Limits  All students assigned to a teacher for each course in which they are enrolled.  Teacher-led instruction through multiple methods.  Group sessions  Structured, pre-planned “lecture” sessions  Teacher-planned weekly classes  Small group sessions  Use—Peer collaboration, in the world  Teach—Interactive across subject areas  Office hours  Ad hoc—teacher designed on the fly in response to student questions or a demonstrable need  Student generated—tutorial format  All sessions are recorded and archived in an online course library.  Available for independent self-paced use  Available for viewing by students who want to review a session they missed  Over time, we will build a substantial library of these sessions 8

Diploma and Credit Call 1.888.328.8285  Students will be able to receive academic credit and ultimately graduate from the Calvert High School with an accredited diploma.  A Maryland State diploma.  There are graduation requirements that a student must meet in order to receive a diploma from Calvert.  Academic credit from Calvert classes.  Transfer credits from other accredited institutions.  There are two ways a students can receive a diploma from the Calvert:  The Calvert Academy will be a diploma granting high school for students who attend on a full time basis.  Calvert Plus students will need to purchase Live Instruction and/or Diploma Path support in order for their coursework to receive credit toward a diploma.  Students who purchase the Calvert Classic curriculum without additional instruction and/or Diploma Path support will not receive academic credit for their coursework. 9

Diploma Path Support Call 1.888.328.8285  Diploma Path support was created to provide students with the ability to receive academic credit for their Calvert coursework without attending Calvert Academy on a full time basis.  A supplementary support to the Calvert Classic curriculum.  Providing a path to a diploma for homeschoolers.  With Diploma Path, students will work at their own pace and receive a package of additional services from Calvert.  Calvert’s Advisory Teaching Service (ATS) for instructional support and grading.  Participation in group instructional activities through the course of the year.  Participation in a performance assessment program.  In order to receive credit for any course, a student will need to demonstrate mastery of the course material through assessments, tests and portfolio submissions.  To be graded by their assigned teacher  Included on their transcript. 10

Pacing Options Call 1.888.328.8285  Students will have the opportunity to complete their coursework in one of two different pacing options:  School year schedule – Patterned after the traditional September -June academic calendar.  Self-paced model – Students set their own pace unconnected to a specific calendar.  Students will need to select one of these two pacing options for each year and will have only limited opportunities to change between the options during the school year. 11

School Year Schedule Call 1.888.328.8285  The school year schedule is designed for students who want a traditional school calendar.  September through June calendar.  Semester breaks.  Summer break.  The curriculum and the instructional sessions will be scheduled on a pre-planned basis throughout the year so that students will cover all of the key material during this calendar.  A structured scope and sequence of material.  Students will work closely with their teacher and their classmates on group projects and peer collaboration.  Weekly sessions.  Students will also have access to large group “lecture” sessions. 12

Self-Paced Model Call 1.888.328.8285  The self paced model is designed for students who want to progress through coursework at their own pace unconnected to the traditional school calendar.  Flexibility in beginning and completing courses.  No pre-planned breaks.  Students will work closely with their teachers to manage their progress through the curriculum for a course.  Close monitoring and communication.  Individualized program.  Teachers will form small groups of students at similar stages in the curriculum to create opportunities for peer collaboration and inquiry.  Small group sessions on specific projects.  Students will also have access to large group “lecture” sessions. 13

Live Instructional Support Call 1.888.328.8285  Every student will be assigned to a specific teacher in every course.  Teacher will monitor student performance and provide ongoing support and direction.  Teacher will grade all assignments and tests.  Teacher will be the primary point of contact for the parent and the student.  Live instruction will be provided in every course.  Individual courses in Calvert Plus.  All courses in the Calvert Academy.  Teacher-led instruction through multiple methods.  Group sessions.     14  Structured, pre-planned “lecture” sessions.  Teacher-planned weekly classes. Small group sessions  Use—Peer collaboration, in the world.  Teach—Interactive across subject areas. Office hours. Ad hoc—teacher designed on the fly. Student generated—tutorial format.

Teaching Corps Call 1.888.328.8285  Basic qualifications  All courses will be taught by teachers with an active US teaching certificate.  All teachers will be subject to background checks and fingerprinting.  Teachers will participate in an extensive professional development program during their time at Calvert.  A complete on-boarding program for new teachers.  Ongoing professional development on a monthly basis.  Teachers will participate in departmental peer sessions.  Teachers will be subject to performance monitoring to ensure high quality instruction for every student.  Supervision by a qualified administrator.  Clear performance standards and metrics.  “Listen in” capabilities for supervisors. 15

Contact Us Call 1.888.328.8285 Enrollment Services 1 (888)328-8285 Education Counselors: 1 (888)487-4652 My email address: Find us on Facebook: For more information on Calvert, visit: Our other presentations can be found in our webinar library! 16

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