The need of Air Purifiers

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Information about The need of Air Purifiers

Published on September 26, 2015

Author: water-purifiers


1. The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well documented. - Eddie Johnson

2. Air pollution is a broad term used for all the physical, chemical and biological agents that may modify the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. What is air pollution?

3. What are the causes of air pollution?

4. How polluted is your home? • Indoor air is more polluted than the air outside due to pollutants like:  Smoke eliminated during cooking  Pet dander  Microorganisms  Dust

5. How polluted is your home? •Buildings today lack proper ventilation process. •Rooms are sealed to increase the efficiency of air conditioners and heaters. •Poor design and maintenance of buildings leads to sick building syndrome. •All these factors make indoor air more contaminated as compared to the air outside.

6. Inhaling contaminated air leads to… • Asthma • Allergies • Cancer( in some cases)

7. What is the solution? Kent Ozone room Air Purifiers produce Ozone gas, a highly reactive oxidant with the exceptional power to reduce bacteria, viruses and harmful germs present in the air.

8. Features of Kent Air purifiers • Produces Ozone gas, an environment-friendly oxidant, which is sprayed quietly and effectively through a fan. • Reduces bacteria, viruses and harmful germs without leaving any remnants. • Neutralizes stale and foul odor rapidly, and supplies fresh air. • Available in wall mountable and table top installation options. • Among the best air purifiers in India

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