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Published on July 18, 2009

Author: HurriKaty



One night can change everything.

The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.4 – Into The Night Hello all, and welcome back to the Munster Legacy. For those of you not in the know, this lovely lady here is Meadow Munster-Enriquez, AKA Satan. In the last chapter Liam and Jasmine kept up with being the new heads of the family, and their eldest child Lucille became a very talkative toddler. They gave birth to another little girl named Vivian but still were trying for the boy they desperately need. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to everyone else, Meadow, pictured above, had escaped from prison after learning that she was going to age and die, and was headed directly for the house.

Liam layed down his eldest daughter in her crib. It had been a long day, but a good one. He thought they were all due for some much needed rest. "Come on, Lucy. Time to go to sleep for the night." "But.." "No buts about it, miss. Bedtime was 2 hours ago."

"Alright, I've got the larger whiny one. Have you got the small gooey one then?"

Jasmine placed Vivian in the crib they had set up opposite of their older daughter for her first nap. "Sure do, dad. Say, do you think this one is going to look anything like me? Lucy is a lost cause."

"I'd wager anyone could look more like you than Lucy does. But does it matter? I'm sure she'll be gorgeous either way. I mean, look at her parents." Jasmine just laughed. "Come on, then. Let's get back to bed for mommy and daddy alone time. It's not like we have the option to stop anyway.."

Over at a house just minutes down the road, while others were putting people to bed and saying goodnight, some were just starting their day. "Ronan, I didn't hear you get up. Why didn't you come and say anything?"

Ronan stared blankly out the window in the direction of the Legacy house with a look Marylin had never seen before on his face. "I'm sorry. It's just I woke up with the strangest feeling. Something is amiss."

"Amiss? What do you mean? You have to a bit more clear than that."

Ronan knew however he said this, it was going to sound odd, so he went ahead. "It's a hard thing to explain to a mortal, but when you've been around as long as I have, you have a sense of these type of things. Change is coming for your family, Marylin. I don't know if it is good or bad, but something big is on the horizon."

Marylin blinked and nodded slowly. "Well, I really don't know what to say to that at the moment. I believe you, but let's go get a bite to eat before you make me think about this any more, alright?"

If Ronan had looked out of the window a few minutes longer, he would have seen something that confirmed everything he felt. He would have seen a figure walking up towards the house that they hadn't been to nor were any welcome at in many, many years.

Meadow started right ahead at the door and at the towering building in front of her. It had changed. Everything about the house was always changing while she had stayed the same. They'd thought locking her up would change her, but it wouldn't. Not if she didn't have to.

She was going to have to get in fairly quickly. The snow was beginning to pile up on the ground below her, and when you were a escaped convict, stopping for shoes wasn't exactly an option.

She couldn't go through the door, no, that would never be an option for her. That door had been closed to her almost 40 years ago. Plus, she was certain that the same high class, fancy security system that had been right next to it then was still there to this day.

This room. This had been a bedroom. She remembered Barty and Abe's stupid bearded dolt of a father and his dull mother retreating to it at the end of Barty's wedding for lord only knows what reasons. She almost vomitted then and thinking about it almost made her vomit now. All she needed to do was climb through the window and..

She was in. Now she just had to gather her thoughts and figure out where she was. This clearly was not the same room it had been.

"Ok, now I really am going to hurl. Portraits? Really? And get over yourself, Barty, your nose isn't that small." She had to get out of this room. There had to be a room somewhere around here with people in it. And when she got there, they were going to die. No more games. She'd had enough of planning, enough plotting. It was time for them to go.

Everything had gotten bigger. Everything except her. While they got to flourish, she had nothing. Not even a chance. All she had was the knowledge that she didn't have to waste away like all of them eventually did. And now, even that was gone. They expected her to rot away quietly in a cell. No, not now, not ever.

She found the first door she could, and walked in. Oh, this was rich.

Lucy couldn't sleep. Her daddy had told her to, but she slept for a few hours and wasn't tired anymore. She could yell around and mommy and daddy would come eventually, but she didn't think that would be nice to her new little sister. She needed sleep too. Plus, she figured someone would come to see her eventually anyway. See, there was someone now!

She didn't recognize this lady, but she was very pretty and had pretty hair, so she was going to talk to her. "Hi!" "Well, aren't you precious. My name is Meadow, little lady. What's yours?"

"I'm Lucy. That's Vivy." Both girls. Both of these children were girls. Meadow remembered old conversations in her head of Abe telling her how his father, for reasons unbeknownst to everyone else, had thought that this was still the 1800s and had firmly stated that only males could carry on the next generation in the main house. Well, that was good. She wouldn't have to murder any children today.

"Come here, Lucy, let's talk." "Hmm? What now?"

"You're absolutely adorable. You know, I never had any kids. I would have liked to, but the guy I wanted to marry didn't want to have babies with me, he wanted to have babies with some weird looking lady." "Why not? You pretty, Meadow."

"Well, thank you. Nobody has called me anything nicer than things like "Miss Crazy" or "Super Wacko" for a long, long time." Leave it to a 3 year old to make her feel more wanted than she had in well, ever. .. Was that footsteps?

Tosha had always been a light sleeper. She'd always known when someone was awake when they weren't supposed to be. And she was always certain to close the nursery door before she went to bed at night. So why wasn't it closed tonight? "Lucy, honey? Are you awake in there?"

"Go to sleep, Lucy. When you wake up, it'll all be over, alright?"

".. You. Why are you here? How are you here?" "Tosha, my old buddy. How nice to see you. It's a long, long story. Me and Lucy were just getting to know each other."

"Get away from her and get out of my house. I'm telling you, not asking you." "Oh, wow. You got really old. That's going to make what I'm about to do a LOT easier."

Tosha barely had time to turn around before the now decades younger woman grabbed her. "Oh, are you going somewhere? I think not." "Let me go, now! I'm not a threat to you anymore!"

Within seconds, she was on the ground under the woman that had haunted her nightmares for years. "Please, not in the nursery, not here, anywhere else, not here.."

"Do you think I care, you ugly, old HAG!" Meadow punctuated the end of her sentence with an incredibly hard punch right to several of Tosha's internal organs. Tosha wasn't young anymore, she couldn't withstand something like this. After the first punch, she felt sick. After the second, she felt something crack. "Someone, anyone, HELP!!!"

And then, as quickly as she started it, Meadow ended it. She kicked the much older woman in the head as hard as she could, before anyone even had the chance to answer her cries for help.

"That took way longer than I expected. Good job, old woman. Now, there's just one more grandparent to take care of." She could hear rustling in the next room. Someone was stirring. Time to move on.

He'd be upstairs. The one that started it all would be upstairs. Footsteps. She heard more footsteps. She had to get up the stairs fast or she'd be seen.

Liam bolted out of his door, half asleep, frazzled, but sure of one thing. He'd heard his mother, and something bad had happened. "Mom? I'm coming mom, where are you?" "What's going on, Liam?"

He was right. Something horrible had happened in this room. "Mom?.. Mommy? Can you hear me? Who did this?" She wasn't moving, not at all. Was she even breathing?

He straitened her out and laid her head to the side. A pulse. She had a pulse. Oh, thank everything for small miracles. "Liam, I think someone is upstairs. "Listen, Jasmine. I want you to look after my mom and make sure Lucy and Vivian are ok. I'm going upstairs. I don't know what's going to happen, but promise to look after them."

"I promise, Liam. Hang in there, Tosha."

Liam ran. He ran towards the staircase that led upstairs. Dad was upstairs, and someone else was too. Someone that had hurt his mother in front of his own children. Someone that had tried to hurt him and his sister and his cousin. Someone who'd hurt so many people in his family in so many different ways. One way or another, it ended. Tonight.

Barty shifted around in his bed, jostled from his normally very heavy sleep. What was all that noise? And why was his bed so empty?

Where was his wife? He'd always woke up several hours before her because of work, but she wasn't in bed today. This wasn't right. And now someone was at his door.

"... Get out." Meadow smiled. She hadn't expected anything more from someone who hadn't liked her right off the bat to begin with. "Barty, that's not a nice way to welcome company. And here I was about to tell you much better you aged than your wife. A bit grayer and a few inches shorter, but that's about it."

"Where is she? What did you do to her?" This woman didn't budge. He was absolutely certain that she literally did not have a soul. "Oh, we had a nice talk. Caught up on some things while she introduced me to the grandchildren. It was such a shame she had to go."

"Now it's YOUR turn." Barty tumbled back desperate to catch his balance as Meadow caught him off guard, pushing as hard as she could. He was certainly in better shape than his wife, but he was no young man.

Liam raced up the stairs, as fast as his legs would carry him. As he raced he heard noises, he heard talking, and then he heard a thump. Something was threatening his father. His father who'd protected this house and this family for almost 40 years alongside his mother. Now it was his turn to protect them.

In Barty's eyes, there was an emotion that was rarely seen on his face. The last time he remembered feeling like this was 10 years ago, when he'd thought his children were going to die. That emotion he was feeling was terror. Not for himself, but for his wife. She'd gotten to her already. All that he could hear was Meadow's words repeating through his head. "It's such a shame she had to go."

"Oh, that's quite the look you've got going there. It looks familiar. Oh, right. That's what the old lady's face looked like before I kicked it in. ... Hey, what's that noise?"

"Dad, leave, NOW." Liam burst through the door, heading strait for the women that had put his mother in the state she was. "Downstairs, mom, GO."

Barty climbed to his feet as fast is his legs would let him. She was alive. He had to get to her.

"Hurt my mother, will you?" Liam lunged. Meadow ducked. She wasn't ready to face him, not yet. She needed more than her bare hands for this one.

Liam threw her as hard has he could, with intent to hurt. He'd always been told never to hit a lady, but this was different. This was not a lady, this was a monster in a dress.

She fell to the ground hard, unable to catch herself. She hadn't counted on the little redheaded brat growing up so smart and strong. He was a rather dull, skinny teenager, but apparently that had changed.

She had to get out. She downed one, the rest would have to wait for another day. And with that kid between her and the door, there was only one way. The window. So she dove.

A mile away in a place overlooking the entire city, disturbances hadn't gone unnoticed. Abe stood out on his lawn, looking down to the city where he could faintly see several sirens going up and down roads, and could hear them blaring. "What are you doing in the middle of the night out here, Abe?"

"I could ask you the same thing." "Hey, I have my excuses. Thomas needed his 3 AM bottle."

"There's cop cars everywhere down there, Kate. I counted about 6 of them. In a town this size that's basically every police man. They're going down every street, back and forth." "That's weird. You reckon that they're looking for someone?"

"Oh, trust me. I know they're looking for someone, and I have a bad feeling about who it is. Come on, let's get in side. It's too cold out here."

On the roof of the Legacy house, Meadow regained her bearings. There was little time to waste. She had to find a safe place to get off.

No, she wasn't getting away that easy. Liam went up to the window careful to avoid the glass that she'd spread everywhere on her way out.

Nothing. Not a soft landing in site. The only thing on this side of the roof was the hard frozen ground and the jagged metal of a half used energizer.

Liam tumbled out on to the iced over roof, trying his best not to slip. She had to do this while he wasn't wearing shoes, didn't she?

Meadow just smiled. "I guess you've decided to join me for some fresh air, then?" Liam crawled towards her trying to regain his balance. One push. All it would take would be one push and.. no, he couldn't push her. That would be murder, wouldn't it? "You're not leaving this place on your own free will, Meadow. Not while I'm here."

"Really, now?" Meadow turned around with surprising ease, bolting towards him.

Downstairs, away from the fight, Jasmine sat in confusion, trying to contemplate all that had gone on. "Barty, what's happening? Liam's told me about what's happened in the past with your family.. Was this her?"

Barty barely heard her over all the thoughts going through his head, coupled by the pounding headache that had developed when his head hit the floor earlier, but managed to give an answer. "Yes, that was her.. Meadow. I don't even know how she's here. She was locked up, locked up for almost 10 years."

"Either way, it's not the how that's important.. But I think Tosha's going to make it through this. Jasmine, thank you for staying with her." "She'd have done the same for me, I think. We're family, all of us."

Up on the roof, Liam barely had time to dodge to the side as the crazy redheaded witch dove towards her. It was all he could do to force himself to jump out of the way. "Oh, gosh. Looks like you missed."

Meadow had tripped and slid to the ground, barely able to catch herself before the roof stopped and dropped off steeply to the ground below. "You.. you think this is so amusing. Through everything you just keep joking. My life isn't funny."

If Meadow had been thinking strait, which she never was, she would have just gone back inside and made a run for it. But all she could think was how to get rid of this man. This man who hadn't died when he was supposed to nearly 10 years ago, and even now through everything appeared to be toying with her. She had to push him off. That was the only way to get rid of him.

Liam climbed up after her as she tried to make her to the highest point of the house. 'Oh, yeah, I find your constant torture of my family really funny. Silly Meadow, what is she gonna plan next?"

For a second, it looked like Meadow was finally going to go in for the kill, but she stopped. ".. Planned. You think I planned all this? Let me tell you a story, Liam."

Well, now he was just confused. "Alright then, go ahead."

"This story starts with a little girl who wanted to grow up to a be a teacher, and to have a family. See, she didn't have much family, or at least not much family that cared. So, when I.. I mean, when she grew up, she saved up every penny and went to college. There, she met some people."

For the first time in over 40 long years, Meadow's face showed something that could actually honestly be sadness. "Everyone always followed these people around, hanging on their every word. They were loved, and she wanted to be loved and worshiped like they were. She didn't know what else to do but to try her hardest to be a part of what they were. But it didn't work. And then they just laughed at her."

"So slowly, little by little, she lost it. She couldn't do anything but try to make them feel as insignificant as she felt. Then, as nothing worked, as everything just kept falling apart, she just kept going down and down into insanity. Before she knew it, she was breaking the hearts of perfectly good men and trying to hurt innocent teenagers. She'd long forgotten the why and it just became about getting the job done."

Liam had been listening, and for a second, he almost felt something that could be sympathy. "You forgot the part where you practically kill my 60 year old mother."

And then, for just a moment, he let the cool act go. "You could still stop, Meadow. I'll help you."

Meadow looked right at Liam, and smiled what looked like a genuine smile. "You're kind, but I'm far beyond your help. And.. I think I stopped caring many years ago. Plus, how could I stop now? I've already gone this far, what's a little further? That's why I have to do this."

And that's when she lunged. Liam barely had time to think, let alone act. So he just did what he had been doing.

He dodged, almost slipping and falling, but lucky enough to catch himself on the brick wall that held his parent's bedroom. "Meadow! You're going to..."

"Fall!" Liam ran as fast as he could as Meadow lost her step, desperately trying to find something, anything to grab onto on the now iced over roof. He tried to grab her...

But he couldn't. She fell. It wasn't a long fall, and not one that would normally even hurt that much, but in her desperation to prevent it, she'd ended up going down in a very awkward position.

She fell, and fell, and Liam watched as it seemed like forever until her neck slammed down full force into the hurdle of the obstacle course that had been there since before he was even born, making a more sickening thud than Liam had ever heard in his life.

And then her body slumped onto the ground, motionless.

Liam stood at the edge of the roof, horrified, and unable to do anything but stare down in horror. He waited, waited for any sign of movement at all, but there was nothing.

So he went back into the house and ran, ran throughout it as fast as his very frozen legs would take him.

He ran back out into the snow, onto the ice cold ground, desperate to get to her, to do something.

And finally, he reached her. Meadow was still on the ground, the same position she'd been when she'd first landed, a small amount of snow now covering her body, and her head turned at the most unnatural angle that he'd ever seen. Liam felt as if he was going to vomit.

He leaned down and put his hand on her. She wasn't moving. She wasn't breathing. She didn't even have a pulse. She was dead.

That's when he heard Jasmine coming. She must have heard him go outside and come to see what was wrong. What was he going to tell her? What was he supposed to do?

"Liam, I heard noise and.. what's going on?" "We.. we fought. We kept fighting and then I didn't know what to do. So I moved out of the way and.. I tried to catch her. I.."

And for the first time since almost 10 years ago, when the same woman that was now lying lifeless on the ground in front of her had almost killed him, Liam broke down. "I'm not a murderer. I'm not."

Jasmine didn't even know what to think. She'd never even met Meadow, and only heard stories of the horrible stories she'd done. She didn't understand how he could feel bad that this horrible woman wasn't going to hurt them anymore, but he did. So she stayed with him. "I wanted her gone, but I didn't want her to die." "It's alright Liam. It's going to be alright." And they stood there, for several minutes, until the cold finally became too much and they headed inside.

Liam barely had time to get dressed before the police finally showed up.

Since the only other people to see Meadow were a baby, a toddler, and a currently unconscious woman being loaded into an ambulance, he was the one that had to deal with all the questions. "Alright, so you have no history of mental imbalance, violence..."

"I told you, no. I don't have a history of anything, Officer Love. It was an accident, I tried to catch her." He once again felt like he was going to burst into tears.

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Here, let me give it to you straight. I believe you, and truthfully, I'm only doing this because it's standard procedure. It's very unlikely that any charges or crimes of any kind are going to be put on your record, due to Meadows obvious.. issues, past criminal record, and the fact that the body simply looks like it just fell. There won't be any charges from any family either. Looking at her records, she's an only child, her parents are long gone, and her ex husband is your uncle."

Liam cringed at the word body. He wished they'd stop using it. He just nodded while he listened to everything she had to say. "Thank you.. But I could have done something. She was evil, disgusting, and horrible but.. I don't want anyone to die."

"Hey, if it makes ya feel any better, our crime scene officers out there said it's likely she died as soon as her neck cracked up against that thing and went kersplat!"

Liam felt himself choke on a little more of that vomit he'd been holding back for awhile now. "Now Jasmine, you said you were with the rest of the family for the majority of the incident, so I think we've got all we need from you. We're going to get your mother in law down to the hospital now so they can make sure she's alright."

The family spent a lot of the next few days in and out of the hospital. Tosha woke up, eventually, and was more than willing to tell everyone exactly what happened, while Liam sat horrified, listening to how that woman had touched his children. As for Tosha herself, the doctor said that the concussion and the bruised ribs would go away. Regarding the cracked hip, it would heal, but he said that she'd more than likely have issues with walking in the future. Tosha was determined to prove differently.

Barty stood on the phone where he'd been for several hours now, as relative after relative made their daily call to bother him and ask if anything had changed. "I'm fine, Jackie, it's just a few bruises. Your mother is recovering well, the doctors say they might let her out later today.

Jackie had been one of the most frequent callers to the room. "Alright dad, if you're sure you're fine. But just give me the word and I'll be there right away."

"I told you before, your getting good grades is more important than visiting every day. You should get to class. Alright, goodbye."

"That girl is such a good daughter, Tosha. I bet she's sitting down with a nice book at her class right now."

Liam meanwhile, was having a chat with his mother now that she was feeling in more of a talking mood. "Thank you for protecting the kids like that, mom. I wish I'd have been there for you sooner."

He couldn't believe how much older his mother looked right now, but she still managed to answer. "You did great, Liam. You always do great. Please stop beating yourself up about it, nothing that happened was your fault."

"I know, mom. But nobody deserves to die, regardless." As awkward as the conversation was, Liam was a bit sad when it was cut short once again by the phone ringing.

"Ugh, I swear, if that's Abe telling me he has a feeling like he's lost something very important again.."

"Hello.. Ronan? What are you doing up right now? It's 8:30 AM, get back in bed before you roast... Huh? "

Barty's eyes lit up for the first time since all of this had happened. "Marylin what? That.. that's great. Let me tell everyone, now get in that coffin of yours before I've got a pile of ash for a son in law."

"Guys, that was Ronan."

"Marylin just had her baby. Vincent, a little boy. All of his fingers and toes, and no fangs!"

"We have a grandson, Tosha."

The Munster Family, with all the horror that had surrounded them, finally had some happy news again. They'd conquered a battle that had been going for 40 years, and at least one enemy wouldn't bother them anymore. In the pit of Liam's heart though, somehow he knew that things would never be over, and he didn't think he'd ever be the same after what happened. But for now, things were finally at peace. That's where I have to leave you for this chapter. One way or another, I think the mob is coming for me now. Hopefully it's not the angry mob! Catch you all next chapter where we actually make some progress in the timeline, deal with the impact of what has happened, Lucy and Vivian will get older, and there will be more babies, for sure. See ya later!

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