The multidimensional interactions between white and black swans

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Information about The multidimensional interactions between white and black swans

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: vignesgopal


The multidimensional interactions between White and Black Swans of globalization Vignes Gopal Krishna Fast track PhD student & SLAI fellow Department of Economics Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Malaya Email Address:

Introduction The expansionary path of dual interactions between Yin and Yang has illustrated the gap of divergence between the imaginary visualization and actual presentation of multi-interactivity of reality. Single stage or multi-levels of stage or both ??

Introduction Patching up versus catching up Single device or multi levels of devices? Flexibility versus rigidity Winners and losers Simplicity versus complexity Sleeping with breaks or without breaks? Evolutionary space – failed to look at the heterogeneous styles of agents –holistic coordination of thoughts Win-win versus win-lose (Mercantilism notice)

Nelson (2008) Lall (1992) Nelson and Winter (1982) Akerlof and Shiller (2009) Keynes (1936) Smith (1776) Sanjaya Lall Joseph Stiglitz Schumpeter (1934) a) Mark 1 (Creative Destruction) b) Mark 2 (Creative Accumulation) Dopfer et al.(2004) Dopfer (2012)

Flying Geese paradigmKaname Akamatsu –First comers versus latecomers Intra mode of migration –electronic devices,from rural to urban Extra mode of migration-common one Brain Drain a) political constraints b) Better opportunity Brain Gain

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