The MTHFR and COMT Gene Tests

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Information about The MTHFR and COMT Gene Tests

Published on September 19, 2018

Author: Mthfrdoctors


slide 1: Reasons Why You Should Get the MTHFR and COMT Gene Tests Most of the people think that genetic tests aren’t really all that useful. But some genetic testing is quite useful in particular for certain mutations like COMT and MTHFR that can actually point us in a direction of MTHFR Diet and supplementation. MTHFR refers to Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase is an enzyme that adds a methyl group to folic acid and this process is known as methylation. For those people who have a mutation in this gene and methylation are not done properly then this mutation is known as MTHFR mutation. The people with low MTHFR activity leads to elevated homocysteine levels which can be associated with diseases like heart disease inflammation and as well as problems with pregnancies. So it is extremely important for all patients to know whether they are affected by MTHFR mutation and identifying a mutation in the MTHFR gene is essential particularly for women of childbearing ages. If you have a history of any autoimmune diseases or if you are a woman of childbearing age then MTHFR has been found to increase the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. Gone are the days where lab testing to check for MTHFR mutation used to be costly and require a prescription and a blood sample. But today with the advancement in the technology at MTHFR Doctors getting MTHFR gene test COMT Test is much more affordable accessible and convenient. We are the most reputable laboratory that provides MTHFR test and COMT test and our MTHFR testing are done on the two most important genes using simple cheek swab saliva - C677T and A1298C that is safe for men women and children of all ages and even babies. COMT refers to "Catechol-O-Methyltransferase" and it is one of several enzymes that degrade epinephrine nor epinephrine and dopamine and this process affects each of these catecholamines. And those patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease specifically entacapone are preferred to undergo for COMT testing. At MTHFR Doctors our experts perform COMT Test – Cheek Swab Saliva - V158M and this test have a direct impact on how you treat MTHFR mutations. At MTHFR Doctors you don’t have to worry about the privacy because our team of experts do not sell or share your results with any third party or insurance company and your information is secure and 100 safe and confidential. You can order the product online for 129.99 and shipping is done free and you can purchase as many as you want for your family and friends. So if you do not have an account with us then create a new account today on our website and purchase this product using associated email ID with your account. Visit Our Website

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