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Published on February 5, 2014

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Officemax in the US did a survey to find the most stolen office supplies. Here are the results.

Buy your office supplies, don't steal them!

The most stolen office supplies Data from OfficeMax, USA

Office supplies are easy to steal, just pop them in your pocket and you’re away, but what is stolen the most? This list, compiled by OfficeMax in the USA may reveal some surprises!

Pens, Pencils, Highlighters Pens and pencils head the list along with highlighters. Not surprising really, they just end up being ‘borrowed’ so you can fill out something at home and, well…

Paper Well, you’re going to have to write on something with that stolen pen. Also, the increase in use of printers at home will fuel this felonious activity.

Binder and paper clips But they look so pretty! Also, they come in handy for holding soft toys to shelves in the kid’s rooms.

Staplers Who hasn’t wanted to staple something at home? All those bills, receipts, hands…

Scissors A friend of mine once stole a pair of scissors in order to cut his own hair. He’s not a friend any more.

Tape dispensers I totally get this. Christmas was a nightmare, I couldn’t find the end of the tape, wasted loads. When I say “I couldn’t” I mean “my wife couldn’t”. I’m banned from wrapping presents since the ‘cat’ episode…

Printer ink This is getting into the realms of proper theft now, this stuff is expensive. Oh, it’s all ‘proper theft’ by the way, all of it. Even pens. Ignore that, just don’t steal, OK? Not even pencils. Tsk.

Printer ink Seriously? I guess for college and school work for the real geeks. I mean, what’s wrong with putting all your paperwork in a plastic bag?

The moral of this story? Buy your office supplies, don’t steal them!

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