The most difficult part of communication is to ensure that it happens!

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Information about The most difficult part of communication is to ensure that it happens!

Published on July 5, 2012

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The most difficult part of communication is to ensure that it happens! Presented by Jennifer Hunter and Amanda Khan at the 2012 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, June 19-20, 2012, Ottawa, Canada.

Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2012 - June 19, 2012The Most Difficult Part ofCommunication is toEnsure that it Happens!Hunter JA1, Khan AF2, Zhong R3, Hsieh JTCH1, Wolfe D2 and the SCI KMN1: Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation 2: Parkwood Hospital, Lawson Health Research Institute 3: Rick Hansen Foundation

Talk ContentsSection Section Name Slide No. 1. Background of the SCI KMN 3 2. Online Collaboration Platforms as a Tool 6 3. SharePoint, the SCI KMN’s Virtual Workspace 9 4. Thank You & Questions 16

The Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network:We are … 6 Canadian rehabilitation Funded By:centres working together to uniformlyapply the principles of ImplementationScience to facilitate best practiceadoption in the area of secondarycomplications to SCI. Supported By:Working together on the healthcare puzzle

Benefits: Challenges:Collaboration Benefits of our Different Concerted Community of Physical Effort Practice towards Locations change OUTWEIGH French/EnglishSharing ChallengesWork and of the DifferentExpertise Network Time Zones Scheduling Friendly conflicts “Competition” Technical Innovative Issues

How do we Overcome these Challenges?

Disclaimer!Online collaboration is a fancy way ofsaying “a group of peopletrying to complete worktoward a common goal viacommunications technology.”Jonathan Eyler-Werve, technology consultant who specializes in makingtechnology accessible

There are a Variety of Collaboration Platforms out there:SCI KMN

SharePoint + SCI KMNThe Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) made an in-kindcontribution of their SharePoint licence to the SCIKMN.RHI provides IT and technical support, while the actualcreation of the site, design and local administration isperformed internally within the SCI KMN.Working virtually on SharePointallows all SCI KMN members to:• participate in content creation• host discussions online• share information / files• give feedback / feedforward• automatically archive changes

Transitioning to an SharePoint Site UsersOnline Workspace 100Educating the Network 75We pre-recorded Online “Webinars” toeducate SCI KMN members on how toeasily use SharePoint and answer 50Frequently Asked Questions. Some samplewebinars are: 25- Introduction to SharePoint (20 min)- How to Upload, Download and Modify 0 Documents (8 min)- How to set up Alerts (8 min)- Changing passwords (document)- New SharePoint Tools (8 min)

User Uptake has % New Usersbeen Strong 20 15There have been less “new” users each 10month using the site and now most of the 5users are “regular” returning users 0 March April May June*SharePoint has % Returning Usersstreamlined SCI KMN 100 95communication. 90 85See the following examples... 80 March April May June*

...Reducing Email Inbox Traffic!

... Allowing members to work at their own availability Wherever they are!

... Search Function allows users to locate documentseasily

Conclusion The SCI KMN’s power lies in it’s Community of Practice: The SCI KMN SharePoint website facilitates our internal communication. It organizes our work, tracks our progress and keeps our network motivated from within.P.S. ...... Keep an eye out for our external website.Coming soon –

SCI KMN Members Foothills Medical Centre: SCI Rehabilitation Clinic Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

For More Information: Jennifer Hunter, SCI KMN Project Coordinator and SharePoint Contact Amanda Khan, Parkwood Hospital Site Spinal Cord Injury Coordinator and SharePoint Technical Support Moving Forward as a Team The Spinal Cord Injury Mobilization Network

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