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Published on January 19, 2008

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The Most Dangerous Job :  The Most Dangerous Job By: Lindsey, Alyssia Ashley, Jenna, and Trevor “Inside those walls is a different world that obeys different laws” (Schlosser 176). Injuries:  Injuries Types of injuries: Lacerations Stabbing Amputation Decapitation Hazardous chemical fumes Tendonitis Cumulative trauma disorders Carpal tunnel syndrome Back, neck, shoulder problems Cleaning crews:  Cleaning crews The most dangerous job throughout the entire factory process. The most used tool is the high pressure hose that shoots a mix of water and chlorine heated to 180 degrees Creates a fog which in return leaves about 5 feet visibility In order to clean properly the factory machines must remain running, “…and workers ride them as if they were moving sidewalks”. (Schlosser pg. 177). An example of a cleaning incident was when a man by the name of Homer Sull climbed into blood collection tank. He was over come by hydrogen sulfide fumes. 2 coworkers climb into the tank to rescue him and died as well. For each man the company was fined $480 Hydrogen Sulfide:  Hydrogen Sulfide H2S is like a pop can shaken up. When H2S builds up it explodes like a pop can. Effects: Burns Diseases in respiratory system Bronchitis Cancer Morbidity in Peripheral Nervous System Disorders in Central Nervous System Severe Death Supervisors :  Supervisors The supervisors are given bonuses for keeping the rate of injuries down within their factories as well as keeping production line fast Supervisors controlled all injury logs. There are also cases of inappropriate fraternizing between supervisors and female employees Supervisors are usually in their mid 20’s to early 30’s “They’re [supervisors] trying to deter you, period, from going to the doctor” (Schlosser 175). OSHA:  OSHA When OSHA began its inspections it was under funded and under staffed. Inspections came about once every 80 years for major corporations. For slaughterhouses, IF OSHA showed up they were required to look at the companies injury log before going into the actual building. If the injury log was lower than national average, than OSHA could not do an inspection (supervisors of the company controlled injury log books). In the 1990’s the OSHA inspections had reached an all time low. “OSHA Reform Act” says it forbids OSHA from conducting any workplace inspections or imposing fines. Bibliography:  Bibliography Archives of Environmental Health. 1 Apr. 2005. Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation

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