The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow

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Published on December 31, 2013

Author: SabyasachiPatra3



All our lives are full of personal goals and inhibitions in varied proportions. Life is a continuous journey which comprises of success and failures together.
All we need to do is stand steadfastly, never leave our Loved ones and carry on with our journey, our heads held high.
The World is full of affluence and Manipulations, but there are some pieces of Beauty which always stay within the chambers of our Heart. These are the RELICS OF LIFE, which always remind us of Life's beauty.

This is one such song, one such feeling to which every individual can relate. Please do comment what you feel. I would be highly obliged. :)

Every opinion matters. :)
Thank you so much for your time

The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow

The passage of every moment, the changing dimensions of Life At times we immerse into a pleasurable shade; at times its bright sunlight.. The limited time you're here, live every moment to the fullest you can, It's a succinct period we have, Its NOW that the time is right

This very setup, this paradigm of fate, No time for excesses, no time for hate.. This very moment; immerse into happiness, eschewing all sorrow The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow..

What goes around, comes around for sure.. In your journey of Life, be away from all censure The Ones who Love you with all their Heart, Are difficult to find, let alone drift apart..

In this world, replete with hypocrisy, Where being genuine, is a forgotten stale platter.. If at all you find, a purely genuine Heart Shun all acrimony, just don't let it shatter..

Such a comely feeling it is, the warmth of someone your own.. Just cling along, like a beautiful song; "Your sweetheart has just come home", Hold that hand as tightly as you can, do away all remorseful sorrow, That beautiful person in your arms right now, may not be there tomorrow..

The World is not what it seems, watch out through the hourglass of Life When someone walks into your Heart, your eyes shadow shows them the door.. Get hold of your Heart, Capture this moment.. Happiness is in store galore!

Life is a stage and we are the actors, Love is the Camera, the Gods our directors.. There are times when your Heart starts thumping, Don't ossify, just modify; The Good times have just started pumping!

The story of Life is one It's either your Script, or none.. Your saga till now, you just cannot borrow, This story of your Life, may not be tomorrow.. The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow The moment that is now, may not be Tomorrow..


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