The Modern Uses of Rockets (2)

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Published on May 15, 2009

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The Modern Uses of Rockets : The Modern Uses of Rockets How Rockets are used in Modern Science Today Helena Roberts and Shahed Asalkhou Invention of the Rocket : Invention of the Rocket Rockets were invented back in the 13th Century by the Chinese. The Chinese used rockets for fireworks and warfare purposes. Rockets were not used for space travel and other scientific purposes until the 20th century. Modern Uses : Modern Uses Rockets today are used for space travel, military uses, launching satellites into space, and for entertainment purposes such as fireworks.; Military Uses : Military Uses Rockets are used in many military weapons such as missiles. Rockets propel the missiles towards their targets. Entertainment : Entertainment Rockets are most commonly used for different entertainment purposes, such as fireworks. Space Travel : Space Travel NASA uses rockets to propel spaceships and satellites into space. The first successful space ship launch with rockets occurred in 1969. Satellites : Satellites Satellites use rockets to launch into space. The first successful satellite launch occurred in 1951. Construction of a Rocket : Construction of a Rocket Some rockets can be easy to build (such as model rockets), and some can be extremely difficult to build (such as space ships and missiles). Rockets are usually made out of metallic materials. The Fuel of a Rocket : The Fuel of a Rocket Rocket fuel is typically made out of anything that is combustible. Gunpowder, kerosene, and hydrogen are good examples. These substances mixed with an oxidizer creates a good fuel for the rocket. Rocket Launching Gone Wrong ` : Rocket Launching Gone Wrong ` Since rockets are made out of highly explosive chemicals, some mishaps can often happen at takeoff. Failed Rocket Launches Successful Launches : Successful Launches Most of the time, rocket launches are very successful. Successful Rocket Launch NASA rockets… : NASA rockets… Fireworks… : Fireworks…; Thanks for watching:) : Thanks for watching:) Made by:Helena and Shahed

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