The miracle of Financial Planning

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Published on August 21, 2018

Author: faujiconsultant


slide 1: The Miracle Of Financial Planning What is the alternative to planning Well you can wing it with a good deal of boldness a substantial dose of confidence a annex and a prayer and a bit of carpe diem you might well achieve great things and get a real thrill and sense of achievement when you do. However I do believe in the importance of living in the moment. The present is where we can really be. Significantly financial life planning will actually help you to achieve this state by removing misgivings for the past and fears of the future. A well-structured plan will give you a thorough understanding of your situation and ensure you always have the right money in the right place at the right time to achieve your deepest life goals. slide 2: Prior to making any investment decisions it is essential that we understand ourselves in relation to our individual financial risk profile. All of us take risks in our daily lives and these could contain crossing a busy street or taking a flight somewhere or even getting married considering the increasing number of separations/divorces. It is important to note that different people have different thresholds in the level of risk they are willing to take for any number of reasons. slide 3: Assuming a risk that we are not prepared or capable to cope with may result in adverse consequences and detrimental to our health. Similarly the level of financial risk we are willing to assume or can tolerate should be carefully assessed and such a workout will normally be based on a set of criteria relevant to each individual. In addition the risk profile of an individual can change as his or her personal status changes and it is generally accepted that a younger person can assume a higher monetary risk compared to a person nearing retirement as the former has time to accumulate or recoup losses slide 4: due to investment decisions not realizing their desired potential. Many people today lack a financial framework or system. When it comes to expenditures the core of financial planning we often enter an imaginary world. Even if families can give a reasonably accurate set of current financial declarations assets liabilities income expenditure and estate they are rarely able to project what those statements will look like ten years or even five years into the future. Financial Planning helps you make more money more count for the people you love. slide 5: A Certified Financial Planner or Retirement Planner will help you in doing this. Fauji Consultant is one of the best and Registered Investment Advisors for all the savings as a licensed financial planner and a business and financial advisor to small and large savings.

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