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Published on July 12, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. The Minecraft In Classic Part I: The first fluid dynamics

2. The water and lava • Lava is the red one, water is the blue one. They were added in v0.0.12a • They simulate with fluid movements, but no animated textures yet

3. Water and Lava from c0.0.12a Both blocks can see fluid flowing

4. Bedrock In the bottom layer of the map, the bedded- rock ii iii I is an indestructible block found in the deepest layer of the map It is covered in lava The because it is, because of its texture as stone, bedrock shares stone texture with a charcoalish color Can be played in the new launcher

5. Test of water (May 19, 2009) Here water flows per 2 seconds, blocks of water exceed mass

6. May 19, 2009 videos • May 19, 2009

7. Screenshots May 21, 20091 note

8. Part II The infinite level test classic

9. What is C0.0.13a • It is where the huge maps be • The world would be twice the size of the original world

10. Huge maps Compared to tell the original map size, huge maps were at 512 blocks span, which is farther than in his center The texture of water becomes transparent underwater

11. Maps

12. 12a subversions • 0.0.12a_01 • 0.0.12a_02 • 0.0.12a_03 • This won’t change the terrain but the fixes and improvements of your game

13. Screenshot I only own this screenshot, not Notch

14. When 0.0.13a I did not own is not available • We did not avail the version of this game, only master users do

15. Items These items were made in the Original Minecraft version

16. Part III: The improvement of classic • Classic 0.0.14a is more improved so we can build better things • Clouds, Wood blocks, amdismount and others were added • You can trigger by pressing F key • New featuredthings are added

17. New changes Sand Gravel Ore Wood Leaves Trees Clouds Change texture for Wood and Cobble-stone

18. Sub versions of c0.0.13a • 0.0.13a_02 • 0.0.13a_03 • 0.0.13a_04 • Note: This will never affect the block changes • In 0.0.13a_03 the grass has an overlay texture • In 0.0.13a_04 it has returned to normal (similar to Alpha)

19. In early versions of c0.0.14a • To make the shape slightly distorted the player down does not affect the walking • So it must be seen • It was taken to this website • This show the blocks have been modified as slanted edges • This will not affect walking • Except for the hitbox is squarish

20. C0.0.14a_01 • In this version the trees are matchstick shaped

21. C0.0.14a_02 • Spawn-point saving and reloading

22. Ore blocks • Ore blocks are found as rock veins in various locations • The deeper you go the better it is

23. Thank you • Good Luck!

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