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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: MediaKitchen


The Media Kitchen presents... 2014 DIGITAL INNOVATION CURRENTS

LETTER FROM THE CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICER CIOs can drive innovation by influencing an organization's culture, identifying innovative tools, forging strategic partnerships and employee training. As you can imagine some of those things can be affected at the holding company level while others are better left to the individual agencies. Our innovation group can help the Maxxcom agencies drive change by identifying macro and micro trends, particularly in the digital world, that will help make our planners smarter and help position Maxxcom Global Media as a thought leader. This group will focus on identifying new and emerging companies and technologies that our agencies and clients should be working with. Our mission is simple and our ambition to drive innovation is great. While we are calling ourselves the Maxxcom Innovation Group, I'd like to think of ourselves as a group of insurgents who are going to inspire our teams and wow our clients. Barry Lowenthal President, Media Kitchen Chief Innovation Officer, Maxxcom Media

MEET THE INNOVATION GROUP Innovation is very important to every modern organization but it's not easy to drive innovation through established companies. As a communications company we are very committed to innovation and MDC Partners, our holding company, is especially committed to entrepreneurialism. The Maxxcom Media Group, the media group within MDC, has started an innovation committee comprised of employees that are creative, curious, digitally savvy, and innovative.   Errol Firestone VP, Director, Integrated Communications Targetcast Noah Kraft Sales Planner Varick Media Management Rachel Lary Associate Director of Digital Strategy Integrated Media Solutions Brian O’Hare Supervisor, Digital RJ Palmer 3

THE PROCESS The Innovation Group came together to identify exciting new digital currents driving the media landscape. In this exploration, we identified and observed currents that flowed between technology platforms and consumers to brands. The goal of this document is to share our findings and identify companies to partner with who are accelerating flow.

THE TECHNOLOGY TREND CONSUMER BEHAVIORAL SHIFTS Working with VC’s and startups, the Innovation Group identified currents in new technology that directly affected consumer behavior and created marketing opportunities. We spent a lot of time discussing how technology was affecting consumers and the new behaviors that have emerged as a result of technological innovations. THE MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES Insights are only truly valuable if they can be actioned. We’ve identified and vetted a collection of partners to help us navigate the most important digital currents.



THE TECHNOLOGY TRENDPERSONAL CONTENT LOCKERS Cloud based technology is changing the way the world looks at data storage. Personal content lockers have appeared so consumers can store all their photos, music, videos, etc. in the cloud. This trend has accelerated as UIs have become easier to interact with and the cost for these lockers has plummeted. Furthermore, the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices now allow access to personal content lockers from anywhere, anytime and from most devices. Cisco forecasts that personal cloud traffic will increase from 1.7 exabytes annually in 2012 to 20 exabytes in 2017 Source: Cisco Cloud Index 2013 - ns1175/Cloud_Index_White_Paper.html

CONSUMER BEHAVIORAL SHIFTMULTI DEVICE USAGE Cloud technology has accelerated mobile adoption by enabling content to be available everywhere. We no longer have to access our content through our desktop or the browser. We receive content through mobile access points using our tablets, smartphones, connected TVs and other devices. Cloud technology syncs our mobile lives and our multiple devices because we require easy access everywhere.

MARKETING OPPORTUNITYCROSS DEVICE TARGETING There are companies specifically designed to connect a single user to multiple devices and can help marketers allocate budget by audiences rather than channel. These partners can help marketers seamlessly reach consumers on their device and create deviceagnostic experiences. Source: Source: Pew Internet,  Joanna Brenner. September 18, 2013


Retarget the right audience on the right screen through BlueCava's extensive Coverage Network. With BlueCava, brands can extend the capability to retarget beyond a single screen. From mobile to desktop to tablet and back again, engage your users where it makes sense. The technology recognizes a visitor on one screen and creates a profile that identifies them across all their devices allowing marketers to increase reach and frequency but also allocate budget to media channels based on data. URL:

Tapad puts the right ad on the right screen at the right time.  Tapad’s tech solutions deliver unified advertising on PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Tapad places privacy at the forefront of their technology and can ensure advanced targeting without the reliance on PII.  Tapad offers four advertising solutions via a RTB platform: 1.    Retargeting: Target and retarget consumers on their phones, tablets and computers 2.    Location: Precise geo-targeting to find the right consumer in the right place 3.    Audience: Audience segments to reach the consumers you want 4.    Analytics: Cross-platform analytics provide a unified view of the consumer and the devices that drive clicks and conversions URL

Millennial/Jumptap is a unified audience platform, taking a programmatic and mobile-first approach to reaching audiences across screens. Millennial/Jumptap is a Mobile network and partners with 24/7 Media to access desktop inventory.  The Millennial/Jumptap network reaches 218 million mobile users in the U.S.  Their audience profile store has 134 million unique profiles, and 46 million of those can be reached across screens.  They have a four-step approach to targeting cross-device users: 1.       Unlock the Mobile Audience:  Comprehensive, anonymous profiles on 124MM users 2.       Unify the Cross-Screen Audience - IP’s identified through proprietary algorithms to distinguish “Households” from “Shared/commercial” (e.g. someone’s home vs. a Starbucks).  IP’s are confirmed by measuring diversity of individual IP’s. 3.       Achieve Programmatic Scale 4.       Deliver Dynamic Creative URL

ValueClick has joined with Greystripe to create a comprehensive cross-device solution. They tout the industry’s highest user-to-device matching accuracy (80%+) within a network of 390MM connected devices.  Their step-by-step process for device-to-user matching is: 1.       Identification:  Create a persistent “ID” for each device for re-identification and performance tracking (PC – 3rd Party Cookies, Mobile/Tablet In-App – Device_ID, Mobile/ Tablet on Mobile Web – 3rd Party Cookies) 2.       Capture Data:  Associate behaviors with each Device_ID 3.       Link Devices:  Determine which Device_ID’s “go together” URL

Making mobile advertising perform requires precise audience targeting and accurate conversion tracking and attribution across screens. Drawbridge has built a crossdevice matching solution, bridging data from the desktop web to target over 900M mobile devices, without any use of PII. Marketers can target audiences with precision on mobile devices to drive performance at scale, unlocking the true potential of mobile advertising. URL


THE TECHNOLOGY TREND DATA TRAILS As our computing becomes less tethered by cords, we’re creating more data streams based on many more variables like geo. Our devices are collecting data about our actions (GPS, accelerometer, audio, and camera), how we connect to the web, social media actions, app usage, and a number of growing inputs. Most of these data trails we leave actively while some occur passively and we have no idea we’re marking our trails.

CONSUMER BEHAVIORAL SHIFT CONSTANT SHARING The window to our soul is not through our eyes but through our devices and consumers are becoming more willing to share their soul. We are now actively and passively sharing more data and content about ourselves than ever before and marketers have learned that what we do is a better indicator of our intent than what we say we’ll buy.

MARKETING OPPORTUNITYMINING INTENT Since we’ve become the sum of our data streams companies are being created to mine this growing output of consumer data and identify intent triggers. Search remains the primary means to uncover intent but increasingly location, content consumption, and social actions are creating very valuable data streams to target consumers at the most opportune moment during the journey.


PlaceIQ uses location intelligence to target consumers in two unique ways: defining users based on where they are now and where they’ve been in the past. PlaceIQ identifies mobile users as customers by connecting them to specific locations and associating them with known customer residential areas, along with defining specific locations around competitive stores or ingesting CRM data, to build audiences that allows for the targeting competitors and/or retargeting of customers. URL:

Every day people turn to Google, Yahoo! or Bing to help them find products and services they need. Chango and Yieldbot captures those potential customers and redirects them to your brand. Through search retargeting, they can help brands acquire a set of new potential customers that either they could not reach in search or were somehow outbid. The intent trigger of search is then transferred into an addressable audience in display. URL: URL:

Personalize ad creative to each viewer based on their activity on the advertiser's website. Optimize performance by applying different strategies, ad logic and creative templates based on the viewer's intent. Brands can now speak to consumers based on their real time interests and intent so the messaging is most relevant. Multi-frame ads that incorporate brand/promotional messaging with product-specific frames to uniquely target site visitors based on their site activity. URL: $59.99

StatementRewards gives brands the ability to deliver the most relevant loyalty rewards and discounts to millions of customers directly within their bank statement. Truaxis (formerly BillShrink) makes campaigns painless by securing bank distribution, implementing your campaigns and tracking redemption. Essentially brands can identify consumers based on past credit card purchases to show intent for future purchases. Once identified brands can offer direct discount messaging within consumers Mastercard statements that are automatically debited from their statement upon purchase. URL:


THE TECHNOLOGY TREND THE INTERNET OF THINGS The Internet of Things—embedding sensors in physical objects to bring them into the connected world is increasingly becoming a trend. The Internet of Things allows us to monitor the flow of products through a factory, measure the moisture in a field of crops, and track your health through a phone. The Internet of Things allows us to manage, optimize, and create like we never imagined. More than 9 billion devices are currently connected and that number is expected to increase to 50 billion within the next decade.

CONSUMER BEHAVIORAL SHIFT REMOTE CONTROLLED WORLD As the people in the world get more connected, consumers are starting to connect to all the accessories immediately surround themselves. We use these devices to track and control our health, environment, homes, and even other devices. We are beginning to control the world around us remotely through our always on mobile lives. The number of wearable connected devices tripled from 2011 to 2012. Source:

MARKETING OPPORTUNITY PHYSICAL TO DIGITAL We have curated a series of partners that allow consumers digital world get to connect to their physical world. Whether it’s based on sonic waves, voice activation, facial recognition, bluetooth, or even light signals, these companies are creating a deeper level of connectedness.


Sonic Notify allows brands, apps, and retailers to create mobile experiences that relate to the environment around the consumers, whether they are watching television, at a live event, or shopping in a store. Sonic signals are emitted across any broadcast that allows you to send specific content based on the soundwaves. URL:

Affectiva helps to uncover real consumer emotion insight without relying on self reported data which while useful, has limitations. People are not always willing or able to share exactly how they felt. Affdex Automated Facial Coding offers something different. Faces are easy to understand, and the spontaneous reactions we see on faces are unfiltered and unbiased. The ability to automatically “read faces” at scale, in an automated, online fashion creates a cost-effective neuroscience technique that can be easily incorporated into existing quantitative studies to add rich insights into communication and engagement effectiveness. URL:

Software transforms existing LED lights into location waypoints. These waypoints beam a signal to any smartphone with a camera. URL:

OptimEyes face detection technology is bringing digital, placed based media into a new age of customer insight, measurability, campaign management and optimization. This technology, delivered by leading Face Detection business Quividi, allows advertisers, to accurately measure in real time the type and volume of people that see their ad in any given location and at any time of the day. The OptimEyes face detection system works via an inbuilt camera in each screen which detects individuals within its local vicinity and then identifies some key traits through the detection software. This software is able to identify, measure and then combine number of viewers, age, sex, location, and time. URL:

Detect music or advertising content as it is broadcast over radio, television, cable and satellite using Audible Magic’s Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology. This perceptual digital fingerprinting technology enables news studios, sport organizations, TV syndications and advertisers to determine precisely when, where and how their content is being used. The fingerprint technology uses very fast and fine-grained measurements of the content, which is then matched to a reference database of fingerprints to quickly identify the content as it is being broadcast. This gives you the ability to quickly measure the effectiveness of your advertising, confirm market penetration by comparing different forms of broadcast medium, and manage the rights of your intellectual property. URL:

Place Estimates bluetooth enabled, tiny sensors in any physical place and your app users will benefit from personalized micro-location based notifications and actions when they walk in to your venue or interact with your products. URL:

CONCLUSION 2014 will continue to bring lots of innovation and we think three currents will be particularly strong and run very deep. 1. THE CLOUD BASED WORLD 2. LIFE AS DATA 3. THE INTERNET OF THINGS Swim with the currents or risk being swept out to sea.


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