The Marble Champ

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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Maurizio


“The Marble Champ”:  “The Marble Champ” Vocabulary accurate:  accurate Since she was a young girl, Beth’s reputation as an accurate speller has grown. accurate:  accurate correct; exact elementary:  elementary Beth was chosen to represent her elementary school in a county spelling bee. elementary:  elementary dealing with the beginning of something onlookers:  onlookers Hundreds of onlookers would watch Beth compete with other students. onlookers:  onlookers spectators; people who watch an event glory:  glory Each contestant would try to capture the glory of winning the championship. glory:  glory great praise; honor division:  division Having won the division last year, Beth knew she had a good chance. division:  division part of a whole; group congratulated:  congratulated She hoped to be congratulated for winning the contest. congratulated:  congratulated praised for something done well

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