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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: janethlopez10485


PowerPoint Presentation: San Ignacio de Recalde School Lic . Isabel Janeth Del Rosario López Mejía Subject: Science BLOG: PowerPoint Presentation: REFLECT (of dogs, seals, etc) to give birth to (young) PowerPoint Presentation: History (chronology) Definition Main scientist of Human biology CONTENTS: Where did we come from ? PowerPoint Presentation: By the end of the lesson you will be able to: Know about the most important scientist in Human Biology. Outcome: Ian Wilmut Robert Whittaker Aristole PowerPoint Presentation:  HUMAN BIOLOGY ? INTERESTING Introduction to human biology What do you think the earliest civilization knew about biology ? Do you think they studied biology as a separate science as we do? PowerPoint Presentation:  … began with prehistoric people ? History Human knowledge of biology began with prehistoric people and their experiences with edible vs. inedible, or even poisonous, plants, habits of animals and how best to capture them, etc. edible=(in)eatable or comestible Aloe vera (interferes with potassium absorption) PowerPoint Presentation:  … Edwin Smith Papyrus ? The study of anatomy begins at least as early as 1600 BC. It presents a rational and scientific approach to medicine in Ancient Egypt in which medicine and magic do not conflict. History PowerPoint Presentation:  … began with prehistoric people ? 1. Hesy -Ra. An official, physician (first known in history) and scribe who lived during the Third Dynasty of Egypt. He wrote titles such as “Chief of Dentists and Physicians. History PowerPoint Presentation:  … the father of medicine ? 2. 440-370 B.C . Hippocrates Ancient Greek physician The father of western medicine Considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine Founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine History PowerPoint Presentation:  … Claudious Galenus ? 3. 130-200 d. C – Claudious Galenus ( Galen )-Greek physician and philosopher in the roman empire. The most accomplished of all medical researchers of antiquity. Influenced the development of various scientific disciplines including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and neurology. History PowerPoint Presentation: 4. 384 -322 BCE Aristotle (great Greek philosopher of the third century BC.) The father of Biology. Founded the Lyceum School, where he orchestrated many exotic gardens and allowed his students the opportunity to observe and study in these gardens. … Aristotle ? History PowerPoint Presentation:  … Avicenna ? 5. 980-1037 d.C . Avicenna ( Ibn Sina ) A Persian physician who adopted many of the Galenic teachings and expanded on them in his Canon on Medicine (work on anatomy). History PowerPoint Presentation:  … the father of medicine ? 6. 1452-1519 d.C . Leonardo da Vinci Began a series of anatomical drawings depicting the ideal human form. He dissected around thirty human specimens until he was forced to stoop under order of Pope Leon X. His 750 drawings represent studies of bones, skin, muscles and many internal organs History PowerPoint Presentation:  … A ndreas Vesalius ? 5. 1514-1564 Andreas Vesalius (professor at the university of Padua) The founder of modern human anatomy. He was a Brabantian (in modern day Belgium) Anatomist, physician, and author of one of the most influential books on human anatomy, De humani corporis fabrica . History PowerPoint Presentation:  … A ndreas Vesalius ? 6. 1578-1657 William Harvey English Physician The first to describe completely and in detail the systemic circulation and properties of blood being pumped to the brain and body by the heart. History PowerPoint Presentation: SCIENCE HOMEWORK Continue with the chronology of the history of human biology. Research information about these scientists: Theophrastus , Anton Van Leeuwenhoek Robert Hooke, Schleiden Schwann, Carl Linnaeus, Gregor Mendel, Francesco Redi , Louis Pasteur Charles Darwin, Fleming, Watson And Crick, Robert Whittaker and Ian wilmut . Next class talk about one of them. The End: The End So , take a deep breath and go home THIS IS THE END OF MY EXPOSITION !!! THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY. Thank you very much for your attention PowerPoint Presentation: Bibliography: Basic Bibliography De Salle, Rob; Heithaus , Michael(2008). Holt Biology. United States of America. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. . Electronic Bibliography Online language dictionaries ( 2013) [en línea]. Disponible en: [2013, 03 de setiembre]. I hope these link help you to learn more in terms of science. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact You can contact me by: E-mail: Blog:

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