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Published on November 14, 2008

Author: jessenoble


The life of Hiram Ulysses Grant : The life of Hiram Ulysses Grant U.s. grant Homestead Association The birth of grant : The birth of grant Ulysses S. Grant was born 27 of April 1822 in picturesque Point Pleasant near the mouth of Big Indian Creek on the Ohio River. Grant was not named till he was nearly 6 weeks old and when he was named his name was drawn from a hat! This restored one-story, three-room cottage, which was built in 1817, and was next to the tannery where Grant's father worked. The small cottage is furnished with period items. At one time the birthplace made an extensive tour of the United States on a railroad flatcar and was also temporarily displayed on the Ohio State fairgrounds. *Bottom right : Grants birthplace in 1890 * Grants new home: Georgetown : Grants new home: Georgetown In the autumn of 1823 grant moved to Georgetown in brown county ,Ohio. While Jesse Grant was waiting for his tannery to be completed he and his family lived in a small house on apple street. Once the tannery was built Jesse and Hannah Grant had a four room house constructed on what is now E. Grant Avenue. Grant later says in his memoirs “My life in Georgetown was uneventful.” Grant may have thought that his life in Georgetown was dull but being in his pubescent years much of what he did and saw in Georgetown was what crafted him into the man he would be for the rest of his life. Top right: U.S. grants boyhood home Bottom right: Jesse Grants tannery Horses and Hiram : Horses and Hiram Grant loved horses and was around them most of his life. One day grants mother Hannah was looking for 3 year old little grant but he was nowhere to be found and when she did find him he was in the tannery yard hanging on to the tail of a horse swinging back and forth Hannah was scared to death but the horse didn’t mind and ever since grant has been around horses. The Tannery : The Tannery Jesse’s tannery was just across the street from the homestead. The yard would have been full of carcasses in varying stages of decay. The pits you can see in the yard were lined and held the rough hides that were soaking in tannic acid solution. young “lys “ hated the sights and smells of the tannery yard. He would do anything to not have to work there. That meant he would have to find another job to support the family business. His ability to handle horses afforded him that other occupation. He trained horses, traded horses, plowed with horses and by the age of 9 owned and operated his own teamster wagon. He made regular trips to Ripley and Higginsport to deliver and return with freight, he also made regular trips to Maysville and Louisville, Kentucky an d Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio. He was the most traveled boy of his frontier town. Grants education : Grants education The grant schoolhouse was built in the village of Georgetown in 1830. it was a one room subscription schoolhouse. That meant the teacher collected his salary straight from the parents of the students. Parents paid two dollars per term per child. A term was fifty to sixty days beginning in the fall after the harvest and ended in the spring before the planting. Teacher John D White said that grant was his best pupil. Grant excelled in arithmetic and art as a student. He often overshadowed the older students by answering arithmetic problems before they even got a chance to start figuring out an answer. Another student said Grant could “draw a horse and put a man on his back” WestPoint bound! : WestPoint bound! Everybody who was appointed to west point from Georgetown before grant was accepted except Dr. Baileys son. To be to be appointed to west point it must have been done so by a congressman or a high ranking member of the united states army. Since Mr. Bailey was not accepted into west point there was an open application. “The Honorable Thomas L. Hamer , one of the ablest men Ohio has ever produced, was our member of congress at the time, and had the right of nomination. He and my father had been members of the same debating society( where they were generally pitted on opposite sides), and intimate personal friends from their early manhood up to a few years before. In politics they differed. Hamer was a life long democrat, while my father was a Whig. They had a warm discussion which had finally became angry- over some act of president Jackson, the removal of the deposit of public moneys, I think- after which they never spoke until after my appointment. I know that both of them felt bad over this estrangement, and would have been glad to come to a reconciliation; but neither would make the advance. Under these circumstances my father would not write to Hamer for the appointment, but he wrote Thomas Morris, united states senator from Ohio, Informing him that there was a vacancy at west point from our district, and he would be glad if I could be appointed to fill it. This letter ,I presume, was turned over to Mr.Hamer ,and. As there was no other applicant, he cheerfully appointed me. This healed the breach between the two , never after reopened” Grants personal memoirs Lieutenant Grant, Age 21 [1843] West point bound!Continued : West point bound!Continued Jesse grant, Hirams father thought that the open application was a blessing for his young educated son so he forwarded the application to the Ohio state senator for approval but the senator knowing that a congress men could do such a thing sent the application to congressmen Thomas L Hamer. When grant took the appointment he had no interest in military life but he knew that if he didn’t go then there would be no way to further his education. Grant took a steam boat to new York and on the way stopped for five days in Philadelphia and was scolded for his father for taking such a long sojourn in the great city. The next and final stop would be new York city he didn't stay in the city quite as long as he did in Philadelphia but as he said “ When grant arrived at the appointment the paperwork said Ulysses S. Grant and when grant tried to correct them they said “ If your name is not Ulysses s. grant then you can go home.” so in the fall of 1839 not wanting to disappoint his father Hiram Ulysses grant entered west point as Ulysses s. Grant. Academy life : Academy life Grant said that even if he graduated he planned on living a civilian life but the longer he stayed at west point the more he liked the thought of being in the army. The corps of cadets are divided up into four companies to practice military exercises. Grant was a sergeant in one of these companies but he could not perform his duties and spent his senior year as a private. As he was when he was a child grant didn’t like to study and it showed in military exercises and tactics. He did fine in the rest of his classes especially mathematics. But one class he did poor in was French, as he said “I never had succeeded in getting squarely at either end of my class, in any one study, during the four years. I came near it in French, artillery, infantry, Calvary tactics and conduct” West point 1851 Graduation : Graduation Grant graduated in the class of 43’ from west point. He ranked 21st in a class of 39 cadets. when grant graduated he had no special honors or any recommendations from any of the professors at west point. Actually he showed no great potential. The only thing that he showed an area of supremacy was horsemanship but it was barely noticed till his service in the civil war. Grant graduated as a lieutenant in the united states army and was commissioned to the 4th infantry at Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. Jefferson barracks : Jefferson barracks At that time Jefferson barracks was the largest military post in the country it was being garrisoned by 16 companies of infantry, eight of the 3rd and the remainder of the 4th. “Colonel Steven Kearny, one of the ablest officers of the day, commanded the post, and under him discipline was kept at a high standard but without vexatious rules or regulations. Every drill or roll call had to be attended, but in the intervals officers were permitted to enjoy themselves, leaving the garrison, and going where they pleased , without making written application to the state where they were going for how long, etc., so that they were back for their next duty.” Jefferson Barracks Works cited : Works cited[ Ulysses s. Grant: Memoirs and selected letters: personal memoirs of U.S. Grant: selected letters 1839-1865k, publishers: Viking press ,copyright:1967-1985, copyright 1990, library of congress catalog number: 90-60013, ISBN:0-940450-58-5,app,brum,detr,swann,look,gottscho,pan,horyd,genthe,var,cai,cd,hh,yan,lomax,ils,prok,brhc,nclc,matpc,iucpub,tgmi,lamb,hec Ned Lodwick works were used in the creation of this slideshow on Hiram Ulysses Grant on the 7th of November 2008 in slides four and five.

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