The Life Of Hearing Aid Batteries Depends On Size As Well As Usage

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Information about The Life Of Hearing Aid Batteries Depends On Size As Well As Usage

Published on July 26, 2009

Author: HearingAids


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The Life Of Hearing Aid Batteries Depends On Size As Well As Usage Today, there are a diverse number of hearing aids available on the market and each embody different and latest technologies and they are also different in how they perform and also how they look. The different features in hearing aids determine what the hearing aid can and cannot do and this in turn will have an effect on the life of hearing aid batteries. Thus, the first thing that you need to consider when using your hearing aid is to determine how long normal hearing aid batteries last.

They All Look Alike The fact of the matter is that on first glance it is hard to distinguish one hearing aid battery from another though they are color coded to provide a clue as to the type of hearing aid batteries that they are. Thus a color code that consists of a blue tab means that the battery is C size six hundred and seventy-five while a yellow tab means that the battery is of C type with size ten and a brown tab signifies that the battery is C with size three hundred and twelve. Lastly, an orange tab means that the battery is C size thirteen.

Type of hearing aid batteries Next, you need to establish which type of hearing aid batteries are required for your hearing aid and then you need to find out how long such batteries can give you reliable power to keep your hearing aid working properly. Mostly, the expected life of hearing aid batteries should be from two to a few weeks though it also depends on how long you use your hearing aid on a daily basis, the functionality of the hearing aid and also the type of hearing aid.

BTE If you opt for behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, you will find them to be convenient as far as proper listening goes, but they do tend to drain out the hearing aid batteries much faster than other types of hearing aids.

Better idea to use larger sized batteries Hearing aid batteries are generally small in size and of a round shape and they are very similar in appearance to the batteries used to power up wrist watches. Furthermore, the size of the hearing aid batteries has a direct effect on how long they will last and so, it would be a better idea to use larger sized batteries if you want them to last longer.

Evaluating how long the batteries are going to last Still, if you use your hearing aid very often and also adjust the volume a lot, these will directly impact the longevity of the hearing aid batteries and so, you should take into account this factor as well when evaluating how long the batteries are going to last you.

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