The life of a Service Designer

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Information about The life of a Service Designer

Published on October 8, 2009

Author: 31volts



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the life of a service designer 31VOLTS 31VOLTS

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wh at wed o help organizations to design and implement better services 31VOLTS

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What does a service designer do? 31VOLTS

we design the process 31VOLTS

am an b d i itio m n, pl st em ra en teg tat y ion

so ne me ed tim to e go s y lar ou ge !

we take you into the world 31VOLTS

be pa in rt g of the th re e r is es ul t

fro to m i pe nsi rso gh na ts ’s

we develop tools 31VOLTS

fin rig d ht ing qu th es e tio n

us dig ing gi cu ng d ltu ee ra pe lp r ro be s

we bring insights and concepts to life 31VOLTS

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in the a s nu Service Blueprint van bezoek aan afdeling e!oscopie er ts vic & e b bo FYSIEKE Entree, Hal Hal, Kleed- Kleed- Gang E"o Scanner E"o Kleed- Gang,lu ltsEigen OMGEVING Balie gang kamer kamer Kamer Kamer kamer Hal ep omgeving ACTIES melden, met uit- naar onder- s"oon- naar naar rin huisarts PATIENT sti!er wa"ten afgeven verple- ger mee kleden wa"ten e"o- kamer wa"ten zoek maken kleed- kamer huis t bellen Interactiegrens oproep, wijzen, s"oon- ? ? ? DIRECTE welkom onder- inli"ten CONTACT- wegwijs arts maken, intake zoeken uitkomst PERSONEN maken halen afs"eid Grens zi!tbaarheid PERSONEN verple- andere andere dossier dossier huisarts BACKSTAGE ger patient- patient- opvra- aanvul- inli"ten bellen en zien en zien gen len Grens interne interactie ONDER- STEUNENDE sti!er data patient- e"o patient- PROCESSEN code syteem dossier ma"ine dossier

we help people co-design

de st sig ar ne tin rs g w wa it rm h a ing -u p

co th -d e r es itg ign ht in co g in nt ex t

we prototype ideas 31VOLTS

ro pro lep to lay typ an ing d s us to ing ry tel lin

ra & pi int d- er pro fac to e s typ ke in tch g ing

re cap • design the process • take you into the world • develop tools • bring insights and concepts to life • help people co-design • prototype ideas 31VOLTS

what’s the result? 31VOLTS

se r v eg ice . n -s ew ce na rio ’s

what’s the gain? 31VOLTS

ha pp ier cu sto m er s services that fit better into people’s lifes 31VOLTS

re m se ark rv ab ice le s value for the service provider 31VOLTS

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